July 19, 2014

Party of Five 5.2, Separation Anxiety: I Don’t Want to Be Here

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"Mind if I punch you in the face even though we don't have anything to fight about? Cool, cool"

“Mind if I punch you in the face even though we don’t have anything to fight about? Cool, cool”

Summary: Kirsten’s putting together a care package for Claudia at her new school, but Charlie’s no help, since he’s preoccupied with Daphne having moved out. Apparently he keeps calling her, and when he tries to do it again, he learns that she’s disconnected her phone. He’s worried that she’s going to run off and he won’t be able to have contact with the baby.

Julia gets a job working in Stanford’s cafeteria, and surprise, surprise, Josh works there, too. She thinks she got the job because her family has a restaurant, but Josh confesses that he pushed things along for her so they could spend more time together. So that’s two guys acting somewhat stalker-ish in the episode so far.

Bailey and Sarah’s new apartment is gigantic. Sarah’s concerned because she hasn’t heard from her mom in two months, though Bailey points out that even when she gets a letter from Mrs. Reeves, she ignores it. Sarah frets that something could be wrong and she wouldn’t know. She feels weird worrying about her parents, but Bailey notes that that’s normal.

Charlie meets with a lawyer to talk about the situation with Daphne. The lawyer’s confused because Charlie’s health insurance is through Bailey, since Charlie’s still unemployed. She won’t take his case since she knows they won’t win custody of the baby while he’s unmarried and doesn’t have a job. Meanwhile, Daphne hangs out with a friend; he’s nice and all, but not very responsible.

Bailey visits Julia at her dorm, telling her she shouldn’t be working if it takes time away from studying and socializing. She admits that she kind of enjoys it. He writes her a check anyway. Claudia tries to make friends, which doesn’t go well, then plays dumb in her chemistry class to make herself seem more approachable. Ultimately she has to admit she knows stuff.

Charlie’s offered an architecture internship but doesn’t want it if it doesn’t pay. Bailey goes with Sarah to see her parents, but no one’s home. Sarah makes Bailey go inside to look around and make sure everything’s okay. He hears a man leaving a message on the answering machine, talking about how he and Sarah’s mom are hooking up. Sarah’s understandably upset.

Charlie goes to one of Daphne’s prenatal appointments, but she doesn’t show up. She’s hanging out with her old hard-partying friends, and starting to see Charlie’s point about how spending time with them might not be great for her. Charlie calls the lawyer and asks if the fact that Daphne apparently isn’t taking care of the baby works in his favor. He promises to have a job by the end of the day.

Speaking of jobs, Julia quits hers, then has to assure Josh that it’s not because of him. He calls her mean and manipulative for acting cold to him one day and nice the next. He spots Ned in her room, and Julia tells Josh that he’s her boyfriend. Claudia asks her chemistry teacher not to call on her in class so she doesn’t have to talk in front of everyone. Obviously, that’s not going to happen.

Sarah finally connects with her mother, who tells her she’s not having an affair – she and Mr. Reeves are divorcing. Sarah’s mad that no one told her, but Mrs. Reeves tells her it was in her letters. Josh calls Julia out for not just telling him she had a boyfriend, which would have made him back off. Julia says they’re technically over, and she’s interested in Josh, but it makes her feel guilty about ditching Ned.

Charlie goes to Bailey to announce that he got an emergency teaching credential and will be a shop teacher at a middle school. Bailey agrees to pay his lawyer bills until Charlie can afford them. Charlie sees this as a commitment to something that will make him look like a capable parent. Bailey wonders why Charlie’s giving up his dream of becoming an architect. Charlie says that will take a long time and cost money for school; he needs to be able to support a baby right now. He’s willing to put off his dreams if it means he can keep his child.

Julia studies while Maggie and Ned discuss Jewel, because this is the ’90s and people actually talked about Jewel back then. After Julia goes to class, Josh sees Maggie and Ned kissing. Sarah finally reads her mother’s letters, which talk about her life for a while, then turn into pleas for Sarah to come home. She feels like her parents had nothing to talk about after Sarah left. Bailey reminds her that her parents pushed her away.

Claudia’s chemistry teacher has to step out of class for a few minutes, and he asks Claudia to walk the class through something while he’s gone. One of the girls Claudia was trying to impress asks her a question about alcohol, trying to embarrass herself, but Claudia turns it around and gets a laugh. She ends up endearing herself to everyone.

Daphne finally realizes she missed her appointment, but she can’t call the doctor because the friend she’s staying with didn’t pay his phone bill. He’s not sympathetic toward her – she asked if she could stay with him, not if he could, like, care about things. Sarah meets up with her father, who tells her he’s better off single. She begs him to find a way to make things work with Mrs. Reeves. He tells her she’s being selfish – people change, and everyone loses something or someone.

Josh finds Julia, Maggie, and Ned together, and announces that he likes Julia. She says she likes him, too, but he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say. He tells Julia that he saw her boyfriend kissing her roommate, which just confuses Ned and Maggie. Josh and Ned end up pounding on each other. Charlie goes back to the lawyer, who’s pleased that he’s gotten a stable, respectable job. He mentions that Daphne’s job history isn’t stellar, accidentally giving the lawyer ammo to use against Daphne.

Later, Charlie meets up with Kirsten and Owen, telling Kirsten that his case is looking better, but he regrets spilling some of Daphne’s secrets. Kirsten compares the situation to Jerry Springer – his show is fun to watch, but you don’t ever think you’re capable of trashing someone in public. Claudia tries again to befriend a classmate, saying she can’t change the fact that she’s smart. The girl asks for help with their classwork.

Charlie goes to see Daphne, but she’s moved out of her friend’s place. Julia explains to Ned that she told Josh they were dating because it was easier than, like, being honest and stuff. She confesses that she’s still married. She’s jealous of Maggie and Ned’s relationship, which he says isn’t as great as it seems. Because they’ve been together since high school, there are no surprises, which is both good and bad.

Sarah mopes, and she and Bailey both talk about having snapshots of happier times with their families. Charlie goes home to make calls to try to find Daphne, but she’s turned up at the house. She admits that she doesn’t want to be there, but she doesn’t have anywhere else to go. She knows she can’t get through this on her own. I hope this means there’s no custody fight now, and Charlie doesn’t have to confess what he told the lawyer.

Thoughts: Claudia’s chemistry teacher is played by Willie Garson. It’s weird seeing him in a dramatic role.

There’s no way Bailey’s making enough money for everything he’s spending it on (like that apartment). And I’d love to kow how much he gave Julia to make her think she doesn’t have to work anymore.

Don’t students at Andover wear uniforms and, like, know things? Isn’t it pretty elite?

Dear Julia, try using these words with Josh: “Thank you for your interest. I will get back to you shortly. Now please back off.”

Is Kirsten working as Owen’s nanny again? Why is she always around?

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