September 21, 2014

BH90210 8.9, Friends, Lovers and Children: Not a Father’s Day

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Yes, I totally believe this girl is 16

Yes, I totally believe this girl is 16

Summary: Steve and Carly try to make out at her house, but they’re interrupted by Zach. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to see what they’re doing, and Carly finds it funny. On their way home from a play, Brandon and Kelly wind up in a rough neighborhood with a familiar hooker: Dylan’s sister Erica. She runs away from them, which I can’t really blame her for.

The next day, Kelly and Brandon meet with a social worker named Pam who warns that teen prostitutes are harder to deal with than the kids Kelly usually works with. Brandon gives the exposition that Erica was living in Hawaii with Iris, but moved to California with her stoner boyfriend. Pam agrees to go retrieve her, telling Kelly not to search for Erica on her own.

Valerie goes to see Noah, who’s still mad that she was dating both him and Cooper. She promises that Cooper meant nothing to her. They almost kiss, but Noah doesn’t want to give in. David has to lay off some employees because of his money problems, so one of them suggests that he go to a loan shark. Donna still has no idea about his actions, by the way. She has a stylist job coming up and wants to use the After Dark as the location for a photo shoot.

Steve shows up to one of Zach’s soccer games, unaware that it’s a father/son day. Steve’s a little uneasy about it, but he can’t say no to Zach. At the Peach Pit, Carly waits on a nervous customer, basically telling the woman her life story. The customer confides that she’s dealing with some issues of her own.

Maybe Kelly and Brandon can help her after they go with Pam to track down Erica. They talk to a guy (who totally hits on Brandon), then meet a guy Pam recognizes as Riggs. Kelly figures out quickly that Riggs is Erica’s pimp. Riggs doesn’t like the look of Brandon and pulls a knife on him. Fortunately, Pam has called for reinforcements, and the confrontation is broken up by the police.

Carly apologizes to Steve for the position Zach put him in by not telling him the game was for fathers and sons. Steve likes Zach, but he feels a little uncomfortable playing father. Valerie takes lunch to the Beverly Beat, getting annoying when Brandon asks about ulterior motives. She whines that Noah won’t talk to her. Brandon doesn’t seem to have much sympathy for her.

Kelly fills Donna in on Erica as Donna makes a good impression at the photo shoot. She has a romantic night planned for her and David, which he’ll have to cancel so he can meet with the loan shark, Everett Sands. Kelly and Pam PSA about teen prostitution while making no progress on finding Erica. Pam again warns Kelly not to go looking on her own. Kelly thinks Brandon might not take her advice.

The male prostitute Brandon talked to recently goes to the Beverly Beat offices to lead Brandon to Erica. After some more PSAing, Brandon and Kelly go off with him, despite Pam’s warnings. They find Erica in an apartment, but she refuses to go back to Hawaii or live in a shelter. She’s afraid that Riggs will find her there and kill her. Brandon announces that she can stay at the Walshes’ house, though he doesn’t answer when Erica asks him not to tell Dylan what’s going on.

Back at the Beverly Beat, Steve tells Brandon how uncomfortable he was at the father/son game. He was looking forward to playing the field, not dating a woman with a child and having to be responsible and stuff. Brandon’s surprised that they haven’t had sex yet. David calls Donna to tell her he might be late for their date because he’s meeting with an “investor.” She tries to buy lingerie, but the check she uses won’t clear.

Steve apologizes to Carly for not being more mature about their relationship. He doesn’t know what the future holds, but he’d like it to hold her and Zach. Carly gives him an out, but he doesn’t take it. David blasts Sands for showing up late to their meeting, which isn’t the right way to start things off with a loan shark. Sands agrees to loan him what he needs ($10,000), but David has to pay 50% interest. Run away, David! Run away!

Donna looks through her checks and discovers that David stole one and forged her signature. Carly decides she’s ready to have sex with Steve, so at least someone’s having a good night. Noah gets drunk at a bar, then starts a fight with another patron after he’s rude to a waitress. Kelly thinks she and Brandon are going about the Erica situation wrong, since they don’t know anything about the life she’s living. Erica overhears Kelly suggesting that they might need to take her to a shelter.

Noah gets arrested for the bar fight, and for some reason he makes his one phone call to Brandon. Brandon takes him home to his boat, where Noah confides that it’s the first anniversary of the day he killed his fiancée, Beth. He thinks he was so eager to help Kelly after her shooting because he wasn’t able to help Beth. Noah admits that he’s super-rich, thanks to his family’s Fortune 500 oil company, but he doesn’t want anyone to know.

The customer from the Peach Pit shows up at the Walshes’ house, but not to see Carly – she wants to see Steve. This is Jody, and she and Steve went out a few times before he started dating Carly. She’s there to announce that she’s pregnant with Steve’s baby. Stunned looks all around, which is surprising, since no one on this show ever uses protection.

Erica remembers meeting Valerie in Mexico, and laments the way her life has turned out. Val’s like, “I’ve made bad decisions, too, but my life is okay.” Yeah, Erica, stop listening to her. Valerie was supposed to hang out with Erica all day, but she has somewhere to be, so she leaves Erica at the house. As soon as she’s alone, Erica calls her male-prostitute friend to invite him over.

Donna goes home to the beach apartment after spending the night at her parents’, and she confronts David for missing their date. She doesn’t know how they’ve ended up where they are. David rants about thinking his life would be one way, but everything fell apart. Donna reveals that she knows he stole from her. David says something about her not having faith in him, but she can’t trust him anymore. She tells him to move out.

Brandon and Kelly come home to find the house trashed, and the computer, TV, and stereo are gone. Kelly doesn’t get why Erica would steal from them when she was safe there. Pam’s more worried about what Riggs will do to Erica. Brandon’s like, “But I did everything wrong! I’m the hero! I couldn’t have made a mistake! Does not compute!”

Thoughts: Riggs and Jody are both played by actors from The Young and the Restless – Vincent Irizarry (who was also on All My Children and Santa Barbara) and Jessica Collins.

I love the irony of Kelly and Brandon finding Erica familiar since she’s played by a different actress now and looks nothing like she used to.

’90s music alert: “Wrong Way” by Sublime (fitting, since it’s about a child prostitute).

Someone needs to take away Kelly and Donna’s tiny clips and barrettes.

Do you know how nice it is that Steve’s dating someone he doesn’t fight with every two minutes? SO NICE! Like, they actually like each other! Carly’s an actual nice person! It’s awesome!

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