September 7, 2014

BH90210 8.7, Pride and Prejudice: Valerie’s the One Who Should Be Censored

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That guy photobombing in the back is as excited for this slap as I am

That guy photobombing in the back is as excited for this slap as I am

Summary: David and Steve are driving to the After Dark, discussing Devin’s band, Cain Was Able. Steve hopes the ad he put in the Beverly Beat for the band’s upcoming concert will bring in a lot of people. The band’s demo has impressed a guy named Ari at a record label, and he calls David to set up a meeting. Brandon doesn’t like that Kelly’s job will be taking her to South Central L.A. today, especially since the shooter is still at large. Kelly tells him they both need to get on with their lives.

There are a bunch of people at the After Dark, waiting to get tickets for Cain Was Able’s concert, but they won’t be very happy if David can’t work out his financial problems and complete transactions with his vendors. Donna winds up paying for one of his deliveries since he can’t find his checkbook. She then goes to the Peach Pit to meet with a client who doesn’t show up. She tells Carly that she thought things were going well in her partnership with Valerie, but now they have no more clients.

David’s also at the Peach Pit, meeting with Ari, who wants to sign Cain Was Able. David wants to delay making a decision since some other labels are interested. Ari tears up the contract, then says that he just wanted to see if David was a player or not. He is, so Ari will draw up another contract and come back for the concert. David’s thrilled because now he’ll have labels fighting each other for Cain Was Able.

Cooper flirts with Valerie while she’s supposed to be picking out clothes for him. He asks her to host a dinner that weekend for potential investors. Val denies that he can hire her for every job he has, but he figures that he’s already charmed her enough to get her to do whatever he wants. Also, he got her a couture gown, and she can’t say no to that.

Steve goes by Carly’s house with a present for Zach; he’s still trying to make up for the missed trip to Magic Mountain. Carly slams him for trying to use Zach to get to her. She doesn’t want Zach to get hurt when Steve inevitably decides he’d rather date someone else. Kelly and Brandon start getting it on in their bedroom, but he gets distracted by thoughts of the shooting. Kelly would really like to stop talking about that already.

Valerie invites Steve and Carly to Cooper’s party, though he thinks that’s too big a deal for them when they’ve never actually had a date. Val changes his mind by pointing out that a single mom would probably love a night out. Brandon and Kelly try to plan their own date, since they definitely weren’t in the mood for anything the night before. A detective calls to talk to Brandon, and Kelly pushes him to get off the phone.

Donna breaks the news to Valerie that they’ve lost all their clients. Val’s like, “That is brand-new information! I have no idea what happened to all of them!” She asks Donna to help out at Cooper’s party, as Cooper’s their only remaining client. David tells Cain Was Able that they were offered a contract but he turned it down in hopes of sparking a bidding war. “You people know how to squeeze a wallet,” Devin remarks. David finally realizes that, hey, maybe Donna was right about the band being anti-Semitic.

Carly comes home to find her house clean and a rose on her pillow. Her mother tells her that Steve cleaned the whole place, then spent some time with Zach. He also left her a note asking to get to know her better. At the movies, Brandon and Kelly spot Valerie and Noah, and while Kelly’s distracted, a guy bumps into her and knocks her down. Brandon has a flashback to the shooting, when Kelly was knocked into his arms, and goes off on the guy. Someone needs therapy!

Noah checks on Kelly the next morning (after spending the night with Valerie), then tells Donna about Valerie’s plans for the day, not realizing that he’s outing her for stealing Donna’s clients. Donna asks Noah to fill in for her at Cooper’s party. At a salon, Valerie confides in her hairstylist that she’s dating two guys and can’t decide between them. Carly’s also there and overhears her.

Noah visits Brandon at the Beverly Beat to express his concern over Brandon’s behavior. Brandon tells him to take off his cape and stop trying to be a hero. (Pot, meet kettle.) Noah cautions that Kelly’s more afraid of Brandon than anyone else. The detective calls to tell Brandon that they got the shooter, who’s at a hospital.

David goes over Cain Was Able’s set list with Ari, who wants them to play some new songs. Donna notes that their lyrics are extremely racist (in fact, they wouldn’t be out of place at a KKK rally). Ari doesn’t care – they’ll sell CDs. He doesn’t like the idea of censoring artists. Donna’s like, “Have fun spending the money you make from white-supremacist hate-mongers, then.”

That night brings two special occasions: Cooper’s party and the Cain Was Able concert. Val’s shocked to see Noah at the party and tries to keep him away from Cooper. But one of Cooper’s guests mentions that Valerie’s there as Cooper’s date, which Steve and Carly overhear. Noah accidentally spills food on one of Cooper’s relatives, so Valerie takes advantage of the mess-up to encourage him to go to the concert instead.

Brandon arrives at the hospital to find the shooter already dead (having, ironically, also been shot). He’s also not the guy Brandon thought was the shooter – he ID’d the driver. Brandon tells the shooter’s body that he got what he deserved. Over at the After Dark, things are looking good, though Donna’s upset that David’s going to let the band perform. David points out that the guys hate everyone, not just Jews and minorities. Donna urges him to take a stand. After all, his grandfather was a Holocaust survivor.

Valerie and Noah arrive, and Val slams Donna for skipping out on the party. Donna confronts her for stealing all her clients. She asks Val how she lives with herself. Valerie wonders how Donna lives with herself since she doesn’t have anyone to share her bed. She mocks that she’s slept with David, too, and Donna slaps her.

The crowd chants for Cain Was Able, but David’s torn about letting them perform. Ari tells him that he’s not in college; there’s no lesson plan to follow. If he screws this up, he might not get another chance. David tells Devin that the band isn’t going to be performing tonight. He gets onstage to tell the audience the same thing, but Devin riles up the crowd and takes over, complaining about being censored. David manages to regain control, with help from Noah and some punching.

Steve takes Carly home, and she lets him kiss her but won’t invite him in, since Zach is there. She does let him know she wants them to get to know each other better. As Steve leaves, he sees that Zach stayed up to see him come home, and he looks very happy. Brandon tell Kelly that he saw the shooter, and he’s sorry for…something. Eh, who cares?

At the After Dark, David tells Donna about how an SS officer took a book from his grandfather and destroyed it in front of him. David knows he can’t censor people’s thoughts, but Donna was right about how he should take a stand. He got mad that, before the Holocaust, his grandfather’s parents kept saying that things would blow over. David feels like he owes his family something after they lost their lives to anti-Semitism. Donna assures him that he’ll still have a career.

Thoughts: Nothing’s sexier than, “Hey, remember that time you got shot?” Way to go, Brandon.

Who’s paying Carly’s rent? Her place is huge, and she’s a waitress.

When did STEVE SANDERS become the most romantic guy on this show?

Rock on, Donna Martin. That was the perfect way to get back at Valerie.

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