June 21, 2014

Party of Five 4.22, Opposites Distract: We Belong Together (But You Don’t)

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Why are they still sharing a bed if they hate each other?

Why are they still sharing a bed if they hate each other?

Summary: Claudia and Jamie are officially dating, and Charlie thinks it’s cute. Claudia’s less enthusiastic since Jamie’s already at the “I love you” stage. Daphne arrives to tells Claudia that she’s directing and starring in a charity production of the musical version of Pygmalion (which is not, as Claudia thinks, My Fair Lady, since they couldn’t afford the rights). Daphne and a friend wrote all the songs, and the proceeds go to strippers who need health insurance. (Kids, this is what we did in the ’90s, before Kickstarter.)

Bailey takes Natalie with him to get Annie from rehab. Things are immediately awkward for the sort-of-still-together couple. Julia meets up with Justin and fills him in on everything that’s happened in her life while he was at school. Justin wonders why she’s bothering to give Griffin a second chance. He suggests that he and Julia have sex to even the score. She thinks he’s joking, but he’s probably partly serious.

There’s more awkwardness for Bailey and Annie. This is fun TV. She says she wants to take things slowly, but once they start making out, that seems to be out the window. Daphne’s lead drops out to play Papa Smurf in Smurfs on Ice (awesome), so she begs Charlie to take his place. He tells her he’s too busy trying to find a job. Daphne guilts him by reminding him that it’s for charity.

Sarah starts to make plans for the summer, which would take her away from Bailey for months. She notes that he probably won’t even notice, since he’s so busy with Annie, but he admits that he’s not sure where things stand between them. She’d rather have sex than talk. That’s not really what Sarah wants to hear.

Over at the guest cottage, Griffin tells Julia he’s going to a friend’s cabin for a few days so he can avoid her family for a little while. She suggests that they go away together, but he wants time apart. Claudia and Jamie help Charlie with his lines while he gets ready for a job interview. Claudia can’t believe he’s doing a musical with a “lunatic.” (You watch your mouth, Claudia!) Jamie says that sometimes you meet someone who changes your life.

Justin suggests a weekend full of activities for him and Julia, such as kidnapping squirrels and training them to be pets. Griffin shows up and is angry that Julia didn’t tell him Justin was back. Oh, yeah? Because you didn’t tell Julia that you slept with Rosalie. Shut up, Griffin. He decides to stay in town. Bailey and Annie: still awkward. She admits to Sarah that they’re both afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing. Then she starts talking about sex with Bailey. Poor Sarah.

Julia asks Justin not to talk badly about Griffin since she’s trying to fix things with him. She doesn’t like the idea of being divorced at 19. Justin notes that that’s just like her: She never wanted to fail anything in school either. He assures her that no one will love her less if she admits she made a mistake. (And by “no one,” I’m pretty sure he means himself.) If they’re going to stay together, Justin wants it to be for a good reason, not because leaving would look bad.

Julia’s clearly still adjusting to Daphne’s personality, and could be a little nicer. After Daphne leaves, Charlie asks Julia to be honest about what she thinks. Julia thinks Daphne isn’t being realistic about what Charlie needs (namely, a job). Bailey sides with Charlie, noting that sometimes people who don’t seem like they fit together actually do. He does agree that Daphne’s wacky, though. Julia obviously has issues with people judging other people’s relationships when they’re trying to make them work.

Bailey and Annie are awkward some more after sex, though he’s just happy they’re talking to each other. They’re trying to be honest with each other, even if that means they criticize. Annie confesses that she wasn’t sure Bailey would be there for her after rehab; after all, he ditched her before. He reminds her that he only left because she wouldn’t get help before. Annie thinks he wanted to rescue her.

Griffin tells Julia he’s skipping their next counseling session, so she finally asks him if he really wants to fix their marriage. He makes snarky comments about Justin and how Julia’s confiding in him. She asks him why all their conversations lead to fights. “Why don’t you go ask Justin?” Griffin asks. Shut up, cheater.

At a rehearsal, Charlie questions a song where Henry Higgins can hear Eliza but not vice versa. Daphne thinks he’s just nervous. She explains that he’s singing about a man who’s such a jerk that when he’s with the woman he loves, he thinks she hates her. Charlie snarks that they’ll never end up together. Annie asks Sarah if Bailey said anything about their relationship after he left her place the night before. This leads to more sex talk and more discomfort on Sarah’s part.

Griffin finds Justin at the coffeehouse and orders him to stay out of his and Julia’s lives. He doesn’t have a vote on what happens. Griffin thinks Justin loves that they’re having problems, but Justin points out that those problems are Griffin’s fault. He wonders whether Julia has any reason to stay in the marriage. He encourages Griffin to go on his trip and stay gone.

Claudia visits Daphne backstage on opening night of the musical, saying that Daphne and Charlie don’t seem like a good match, but Claudia likes them together. Daphne doesn’t really appreciate being called “not exactly the girl next door.” The show goes well, though Daphne won’t talk to Charlie backstage, Jamie keeps trying to kiss Claudia in the audience, and Bailey thinks the story is sad.

As soon as the show is over, Daphne picks a fight with Charlie over him not thinking Henry and Eliza should be together. She knows he’s really talking about the two of them. They bicker in between curtain calls until she storms off. Bailey asks Sarah if Eliza reminds her of Annie, but Sarah’s finally done letting them talk to her about each other. She drags Bailey to Annie’s apartment and tells them to talk to each other. “If that doesn’t work, try again. If that doesn’t work, get over it,” she huffs.

When Julia gets home after the musical, she sees that Griffin has moved out. “I have to leave him, don’t I?” she asks Justin. Justin’s like, “That’s only what I’ve been saying for the last 40 minutes.” Julia can’t believe that they’re just six months beyond their vow renewal. She’s not sure how to just stop being married. Justin promises to help her through it and not think badly of her for not keeping her marriage together.

Griffin gets drunk at an airport bar while waiting for his delayed flight. He’s joined by a couple who just returned from their honeymoon. Griffin talks badly about marriage, provoking a fight with the groom. He ends up with an injured leg and has to call Julia to get him from the police station. Sarah sees Bailey’s empty bed at the apartment, which means he spent the night at Annie’s place.

Claudia tries to hide the newspaper from Charlie so he can’t see the review of the musical. Daphne gets good feedback, but the reviewer doesn’t get what her Eliza would see in Charlie’s Henry. He begs Charlie to cling to his day job. Jamie comes over, and Claudia finally tells him that he needs to slow things down a little. They’ve only been together two weeks, and they’ve seen each other every day. Their relationship would be more fun if they were able to miss each other sometimes. “Go away so I can miss you,” she begs.

The actors gather before another performance, and Charlie says that he hopes people who read the review don’t talk themselves out of coming to the show. When people sway your opinion, you miss out on things that could make you happy. Daphne’s very touched to know how much he likes her. Stuck at the guest cottage again, Griffin tells Julia he’ll ask his father if he can move in while he recovers from his injury. Julia notes that that must mean she’s the last person he wants to live with.

Charlie tells Julia that the job he interviewed for wanted a two-year commitment, which he wasn’t ready to give. He knows he got a second chance after his cancer, so he wants to see what else – and who else – is out there. Julia gets that he means Daphne. Charlie asks Julia to give her a chance, or at least keep her opinion to herself if it’s negative.

Bailey and Annie are doing a lot better, which means now, instead of listening to them complain, Sarah has to watch them be happy together. She announces that she’s going away with friends for the summer. Bailey reveals that he may move in with Annie and Natalie, so he and Sarah should ditch their apartment and Sarah can find another place to live in the fall. Oh, yay, just what she wanted!

Thoughts: A charity musical for health insurance for strippers. How can you not like Daphne?

Sarah takes care of Natalie for a month. Annie gives her a mug and talks about sex with Sarah’s ex. That’s totally a fair trade.

The musical scenes make me wish Matthew Fox got to do more comedy. Not more singing, though. Please, no more singing.

’90s music alert: Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel,” because ’90s TV shows were unaware that she had any other songs.

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