July 6, 2014

BH90210 7.30, Senior Week: The Uncertainty Principle

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If you can't trust this face with your life savings, who can you trust?

If you can’t trust this face with your life savings, who can you trust?

Summary: Valerie learns from Clare that Bill is in town, and that he and Kelly are apparently getting along better than usual. At the beach apartment, Kelly gives Brandon the news that she’s not pregnant after all; her period was just late. He’s a little sad that she’s so happy. (Well, she was going to have an abortion anyway, and that probably would have made her sad, so isn’t it better that she’s happy but has the same outcome?)

Brandon’s getting an Outstanding Student Award (of course he is), and the award ceremony includes a roast. First, though, Steve has to meet with Rush about his plans for the future. He thinks his father’s going to make him a junior partner. Clare learns from her father’s secretary that Chancellor Arnold is going to leave CU for the Sorbonne in Paris. Nice of him to tell her, huh?

David’s pleased that his relationship and professional lives are both going so well, and he’d like to add something else positive to his life by living with Donna. Donna’s annoyed that he’s trying to have this discussion just before she takes her exam in Professor Langely’s class. Valerie goes to see Derrick, who tries to cover his surprise at the news that Bill’s in town. He’s also impatient that Valerie and David’s After Dark deal hasn’t been complete yet, so she can’t give him money until that night.

Steve meets with Rush at the Peach Pit and is disheartened to find out that they’re not there to discuss business – Rush just wants him to ask Chancellor Arnold about some alumni award. He then gives Steve books about Bill Gates and Lee Iacocca so Steve can learn how to become a self-made man. In other words, he’s not getting a job at his father’s company. Donna tries to take her dreaded final, but the pressure makes her have some sort of psychotic episode, and she walks out.

Kelly goes to the doctor and learns that she was, in fact, pregnant – she had a miscarriage. Also, she might have problems with getting pregnant or carrying a baby. Steve and Clare share their father-related news with each other, though Clare’s now has a new wrinkle: Chancellor Arnold wants her to move to Paris with him. Steve figures she’ll go, since she always chooses her father over him.

Donna arrives and tells David that she didn’t take the final. He wonders if she sabotaged herself so she can’t graduate and doesn’t have to make any major life decisions right now, like whether or not to live with him. Yes, David, this is all about you. Valerie and Derrick meet for dinner, sans Bill, who was supposed to join them. Val says she’s not investing in Bill’s company without talking to him. Derrick thinks that’s ridiculous, since Bill’s so busy and important and stuff. Valerie admits she only wants to invest with Bill to make Kelly mad. Then she gives Derrick a check.

Steve starts the roast, teasing that Brandon is only awesome because everyone else around him is a screw-up (like Steve). Brandon turns the roast around on him, but his so-called jokes strike a nerve with Steve. When Steve complains, Brandon tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself. What a nice friend! I wish I had a friend like Brandon! Then Steve falls in a fountain. Womp womp.

Kelly arrives late and tells Brandon that she miscarried. He reminds her that she didn’t want a baby right now anyway. Now he can look forward to the family they’ll have in the future. She tells him that won’t happen: She probably can’t have children. Clare tries to cheer Steve up, but he’s mad at her for possibly going to Paris. She points out that they’re all under the pressure of having to move on with their lives while wanting to stay where they are.

Donna goes to Professor Langely’s office to beg for another chance on the final. Langely isn’t sympathetic. Bill calls Valerie, who pretends she and Kelly are close friends; in fact, Kelly encouraged Val to invest in Bill’s company in the first place. Bill agrees to meet with Valerie before he has dinner with Kelly, and the three of them can eat together.

At the beach apartment, Kelly is cold to Brandon, not wanting to discuss her medical news. She reveals that she has endometriosis, which will make it harder for her to get pregnant, and which might have caused her miscarriage. Brandon wants to be optimistic about her odds of having children. Kelly, however, is focused on the lost baby and how her condition could change things for them. She doesn’t know how Brandon could be happy with someone who can’t give him children.

Donna tells David that he was right about her being scared to move on. She’s especially afraid that their relationship won’t hold. David promises that it will. Donna managed to convince Langely to give her another shot at the final, so David offers to help her study. Valerie meets with Bill, telling him how awesome Derrick has said he is. Bill’s surprised that she knows Derrick, but Kelly arrives before he can ask more questions. Kelly storms off, and Val gets to be smug.

Rush goes by the Walshes’ to brag to Steve that he got the alumni award he wanted. Steve blasts his father for cutting him off and not giving him a job. Rush is like, “I paid your tuition. How is that not good enough?” He is who he is because he went to CU, and he knows Steve will be fine, too. Steve then goes downstairs to yell at Brandon for having an awesome life, as if Brandon didn’t have to work to get what he has. His only safety net is his friends; if he fails, no one can catch him.

Donna gets to take an oral final, which means Langely gets to ask her a trick question, saying she wanted to see how Donna would handle uncertainty. Donna asks why Langely is so mean to her. Langely says she’s tough on people who will have to survive in a tough profession – and she’s toughest on Donna because she has so much potential. She just needs confidence.

Steve asks Clare straight out if she’s going to Paris, and she says she’s not. She admits that she might have gone if Steve hadn’t been so crazy about the situation. Steve has decided to try planning ahead for once, now that he can’t live in the moment anymore. Donna does well on her final, and Langely encourages her to start believing in herself.

Brandon goes to the beach apartment, where Kelly tells him that Valerie and Bill had dinner. She claims not to care why they were together; she just hates them both equally. She’s grateful that Brandon has always been with her through difficult times. Valerie meets with Bill again, learning that Bill fired him three months ago for taking clients’ money and running off. Guess what? Valerie gave him $100,000 and is now flat broke. Oops!

Thoughts: I hate, hate, HATE when TV shows write plotlines where women can’t have children. It’s such a soap thing, and it’s so overdone. Not to mention that soaps almost always end up finding some out-there medical solution that cures the woman’s infertility and renders the whole storyline moot.

A final worth 75 percent of the grade? Langely IS evil.

That wasn’t a roast! A roast is an hour of people trashing Brandon! What do I have to do to get that?

So…David’s the only one with a post-college job? That’s crazy. I can’t believe Brandon hasn’t had 17 offers.

I’m also surprised Valerie didn’t try to seduce Bill. But then she wouldn’t have lost all her money.

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