July 26, 2014

Party of Five 5.3, Naming Names: Mother and Child Disunion

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Is Kirsten going to take care of this one, to?

Is Kirsten going to take care of this one, to?

Summary: Apparently Charlie didn’t tell his lawyer that Daphne moved back in, because she shows up at the house ready to move on his case. The lawyer has already investigated Daphne and gives Charlie her findings, advising him to take a look. He puts the findings in a drawer without reading them. Ned runs into Julia at a movie and starts chatting with her, not realizing she’s there on a date with Josh. The guys are still uneasy around each other.

Claudia does homework with some new friends, who then consider sneaking out that night. They’re not sure how to do it without getting caught, but Claudia knows the exact route they could take. Now that Mr. and Mrs. Reeves are divorcing, they’re moving out of their apartment, which means Sarah has to figure out what to do with her things. She winds up taking it all to her and Bailey’s place, lamenting that she feels like she no longer has a home.

Charlie and Daphne attend a birthing class but clearly don’t have the same emotional connection to each other or the baby that the other parents have. After seeing a horror movie, Julia tells Josh that she didn’t find any of it affecting, since she knows it’s all special effects. (I hope this is an inside joke about Neve Campbell doing the Scream movies.) He tries to kiss her, but she’s not ready for that step yet.

Claudia and her friends successfully sneak out, but get caught sneaking back in. One of the girls, Hallie, pretends she’s going to the infirmary with a nosebleed, and their dorm supervisor buys it. Charlie and Daphne go to a doctor’s appointment and are offered the chance to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl. Daphne wants to wait, but Charlie wants to know, so he talks to the doctor privately.

Sarah tries to track down Robin, but she seems to have vanished. They stayed in touch for a while after Robin left town, but in the past few months their communication died off. Bailey suggests that Sarah contact her theater company. Julia meets up with Griffin to give him some mail and learns that Charlie offered to let him move back into the “guest cottage” while he looks for a place to live. Julia babbles about finding it hard to move on from marriage, but Griffin’s already dating again.

Sarah meets with Robin’s theater director (I guess), while backstage, Bailey finds a memorial plaque with Robin’s name on it. At the house, Charlie shares the baby’s sex with Kirsten, warning her not to tell Daphne. Kirsten thinks Daphne wants to be surprised, but Charlie knows it’s because she hasn’t connected with becoming a mother yet.

Bailey points out to a grieving Sarah that at least she got the chance to meet her birth mother. Sarah wishes she’d been more appreciative of what she had. Daphne’s home sick, which means Kirsten has to deal with her while she watches Owen (so…is she Owen’s nanny again or what?). Kirsten accidentally lets slip that the baby’s a girl.

Sarah gets Robin’s parents’ address and decides to pay them a visit, though Bailey thinks that’s a bad idea. Sarah wants to know who her father is, and Bailey says that they won’t tell her, since Robin never did. He knows she wants her grandparents’ love, but if they never looked for her before, she might be disappointed. Sarah snaps at him for not supporting her.

Claudia’s friend Parker wants to sneak out again, but Claudia’s more interested in finishing Sense and Sensibility. Sarah meets her grandfather (her grandmother’s dead), who wants nothing to do with her, and can’t even be sure she’s telling the truth about being Robin’s daughter. He definitely isn’t going to offer up any hints as to who her father is. Sarah will have to star in her own failed spin-off to find that out for herself! She asks for something of Robin’s that she can have.

Griffin helps Charlie move his stuff out of the “guest cottage” so Griffin can move back in. Charlie’s worried that Julia will stop by and see Griffin with another girl, but Griffin promises he won’t have any guests over. I certainly hope Charlie’s charging him rent, because this living arrangement is beyond ridiculous, and he should at least get some money out of it.

Josh brings Julia flowers, and she rants about how he’s the first person to ever buy her any. When she calms down, they almost kiss. She gives him the old “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse, then complains that Griffin’s already moved on. Josh thinks she’s talking about Ned. Julia tells him she lied about having a relationship with Ned, and that that means she’s horrible and he shouldn’t want to be with her. Josh is fine with whatever she’s done as long as she’s not lying about her gender.

Daphne’s mad at Charlie for telling Kirsten they’re having a girl, but he argues that he wanted to tell someone who would be happy. He tries to use the opportunity to talk about their future daughter. He’d liked to name the baby Diana, after his mother. Daphne has bad associations with the name, and Charlie asks her to get over it. Daphne refuses, asking if she gets a vote. Charlie says that it actually matters to him; “the person who cares the most should win.” Ouch.

Later, Charlie shares the baby news with Bailey, who teases that he’s going to have to deal with dolls and pierced ears and hickeys. Charlie brings up the name; Bailey likes the idea of there being another Diana Salinger in the world. When he gets home, Sarah tells him that he was right to be wary about how her grandfather would react to her finding him. She came away from their meeting with nothing.

Parker and Hallie are cold to Claudia, and she tells them that she doesn’t see boarding school the same way they do. They’re all enjoying their freedom and being away from their parents. Claudia, however, never had rules, and her parents weren’t around to be strict with her, so she has nothing to rebel against. She’s fine with having fun, but they don’t have to break rules all the time. Parker and Hallie understand.

At the house, Charlie tries to get Daphne to realize that despite her lack of connection to the baby so far, she’s going to be a mother in nine weeks. He extends an olive branch, and she attempts to compromise. Bailey and Sarah go to city hall (I guess) and she changes her name to Sarah Reeves Merrin. Now she has something of her mother’s to hold onto.

Hallie and Parker bring Claudia a treat from their latest sneak-out, then talk about the guys they met. At Stanford, Julia complains to Ned about how Josh reacted when she came clean about her lies. He advises her to kiss someone so she’ll start to acknowledge that things are over with Griffin. Also, Ned volunteers as tribute. “Now it all gets easier,” he tells her as they start making out. Yes, hooking up with your roommate’s boyfriend will definitely make Julia’s life better.

Charlie and Daphne attend another birthing class, which means it’s ironic when she starts having contractions. “This isn’t supposed to happen,” the teacher says. Thanks for your help, teach. I’m sure that baby will keep that in mind.

Thoughts: Hallie is played by Joanna Garcia. Sarah’s grandfather is played by character actor Eddie Jones; I took a break in the middle of this episode and watched some of A League of Their Own, which he’s also in.

Why is Charlie letting the guy who cheated on his sister stay on his property?

Sarah to Bailey: “Maybe it’s because you have nobody and I have the possibility of somebody.” WHAT? Is what you’re saying, “Maybe you’re jealous because your parents are dead and I might still have a grandfather”? Shut up, Sarah.

I’m kind of on Daphne’s side about the baby’s name. I understand it’s important to Charlie, but if Daphne doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to use it. It’s her child, too. How about Mrs. Salinger’s middle name, or a character from a book she liked?

Bailey’s idea of a nightmare boyfriend for his future niece: “A guy named Meat – and that’s not even his nickname.” Hee!

Claudia’s so cute and ’90s with her men’s shirt and mini-skirt and Steve Maddens.

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