September 6, 2014

Party of Five 5.9, Gifts: Take Care. Or Not

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This is why you have relationship arguments in your own home, not someone else's

This is why you have relationship arguments in your own home, not someone else’s

Summary: Did you know babies cry a lot? Party of Five is here to remind you. The Salingers have hired a baby nurse, for some reason, and she thinks Charlie and Daphne need to let Diana start soothing herself. Charlie disagrees, but Daphne thinks the nurse, Nora, should take care of everything so they can sleep. Get used to Daphne doing nothing with Diana throughout this episode.

Julia makes up with Ned, telling him it’s hard for her to see a family not getting along after she’s spent five years keeping hers together. She tries to invite herself along to spend the day with Richie, but Ned declines. At the restaurant, Bailey learns that he’s earned a big tax refund because the restaurant is doing so well. In fact, the place is more profitable than it was when his father ran it.

Griffin looks for a job, considering one as a courier, which will let him travel a bit. Daphne continues to let Nora take care of her child. Griffin asks after Claudia; everyone’s still ignoring her pleas to come home. Bailey wants to spend some of his money on an expensive suit but isn’t sure it’s a practical purchase. A salesman reminds him that one day, he’ll be dead. Thanks, salesman! He really means that Bailey should want to be remembered as a fashionable dresser, not a practical money-saver.

Charlie butts heads with Nora over whether Diana should be eating anything other than breast milk. Nora decides she can’t work with a parent who’s so controlling, and she quits. Daphne begs Charlie to hire a new nurse so she can get some sleep. I’m not sure why Daphne isn’t sleeping, since she’s not actually doing anything to take care of Diana, but whatever. Julia crashes Ned’s day with Richie, upsetting both brothers.

Despite telling Daphne he wouldn’t, Charlie asks Kirsten to come take care of Diana for a few hours. She assures him that Paul won’t care. She’s happy to help, saying there’s no one she’d rather spend the evening with than Diana. Sorry, Paul! Bailey asks Charlie to build a wine cellar for the restaurant; he’s thinking of doing a big renovation. He’d also like to take Charlie and Daphne out for a nice dinner.

Claudia’s friends are worried because she’s been isolating herself from them. Griffin shows up, having taken a detour while in Boston on his courier job, and makes plans to hang out with Claudia that night. Bailey buys Sarah a dress and looks at new furniture for their apartment. He wants Sarah to go to dinner with him, Charlie, and Daphne, but she has work to do for a professor. Bailey suggests that they hire someone else to do the work.

Julia and Ned go to his parents’ house to take care of some plants; this time her presence doesn’t upset Richie because he’s ignoring her. She recognizes his allegedly nonsense ramblings from before as a poem, and she recites it with him. At their super-fancy dinner, Bailey encourages everyone to get expensive food, but Charlie just wants to speed things up so he and Daphne can go home. Bailey and Sarah realize that friends with kids can be a little annoying.

Paul goes to the Salingers’ to complain that Kirsten is once again helping the family. He wants them to do something the next night; “the Salingers will just have to do without you for one day.” Claudia confides to Griffin that she feels like she’s in the wrong place, which he can relate to. She reminisces about how her mom taught her to take care of Owen, which helped her not be so jealous of him. She asks Griffin to teach Owen to take care of Diana.

Bailey takes Owen to his place for the night, and Owen’s surprised by the amount of attention he’ll be getting. Bailey takes a call from the bursar’s office at Sarah’s school and learns that her tuition’s due in 20 minutes. Claudia accompanies Griffin as he makes his delivery (a ferret), but they run off with it when they learn that it’s supposed to be buried with its deceased owner.

Sarah learns that Bailey paid her tuition and blasts him for taking care of her. “When you pay for something, you own it,” she says. Bailey reminds her that she taught him to share, and he wants to share their success. Sarah denies that she’s had anything to do with how well the restaurant is doing. Bailey disagrees, telling her this is his way of saying thank you. He’d appreciate some gratitude from her.

Kirsten is back at the Salingers’ to take care of Diana while Daphne sleeps. Okay, it’s time for Daphne to see a psychiatrist. Charlie finally asks Daphne why she keeps calling people to look after Diana. Daphne claims that Kirsten came over on her own. Griffin takes Claudia back to school, feeling bad about having to leave her in a place she doesn’t want to be. At the last minute, he tells her to go pack her things.

Julia wants to use more poetry to connect with Richie, but Ned denies that Richie can have any kind of meaningful communication with anyone. When he was younger, he tried to analyze what Richie said, but he never found anything he could understand. He thinks Julia’s “looking for something that could make him worthy of love,” when they should just love Richie for himself.

Griffin takes Claudia home to San Francisco, angering Charlie. Griffin’s upset that no one listened when Claudia told them she was miserable. Charlie thinks she should stay in her prestigious school that will open up doors for her. Claudia would rather help take care of Owen and Diana, since Charlie sucks at it.

Kirsten doesn’t make it home in time for the plans Paul made for them, so he asks her straight out who she would rather be with, him or the Salingers. Kirsten tells him that since she doesn’t have a job, taking care of Diana makes her feel useful and comfortable. Bailey and Sarah discuss how uncomfortable the restaurant’s success has made them – she because she feels like a kept woman now, and he because he feels like he needs to figure out who he should be. Sarah likes her new dress, so the perks of being rich aren’t all bad.

Julia tries to explain to Ned that she thought she could understand him better by spending time with his family. He tells her that he’s always been overshadowed by Richie; he wants Julia all to himself. Daphne wants to hire another baby nurse, even if it’s one who’s not compatible or competent. Charlie thinks something’s wrong with her, whether it’s postpartum depression or something else – Daphne isn’t connecting with Diana. Daphne already knows it but doesn’t know how to fix it.

Thoughts: Everyone should check out Vulture’s oral history of the first season of Party of Five. Everyone is very cheerful.

Charlie and Daphne need a nurse for Diana because…? And they’re paying her…how? Also, Nora is played by Ms. Teasley from Beverly Hills, 90210.

Julia, stop trying to fix everyone’s problems. You’re not Brandon Walsh.

When Griffin is the most compassionate person on the show, something’s wrong.

Is the Salingers’ house magical or something? Why does everyone want to be there all the time?

Charlie shouldn’t be so surprised that Daphne’s distant with Diana. She didn’t want a baby in the first place. I’m glad she reminds him of that, because it’s a little weird of him not to think about it.


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