September 20, 2014

Party of Five 5.11, Rings of Saturn: Make Like a Tree and Leave

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"And up there, you can just barely make out the last shred of Ned's likability"

“And up there, you can just barely make out the last shred of Ned’s likability”

Summary: Daphne’s at an empty playground with Diana, just staring at all the equipment. She starts to leave without the baby, running back when she hears Diana crying, but not picking her up. At some later point, Daphne’s out when Charlie needs to leave for work and Claudia has to go to school (the local high school, not her boarding school), so Charlie has to take Diana with him.

It’s Owen’s last day with Bailey and Sarah, and Bailey assures him that Charlie’s excited to have him back at home. However, with Daphne gone, Charlie doesn’t have anyone to look after Owen, so he needs to stay where he is. Julia and Maggie are still living together, which must be AWKWARD, though it might get a little less awkward now that Maggie’s starting to date again. Maggie’s even willing to possibly forgive Julia, maybe just a little. She asks Julia not to tell Ned that she’s seeing someone.

Paul asks Kirsten to do some volunteering with the kids at his hospital. She’s hesitant, not wanting him to feel like he needs to help her fill up her time. The current volunteer asks her to keep a troublemaker named Michael in line. Charlie promised to take Owen camping, so Bailey wants to fill in, even though he has no idea what he’s doing. Sarah thinks he’s nuts.

Daphne goes to see a priest for some counseling; she’s distressed about almost leaving Diana. The guy is pretty clueless and keeps pressing her to go to church. Julia and Ned head to her dorm room, but there’s a stuffed monkey on the doorknob, which means Maggie has a guy in the room. Ned’s surprised to hear that his ex has a new boyfriend. He pretends he’s not upset, but Julia’s not an idiot.

At the house, Daphne calls a bank about cashing in a savings bond to leave in Diana’s name. At Stanford, Ned admits to Julia that he’s upset after all – but with Julia, for not telling him that Maggie was dating someone. He’s sure that Maggie’s telling the guy stuff about Ned and Julia. Julia tells him that Maggie’s actually less angry now, and they might be able to repair their friendship. Unless he’s jealous, he needs to deal with it.

Kirsten has hit it off with Michael, and she goes back to the hospital to spend time with him. Bailey and Owen go camping, and since Bailey’s horrible at it, it’s fortunate that a mother (Theresa) and her daughter invite them to eat dinner with them. Charlie and Daphne fight over her leaving the house early that morning to go to the bank, without giving him any notice. She says she’s focusing on Diana’s future.

Bailey and Owen’s tent is too small. This storyline is dumb. Ned takes Julia to a single dorm room he wants them to use as a love nest. Julia thinks he’s being weird about Maggie, but he says he just wants them to have their own place to be alone. She doesn’t like that he’s making decisions without consulting her. Charlie and Claudia find a ton of diapers in the house – it looks like Daphne’s stockpiling them.

Bailey and Owen survive their night camping, and in the morning, Bailey chats with Theresa, who’s impressed with how he’s handling taking care of a kid on his own. Bailey confides that he feels like Owen hates him. Theresa invites them to spend that night with her and her daughter in their tent. Bailey wants to leave, Theresa woman says that’s not what Owen wants – he wants Bailey to turn things around.

Julia’s decided to move out of her and Maggie’s room, which actually disappoints Maggie. She thinks Julia’s giving up the college experience she wanted so she can shack up with her boyfriend. Michael’s discharged from the hospital, and Kirsten’s sad to see him go. Thanks to Theresa’s telescope, Bailey and Owen’s second night camping is much better than the first. Owen’s impressed that there’s so much cool stuff in the world. “When you find out about cool stuff, will you let me know, so we can see it together?” he asks Bailey.

Daphne tells Diana how great her future will be, and what she should and shouldn’t do. She’s clearly planning to leave. Charlie gets that, and the next day he tells Kirsten about it. She presses him to say something to make Daphne want to say, but Charlie isn’t sure he should. If Daphne wants to go, she should go.

Julia tells Ned she’s changed her mind about moving out, but he ignores her. He continues packing her things, even as she refuses to leave or let him control her. Things get so heated that Ned backhands Julia, then continues packing as she leaves the room. Julia cleans herself up in the bathroom, where another girl chatters excitedly about a date.

Bailey asks Owen not to tell Charlie about their camping trip, and definitely not to tell Sarah that they shared a tent with another woman (especially if he’s going to say, “Bailey slept with Theresa”). Paul decides to address the elephant in his and Kirsten’s lives: the fact that they don’t have kids. He knows that a child is the only thing that would make Kirsten feel like they’re a family. She reminds him that they agreed not to have kids since he doesn’t want them, but he doesn’t know how else to make her happy.

At the Salingers’, as Charlie tells Daphne that he knows she’s going to leave. He’s not going to try to stop her; he just wants to know when she’s going so he can have a little notice. Daphne tells him about walking away from Diana in the park and how she just stopped thinking about her. She’s afraid that she’ll always be the kind of mother who can and will leave, which isn’t what Diana and Charlie deserve. “I’ve already left,” Daphne says. She asks Charlie not to let Diana hate her.

Ned tries to call Julia, who’s avoiding him. He’s not apologetic about hitting her; he just wants to talk about the move. Bailey invites Sarah along the next time he and Owen go camping. She tells him that no matter what Bailey thinks he did wrong, Owen’s happy, so everything turned out all right. Bailey’s also pretty happy with the way things went. Julia goes back to her and Maggie’s room but doesn’t tell Maggie what happened. Daphne calls a cab and leaves the Salingers’ house, leaving Charlie alone with Diana.

Thoughts: Shouldn’t Owen be in school of some kind? Isn’t he kindergarten age by now?

If there’s anything that will make me laugh, it’s an eight-year-old who says, “Bring me the next human sacrifice.” Bravo, Michael.

With an abusive boyfriend, the show has now hit almost every big teen show storyline. I think the only one left is sexual assault. There’s still a season and a half left to fit that in!

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  1. Lauren Anderson said,

    Owen is five and I was almost five when I started J.K. Maybe he is old enough for J.K, but skipping it. Some kids don’t start Kindergarten until S.K. I know a lot of kids who skipped J.K.

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