August 16, 2014

Party of Five 5.6, Forgive and/or Forget: Everyone Wants Everyone Else to Go Away

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There are never any pictures from this show. These otters say, "We're sorry"

There are never any pictures from this show. These otters say, “We’re sorry”

Summary: The Salingers, Daphne, Kirsten, and Sarah are all at the hospital to see Diana, who remains in an incubator but is doing better. Everyone fusses over Daphne, who’s overwhelmed. Sarah talks to Bailey again about what he would do if she had a surprise pregnancy. He tells her he’d like to have kids someday, and he wouldn’t walk away if she got pregnant, but right now he doesn’t have room in his life for a child.

Julia returns to school, where she and Maggie are stuck sharing a room until one of them can transfer out. That must be fun. They decide to try to avoid each other as much as possible. Diana’s gained enough weight to be released from her incubator, and though Charlie, Claudia, and Owen are thrilled, Daphne’s nervous about holding her. Bailey’s surprised that Claudia hasn’t gone back to school yet. She lies that she’ll call her school and let them know where she is.

Julia spends her exile in Ned’s room; they both feel bad about hurting Maggie, but that doesn’t stop them from making out. Ned’s virginal Christian roommate would prefer if they would keep their godless sex out of his room. Speaking of godless sex, Sarah’s not in the mood for it with Bailey. In fact, she’s not in the mood to spend time with Bailey at all. Daphne’s woken up in the middle of the night to nurse Diana; she’s the only person (of the four in the room) who thinks this is weird. Someone’s not taking to motherhood very well.

Sarah tries to get Bailey to leave her alone when they wake up in the morning. Julia works on a group project with Maggie, who questions some of her work. Daphne declines to nurse Diana, thinking the baby likes Charlie more anyway. Julia asks her professor if she can change groups; he thinks she’s being ridiculous. She heads home, where Claudia and Griffin are putting together Diana’s nursery. She reveals to Griffin that she’s going to drop the course so she doesn’t have to work with Maggie.

Daphne’s released from the hospital and decides to go home, not wanting to spend 24 hours a day with Diana, like Charlie does. Claudia finds a window open in the nursery, and a bunch of Diana’s things on the lawn. Sarah rejects Bailey again when he wants to have sex, though at least this time she tells him that it’s because she’s worried about getting pregnant. He reminds her that he’d support her if she did, but Sarah knows that she’d still be parenting alone.

One of the nurses at the hospital is shocked – SHOCKED! – that Daphne would go home when her baby’s still there. Charlie defends her and basically tells the nurse to shut up. Ned finds Julia in the library, where she’s trying to avoid Maggie without spending time with the other person who made Maggie mad. He thinks she’s doubting her decision to have a relationship that started with cheating after she left Griffin for cheating.

Charlie takes Diana home, where he, Claudia, Kirsten, and even Owen rush to help him with the baby while Daphne just looks on. Owen is definitely feeling like he’s Jan Brady now. Sarah’s still trying to avoid Bailey, staying away from the apartment until just before he leaves for work. Claudia tells Charlie that Owen’s displaying signs of sibling rivalry (well, uncle/niece rivalry), but Charlie isn’t concerned, since that’s normal.

Julia spends the night in Ned’s bed, which I’m sure his roommate is thrilled about. She’s happy that she took another step in moving on from her marriage. Sarah wakes up in the middle of the night to find Bailey sitting by the bed; she inadvertently aroused him, and he got up so he wouldn’t pursue sex. He’s frustrated that they shared so much intimacy (beyond sex), and now she wants it to stop. He thinks they should take some time apart.

Charlie wakes Daphne up to nurse, because that’s been going so well. Daphne admits that she doesn’t feel like she’s a mother. Diana should be everything to her, but Daphne’s first instinct was to run away. Charlie thinks she’s just tired and experiencing postpartum depression. She points out that he named the baby after his mother not just because they were related genetically, but because of how Diana cared for him. Daphne doesn’t feel that same connection to this Diana.

In the morning, Daphne asks Charlie to take another day off of work to take care of Diana, but he can’t. He also wants her to dive into being a parent without a safety net. (That’s probably not a good idea, Charlie.) He decides to call Kirsten to come over and serve as backup. Bailey moves out of his and Sarah’s apartment for their time apart as she slams him for not being able to be a grown-up about their problems. Um, excuse me? You’re the one rejecting him every other minute; he’s giving you a chance to figure your crap out. I think that’s very grown-up. Shut up, Sarah.

Claudia’s still in San Francisco, having never called her school to ask for more time off. She claims it’s because Charlie needs her help, though Charlie seems to be doing just fine on his own. Bailey tells her to stop trying to be an adult and go back to school. Julia goes to her room to get some things for another sleepover with Ned. Maggie’s there and mocks that Julia’s just trying to convince herself that she made a good decision. But Julia and Ned don’t have the same intimacy that Maggie and Ned had – sex is all they have.

Kirsten goes to the Salingers’ and finds Daphne trying her best to calm Diana. She finally picks up the baby and sings to soothe her. Kirsten leaves without letting Daphne know she was there. Griffin takes Claudia to the airport so she can reluctantly leave Owen and Diana. Bailey crashes on the Salingers’ couch; he and Owen commiserate over feeling like there’s no room for them in their respective homes. Charlie comes home to see that his throw-Daphne-into-the-deep-end plan worked. She even nursed successfully. Yay, Daphne’s cured! Yay, Charlie! You did it!

Thoughts: How weird that I recapped the Beverly Hills, 90210 episode “Forgive and Forget” just before this episode with a similar name. Except this episode has very little to do with forgiving or forgetting.

Sarah, unless you’re pregnant right now, chill out. You’re upset that Bailey won’t stay with you through a hypothetical situation that, if you’re using birth control, is likely not to ever happen. Go take some deep breaths, eat some ice cream, and stop talking for two minutes.

Dear hospital: Unless Daphne checked in as Daphne Salinger, stop calling her Mrs. Salinger. Come on.

Okay, first of all, they wouldn’t send Diana home if she only weighed three pounds. Second of all, that baby definitely weighs more than three pounds. And she has no medical problems? None at all? Really, show?

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