August 24, 2014

BH90210 8.5, Coming Home: Misty Brandon-Colored Memories

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You know why kids always like Steve? Because he's still a child

You know why kids always like Steve? Because he’s also a child

Summary: Donna and Brandon are decorating the beach apartment for Kelly’s release from the hospital. When Kelly arrives, she and Brandon are really awkward with each other. Steve assures Brandon that Kelly will get her memory back, and things will go back to normal. Brandon isn’t convinced – Kelly isn’t wearing his ring anymore.

Donna thinks she’s getting better, though, since she’s rearranged the couch pillows the way she always does. Kelly tells her that right now she has to trust her instincts, which is actually a bad idea, since she feels close to Valerie. Kelly asks if she really loved Brandon, and Donna confirms that she did, even if she doesn’t feel it.

David and Noah stop by with a guy named Devin whose band is playing at the After Dark. Donna doesn’t like that David told him he could spend the night in the apartment. Kelly invites Noah on a walk, not caring if Brandon won’t like it. She wants to stop worrying about the past and focus on the future like Noah does. Noah urges her to think about what she could lose by not figuring things out with Brandon.

Donna and Valerie meet up at the Peach Pit to discuss the day’s schedule. Donna will be taking on a new client named Cooper Hargrove, who wants a party planned. Meanwhile, Steve tries to get advertisers for the Beverly Beat. Brandon’s worried because they don’t have anything to set the paper apart from others. Kelly pops in to ask Brandon to have dinner with her so she can get to know him better.

Donna has a successful day, selling some designs to an enthusiastic client named Mr. Parrish. As she’s leaving, she encounters two women, one with a burn on her arm, exiting Parrish’s sweatshop. She wants to help, but the workers won’t talk to her. Brandon takes Kelly to the Walshes’ house and shows her their bedroom. She gets upset, saying she thought looking around would help her remember, but it didn’t.

Donna and Valerie go to Cooper’s house and complain to each other about how he treats his employees. A young guy sits with them and they invite him to join their complaint session. Except – oops! – this guy is Cooper, and the yelling guy is his assistant. He invites them to the party they planned for him; Valerie declines but Donna accepts. She’s surprised that Val turned down the chance to spend time with a hot, rich guy.

Brandon and Steve manage to secure an employee, a production manager named Terri, who’s dumb enough to accept the job without asking questions about things like whether there’s health care or if these two doofuses are competent enough to run a successful business. (The answer to both questions is no, by the way.) The After Dark seems to be doing better, though David might also be playing a dangerous game, trying to sign Devin’s band and record a demo despite not having money.

Carly shows up at the After Dark with some friends, and she and Steve continue their love/hate relationship. Carly notes that Brandon’s writing an article while having his night out; she thinks he wants to avoid going home because Kelly isn’t there. Brandon confides that he feels like he can’t ask for anything, since Kelly’s alive and the shooter was caught, but he wants her back the way she was.

Valerie goes to see Noah, complaining when he doesn’t immediately rip off her clothes and take her to bed. She thinks he wants to be with Kelly. He denies that but says there’s someone else keeping him from being with Val. She storms off and cries in her car, then follows him when he drives off somewhere. Kelly calls Brandon, waking him from a nightmare about her shooting, and says she’s read in her journal how much he cares about her. She insists that she’s trying to remember him.

Valerie follows Noah to a bluff, surprised that he didn’t go off to meet the girl who’s keeping them apart. He says, “She was here,” making Valerie think that someone dumped him. It turns out Noah’s talking about a girl he accidentally killed in a car accident before he ran off to Hawaii. Valerie tries to comfort him, but he does the patented angsty Dylan “leave me alone” dance.

Donna goes back to the sweatshop, trying to talk to one of the workers about the girl who was injured. She knows the girl was too small to work the machine that injured her. She questions the worker about her hours and how much she gets paid, but the worker won’t tell her anything. Oh, no! How will Donna save the day now?

Carly and Nat bring food to the Beverly Beat, which is supposed to publish its first issue that night. Donna has a great story for Brandon to cover: the sweatshop. Carly and Steve bicker because she kept turning him down when he asked her out, but then she went out to a club. How dare she? Doesn’t she know that if she doesn’t date a guy, she’s not allowed to do anything fun? Steve offers to watch Zach while Carly goes on a date with another guy.

Valerie goes back to Noah’s boat and taunts him about possibly going back to Hawaii and away from her. Yes, Val, all of his decisions revolve around you. He tells her to go, she refuses, one thing leads to another, and they start making out. As Donna brings Kelly a dress to put on, Steve and Zach see Carly off on her date (though she doesn’t want Zach to know it’s a date). Zach wishes she were going out with Steve.

Donna and David arrange a date for Kelly and Brandon at the beach apartment. Brandon reminisces about the first time they danced together, then reenacts the moment with her. Steve and Zach spy on Carly as she returns from her date; they’re happy that there’s no good-night kiss. Carly tells Zach that this is his last chance to blame any broken household objects on Steve. (Hee.)

In the morning, Kelly and Jackie flip through the first issue of the Beverly Beat. Doing so somehow makes Kelly remember getting back together with Brandon. She decides she wants to put her ring back on. At the Walshes’, Donna tells Valerie that Kelly had fun with Brandon the night before, so she probably won’t be any competition for Noah. That won’t be a problem – Valerie spent the night on the boat. Now, though, she’s worried she’ll wreck things with Noah.

Devin and his bandmates invite themselves to hang out at the beach apartment; David doesn’t want to ask them to leave in case they run off to sign with someone else. This means Donna doesn’t get the date she’s been waiting for. She overhears Devin on the phone, telling someone that he’s not going to let David “Jew [him] down.” Valerie meets with Cooper, which is probably a bad thing, but I can’t bring myself to care.

Things are looking up at the Beverly Beat, with advertisers calling in to grab space. Kelly comes by and apologizes for interrupting Brandon – she knows what he’s like when he’s trying to write. She tells him she’s starting to remember him, but she needs to actually be around him or she feels lost. He starts to put the ring back on her, but stops, saying he wants the next time he puts it on her to be when they’re getting engaged. Kelly asks if they can go home. There’s kissing. I guess that plot is over.

Thoughts: First-scene Donna, that is not a shirt. That’s a long sports bra. Please put on some clothes.

The Beverly Beat‘s health plan: “If one of us gets sick, the other two promise to visit.” Brandon, that’ll never get you on the Democrats’ ticket.

A big HAAAAA to the guys trying to put out a newspaper with a staff of only three people.

Another episode where I kind of liked Brandon. I’m starting to get scared.

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  1. Deja said,

    So nice to see Donna’s hair actually move again.

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