September 27, 2014

Party of Five 5.12, Witness for the Persecution: Every Superman Has His Kryptonite

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He's not a criminal! He's a cutie pie!

He’s not a criminal! He’s a cutie pie!

Summary: Ned has been trying to get in touch with Julia, and this time he’s apologizing, but only because they fought. She erases his answering-machine messages before Maggie can hear them, then tells her roommate she’s going home for a few days. Julia asks Maggie not to tell Ned where she is. Claudia takes care of Diana while Charlie reminisces about his sister’s birth – he was mad that he had to give up 49ers tickets to babysit Julia and Bailey. Claudia thinks Diana can sense that something’s wrong, since Daphne isn’t there.

Griffin’s leaving as Julia arrives at the house, telling him her shoulder hurts because she had a car accident. It’s not the best lie since her car’s right there and nothing’s wrong with it. Charlie has to take Diana to class with him because he hasn’t yet broken down and called Kirsten for help. The vice principal, Ms. Walsh (also a single mother), lets him know that the school has just started a faculty daycare. Charlie wants to keep the baby close, though, and Ms. Walsh says she’ll see if he can get permission to keep Diana in his classroom.

Claudia sets up her old tent for Owen, which gives Charlie and Bailey déjà vu, especially since Julia’s home. Bailey tells Charlie that Owen’s still mad about not having Charlie’s undivided attention. He offers to let Owen stay with him a few nights a week, but Charlie gets defensive. Bailey thinks he should be more upset about Daphne leaving.

Later, at the restaurant, Sarah tells Bailey that Charlie’s struggling with a Superman complex, thinking he should be able to handle everything. Bailey finds his office trashed, and when he goes back to the dining room to talk to Sarah, he discovers that an intruder is holding her at knifepoint. Bailey gives up all his money and his watch, begging the guy not to hurt Sarah. The robber makes Bailey get on the ground, then heads to the door, still holding on to Sarah. As he leaves, he steals her necklace and pushes her back inside, unhurt.

Bailey and Sarah call the police, and a kind detective named Danner takes their statements and gives Sarah the name of a trauma counselor. Bailey’s more angry than scared, and Danner thinks he could benefit from counseling, too. Bailey insists that he’s fine. Sarah, what was that you were saying about a Superman complex?

Charlie meets up with Kirsten at a diner, and she tells him she and Paul are starting the adoption process. She’s super-excited, saying that the baby’s already changing everything without even being there. Charlie’s like, “Wait till there’s actually a baby.” He doesn’t get why everyone expects him to fall apart and need help.

Sarah wakes Bailey up in the middle of the night, having heard something, and decides she needs counseling. Bailey thinks a security guard at the restaurant is the way to go. He offers to take Sarah to class in the morning, but she wants to be able to live her life normally. Claudia picks up her violin for the first time in a long time to play Diana a lullaby. She hears Griffin playing his guitar in the “guest cottage,” and they play together a little. He invites her to play with his new band.

Sarah confides in Julia that she’s having trouble getting past the robbery, so she wants to see a counselor. She hasn’t been able to have a helpful conversation with Bailey; he just wants to talk about getting revenge. Sarah hates that she feels like she did something wrong, when she’s the one who was the victim of a crime. She actually feels ashamed. Julia doesn’t respond, but she clearly can sympathize.

Ned arrives at the house and hangs out with Claudia and Diana. Julia pulls him away and announces that he will never hit her again. She’s upset that they’ve always been able to talk through their problems, but this time, he got physically violent. Ned denies that he struck her. Julia orders him out of the house and away from her sister and niece.

Ned admits that he did something wrong by getting so upset, but he still denies hitting her. He was just angry that Julia seemed to be rejecting him. He grabs her injured shoulder to keep her from leaving, saying that that’s all he did the other night – he tried to make her stay. He was just worried that she would leave him. Ned can’t believe that Julia would ever believe he would hurt her.

Claudia plays with Griffin’s band, but the other guitarist, Cody, isn’t very welcoming. (I think the drummer’s high and doesn’t actually know what’s going on.) Cody’s like, “Violins aren’t rock! Girls can’t play in bands!” Griffin kicks him out. Bailey meets with a security guy, Ray, at his and Sarah’s apartment, which Ray thinks isn’t safe despite being in a yuppie neighborhood. Sarah refuses to live in a fortress. She’s even more upset when she sees that Ray brought over some guns.

Kirsten’s gotten the ball rolling on the adoption process, but Paul is too busy to get completely on board. She thinks he’s trying to back out, when really he just has surgery the day she’s set up a meeting. Calm down, Kirsten. Claudia packs up Daphne’s things so Charlie doesn’t have to, though, of course, he says it’s not a big deal and he can handle it and would everyone just leave him alone because he’s totally fine?

Sarah and Bailey discuss how shaken they’ve felt since the robbery. Sarah’s already had a session with the counselor, and she wishes Bailey would set up an appointment. Bailey wants to be more practical by finding ways for them to feel safer. She doesn’t want to stay away from her normal life even when she doesn’t feel safe. Bailey insists that buying a gun wouldn’t make him a different person. He points out that they could have had Owen with them at the restaurant.

Danner calls with the news that the robbery suspect has been arrested, so the next morning, Sarah and Bailey go to the police station to see a lineup. Sarah immediately recognizes the robber. Bailey’s mad at the guy, but Sarah’s just sad – the arrest doesn’t make her feel any better. Claudia tells Griffin that she doesn’t think playing with his band will work out. She thinks the guys are great together, and she doesn’t want to be their Yoko. Griffin tells her he kicked Cody out and kept her because he likes her playing, not because he felt sorry for her.

Julia hears noises in the basement and finds Charlie there, angrily packing up Daphne’s things. He complains about people leaving when you want them to stay. He admits for the first time how upset he is that Daphne left her own child. Julia points out that he couldn’t understand because he’s always stayed. Charlie’s emotional, realizing for the first time how alone he is. Julia urges him to focus on the important parts of his life. He’s not alone, and the family would have fallen apart if he hadn’t survived his cancer.

Julia goes back to school, silently watching Ned in the library. Maggie shows up and asks Julia to tell her what’s going on with them. Julia says she doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Bailey and Sarah have compromised with new locks in the apartment. He tries to comfort her by telling her that the robber, Albert, is off the streets and can’t hurt anyone anymore. They’re going to help put him away, which means they aren’t helpless. But Sarah’s seen a different part of the world now, and she’s not comforted.

Thoughts: Albert is played by Freddy Rodriguez, who’s probably best known from Six Feet Under. Danner is played by Disney actor Phill Lewis.

Griffin’s been on the show for years and we’re just now learning that he plays the guitar?

Sarah, take the whole family with you to counseling, please. Every last one of them.

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