November 29, 2014

BH90210 8.19, Crimes and Misdemeanors: You Belong With Me

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Sucks to be Noah and Valerie

Sucks to be Noah and Valerie

Summary: Brandon corners Kelly at work, STILL not getting that she doesn’t want to talk to him. A patient sticks up for her, and his posturing plus the arrival of Jeff make Brandon leave. The patient is Andrew, someone Jeff knows, and he was recently released from a maximum-security prison. He was convicted of murder when he was 17. Noah gets a hold of one of Donna’s photo albums and goofs around with her just as Dr. Martin pays a visit. He has the bad news that his mother has an aneurysm and will be coming to California for a consult. Dr. Martin isn’t sure if she’ll be okay.

David’s sick of crashing in Valerie’s room, so Steve suggests that he move into Carly’s place; she still has four months on her lease. Val’s upset that her boyfriend doesn’t want to live with her anymore. Steve then goes to the Peach Pit and chats with a woman named Madeline, whose girlfriend he double-parked behind the day before. He mentions taking coffee to his “partner,” Brandon, who he both works with and lives with. Steve offers to take Madeline and her girlfriend, Libby, to lunch the next day. She asks him to bring Brandon, too.

Kelly goes to the Beverly Beat to ask Brandon to talk to Andrew. After 20 years in prison, he was released with a small amount of money and sent into an unappealing living situation. She thinks he deserves a job and a second chance. Noah needs someone to look after the After Dark while he spends time with Donna, and Valerie immediately volunteers. He gives her a probationary shot. Valerie has already arranged for a record-label rep to come see Jasper’s Law perform, now with new keyboard player David.

Kelly tells Jeff that she asked Brandon to write a story about Andrew. She admits that she’s taken an interest because her own father is in jail. She hasn’t gone to visit him, and still hasn’t forgiven him for being out of her life so much when she was younger. Donna takes Noah to meet her grandmother, who’s a little out of it and thinks Donna and David are still together. She declares that David and Donna are meant for each other.

Valerie apologizes to David, telling him that she’s used to fighting for what she wants. She tells him that a rep will be at Jasper’s Law’s performance that night. She also thinks that the song he wrote was about her, not Donna. David thanks her, then rushes off to check on Donna at the hospital. When he arrives, he’s very comfortable with the Martins, which Noah notices. Mrs. Martin asks David to take care of Donna, still not accepting that she’s with Noah now.

Brandon meets with Andrew, but he’s more interested in the murder case than in his story about getting out of jail. Andrew shot his mother’s abusive boyfriend and was sent to prison on his 17th birthday, partly thanks to the testimony of his mother. Brandon wonders if Andrew feels remorse for what he did. (Considering the guy was hurting his mother, probably not.) Andrew thinks Brandon believes he’s just a murderer and can’t accomplish anything. He doesn’t feel bad about killing a monster, but considering what he’s left with, he wouldn’t do it again.

Valerie asks Noah about David’s visit to the hospital, and Noah tells her that Mrs. Martin wants David and Donna to be together. Donna comes over to the After Dark to see David’s set, even though her grandmother is having surgery the next morning. David resists opening the set with the song he wrote for Donna, since she and Valerie are both there. Jasper thinks that makes things even better – Valerie doesn’t know the song is about Donna, but even if she finds out, a catfight will make the night memorable.

They start with the song, and Noah quickly realizes that David wrote it about Donna. She laughs off his worries about David trying to win her back. Noah says he doesn’t have to – according to Mrs. Martin, they’re fated to be together. Brandon and Steve go out with Madeline and Libby, who think they’re a couple. Steve somehow thinks that they’re on a straight double date, not two couples having a meal together. Brandon leaves, and Steve agrees to dinner at the women’s house.

Kelly checks on Donna at the hospital, and they talk about how tough things are with their ex-boyfriends always around. Donna encourages Kelly to consider getting back together with Brandon if it’s what she really wants. Mrs. Martin suffers complications during the operation, and Dr. Martin tells Donna to go see her because she probably won’t survive. Donna tells her unconscious grandmother that she remembers everything Mrs. Martin has told her.

Andrew’s upset over Brandon’s story since Brandon also interviewed the murder victim’s son. He doesn’t think the son deserved to have his past dragged out. Brandon just wanted to tell both sides. Andrew’s mad that he’ll always be seen as just a murderer – he did one thing wrong and it’ll follow him the rest of his life. Brandon seems to think he can relate, because cheating on your girlfriend and not being forgiven for it is totally the same as spending 20 years in prison for murder.

Mrs. Martin dies, and Noah comforts Donna. Meanwhile, Valerie helps David move into Carly’s place. She’s in a good mood because she still thinks he wrote the song for her. David comes clean, and there goes Valerie’s good mood. She thinks David wants Donna back. At the clinic, Andrew tells Kelly that he hopes Brandon’s article will serve as a cautionary tale. He’s grateful that she reached out to him, since most people want nothing to do with an ex-con. Kelly agrees to go to Mrs. Martin’s funeral with Jeff, even though Brandon will see them together.

Brandon and Steve go to Madeline and Libby’s for dinner, and Steve and Brandon somehow still don’t get that they’re a couple and this will not lead to the guys having sex with them. Brandon catches on when Libby tells him that she and Madeline share a bedroom. The women are equally surprised to learn that the guys aren’t a couple. They thought the guys were just acting a little distant because they’d had a “lover’s tiff.”

David’s spending one last night at the Walshes’, so Donna goes there to tell him that Mrs. Martin died. Valerie’s not thrilled to see them hugging. Donna quickly gets uncomfortable and leaves. Valerie tells David that she’s not going to the funeral, and he shouldn’t either – Donna has Noah to comfort her. David says that they can still be part of each other’s lives, but Valerie thinks he needs to choose between them. He won’t take the bait – he and Donna have known each other longer, and he’s going to the funeral to be there for her.

After the funeral, the gang heads to the beach apartment, where Brandon calls his mom. Awwwww! Kelly overhears him telling Cindy that he misses Kelly. She warns him that Jeff is there. Brandon thanks her for encouraging him to write about Andrew, because talking to him helped him figure out that he needs to serve a sentence for his crime. He needed help to see that his actions hurt Kelly, and he can never make things right, no matter how much he apologizes. Kelly says that she does want Brandon back, but she can’t trust that he won’t hurt her again.

Later, Steve and Brandon head to work, arriving just before Andrew. Janet relays a message that the auto-body shop where he worked as a teenager is willing to rehire him. Brandon and Andrew each hope the other can put bad things behind them. As David’s about to leave the beach apartment, Noah suggests that he stay so he and Donna can share good memories. Donna thinks Noah just feels left out because he didn’t know Mrs. Martin.

David reveals that Mrs. Martin gave him her locket with the picture of her and her husband inside. He and Donna kiss, but she stops them before things can get more serious. David says that Mrs. Martin asked him to take care of her. Donna agrees to let him, but only as a friend. In her bedroom, Kelly writes a letter to her father, reaching out to work on their relationship even though he’s hurt her.

David goes home to his new place, where Valerie tells him that Jasper’s Law got their record contract. She gives him a cactus as a housewarming gift, because it’s a metaphor for her and blah blah, I don’t care. Donna goes to Noah’s boat and thanks him for giving her time alone with David. He invites her to tell him all about her grandmother.

Thoughts: Madeline is played by Josie Davis, who later returns as a different character.

How awkward that David gets along better with Felice after his breakup with Donna than when they were together.

But Brandon and Steve basically are a couple, right?

I can buy Steve not getting that Madeline and Libby were a couple. Madeline was a little flirtatious with him, and he was blinded by lust. But I figured Brandon would have caught on. For a journalist, he’s not very observant.


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