June 29, 2014

BH90210 7.29, Mother’s Day: Ew, Now We Have to Think About Brandon’s Sex Life

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Look how little interest he has in her. It's hilarious

Look how little interest he has in her. It’s hilarious

Summary: Donna studies at the beach apartment while Kelly worries over her late period. Donna thinks she should relax – after all, she and Brandon always use condoms, right? No, amazingly, St. Brandon doesn’t always have protected sex. At the Walshes’, Steve puts together a present for his mom for Mother’s Day, knowing that she’s never liked anything he’s given her. Brandon says Cindy’s always liked his. Shut up, Brandon. Steve complains that his mother, like Clare, thinks he always does the wrong thing. Brandon thinks maybe Steve and Clare should break up. Okay, you can keep talking.

Valerie meets with Derrick at the Peach Pit to discuss her finances. She needs to have more money in order to invest with Bill, which might mean selling the After Dark. Derrick suggests that she have David buy her out. David, meanwhile, urges Donna to take a study break, but she’s too focused on passing her final in evil Professor Langely’s class. He thinks she and Kelly should come see Monica perform at the After Dark. First, though, Kelly needs to take a pregnancy test.

Clare comes to the Walshes’ house to see Steve, and she’s not in a good mood. Steve and I both know that’s not going to be fun. Kelly calls Brandon and asks him to come over. She wants him there while she takes the test. Kelly tells Donna she’s lucky that she’ll never have to worry about a pregnancy scare, since she’ll be married by the time she has sex, and a baby will be planned. Donna admits that she feels awkward being a virgin, like she’s just following rules.

Clare’s blue because Mother’s Day is the next day, and she misses her mom. Steve suggests that they go for a drive to distract her, but she thinks he’s being stupid and selfish. DUMP HER, STEVE. He tries to get her to talk about the problems in their relationship, which maybe isn’t the best topic of conversation right now. Clare tries to storm out dramatically, but Steve makes her stay, telling her to let him help her for once. At the After Dark, Valerie butters David up to make him think he’d be able to run the place on his own.

Brandon finally makes it to the beach apartment, where Kelly has just taken the pregnancy test. It’s positive. He’s just relieved that she’s not sick or hurt. He’s surprisingly calm about the whole thing, telling her they’ll see a doctor on Monday to confirm the pregnancy. Kelly wants to talk about it, but Brandon thinks they should just wait until Monday and worry about it then.

Donna’s so grateful she’s not the one worrying about a pregnancy that she heads off to thank David for being so patient about waiting to have sex. He tells her he gets why she wants to wait. Professor Langely finds them and criticizes Donna for spending time with her boyfriend instead of studying. Except…she still has a week to study, so back off, evil woman. Donna doesn’t listen to me, so David’s blocked again.

Kelly and Brandon go for a walk on the beach, talking awkwardly about their options. Kelly points out that they’re supposed to be having fun and enjoying being young. Brandon, however, is willing to settle down and start a family. Kelly admits that she’s considering having an abortion. Would he still want to be with her?

Back at the After Dark, Valerie suddenly wants to know why she and David didn’t work out. She makes a move on him, but David’s loyal to Donna and doesn’t appreciate Valerie taunting him about not having sex. After he leaves, Valerie calls Derrick to celebrate her plan: Now that David’s mad, he’ll want to buy her out. Oooh, pretty sneaky, Val.

Steve and Clare go on their distract-Clare-from-Mother’s-Day drive, and he suggests that she spend the day with her father, since he understands how she feels. Clare says her dad put all of her mom’s pictures away and doesn’t want to talk about her. Steve thinks he needs to move on from her; part of that idea comes from Samantha. Clare insults Samantha, and Steve announces that he’s done fighting with her. If they’re going to stay together, they need to figure something out.

Everyone, including Jackie, heads to the After Dark for Monica’s concert. There’s singing, so I get to hit fast-forward. Derrick comes by to see Valerie, but she won’t let him in, in case Kelly sees him. Kelly tells Jackie she’s pregnant, asking if she thinks about how things could be different if one of her previous pregnancies hadn’t ended in abortion. Jackie can’t believe Kelly let herself get knocked up. Kelly’s like, “You got knocked up twice when you weren’t married, so whatever.” Jackie promises to be supportive no matter what.

Clare decides to go mope somewhere else, which Steve should be happy about. Valerie finally talks to Derrick, lying that Kelly isn’t there. As they pass Kelly, Valerie calls her “Shelly.” Kelly thinks it’s weird, but it’s not the weirdest thing Val’s ever done, so she lets it go. Brandon asks her what Jackie thinks they should do, but Kelly says it’s up to the two of them. Brandon corrects that it’s actually up to her.

David tells Donna about his earlier encounter with Valerie; he wants advice on what to do, but Donna’s mad. She tells him she can’t stop him from sleeping with someone else. However, she knows they can’t work together anymore. Donna announces that this could really ruin their relationship. David goes straight to the Walshes’ house to yell at Valerie for being a jerk, then tells her they need to sell the club. She suggests that she sell her portion to him.

The next morning (Mother’s Day), Steve goes to the beach apartment and tells Clare that he saw her father earlier. He showed Steve some of Clare’s childhood pictures and admitted that he looks at her mother’s picture every night. Steve has realized that Chancellor Arnold is over his wife – it’s Clare who needs to move on. She should let her mother back into her life so she can heal.

The Taylor and Martin women plan to meet for brunch, but David also shows up, wanting to tell Donna that Valerie’s selling her portion of the club to him. He plans to get some money from Mel, and maybe ask Felice for some. (He’s joking, right? He has to be joking.) Felice does seem a little more okay with their relationship, though. Meanwhile, Valerie and Derrick make plans for her money from the club sale.

Kelly and Brandon spend the night together before her doctor’s appointment, and he repeats that he’ll support whatever decision she makes. She tells him she doesn’t want to make the decision alone – it’s her body, but it’s their baby. Brandon finally admits that he’s not sure he’s ready for fatherhood at 22, but he doesn’t want to look back in 20 years and regret not having a baby with Kelly. Kelly reminds him that they can have more kids when they’re older. Brandon realizes that she’s going to have an abortion.

Thoughts: I hit the baby trifecta with this episode, Daphne’s pregnancy, and Billie’s pregnancy all in a row.

Kelly’s not on the pill? I find that hard to believe.

CU sells pregnancy tests on campus. Is that normal? I went to a Christian school, so I would have no idea.

Nothing against Monica, but man, she’s a boring performer.

I appreciate Brandon being so supportive of Kelly, but…have an emotion, dude! It’s your baby!

Donna says that she’s been worried about Valerie pursuing David again, but why? She’s shown no interest since they broke up.

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