December 6, 2014

Party of Five 5.22, Fragile: Bailey in Charge of Our Wrongs and Our Rights

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This is what I always think of when I hear the word "fragile"

This is what I always think of when I hear the word “fragile”

Summary: Lauren tells Bailey that she’s resigning, which means no more kissing in the empty restaurant. Bailey refuses to let her take another job, but she wants to put the brakes on their mutual attraction before it can go too far again. He promises that it won’t. They’ll just figure out a way to work in the same place without ever having any contact.

Julia has moved back in with Maggie and is focusing on school work to distract herself from her guy issues. Maggie thinks that’s a good idea. Thanks for showing up, Mags! Everyone who lives in the Salinger house, minus Bailey, winds up in Charlie’s room, which now appears to be Charlie and Kirsten’s room. Kirsten suggests that they hang out at her place that night so they can have some privacy. Charlie learns that Bailey has hired someone to renovate the attic without letting him know.

Sarah takes Claudia to a health clinic so she can see a gynecologist before she starts having sex. Claudia reminds Sarah that she’s waiting, and besides, she doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Sarah, however, is a responsible role model and knows that Bailey and Charlie won’t be any use for this sort of thing.

Charlie goes to the restaurant to talk to Bailey about the renovations. To Bailey’s surprise, Charlie’s fine with Bailey making big decisions about the house on his own. They both want to share the house in a way that’s fair to everyone. Julia and Josh’s (remember Josh?) writing class has a visiting professor, Perry Marks, and she and Julia quickly connect. Too bad she’s not that impressed with the story Julia wrote.

Bailey and Lauren are forced to have an actual conversation at the restaurant, and Sarah accidentally makes it even more awkward by interrupting. She’s decided to cancel a spelunking trip she was supposed to take with her geography class because things are so crazy at the house. Bailey’s like, “Yes, please spend more time with me so I can’t spend it with Lauren.”

Claudia wants to go to a secret REM concert with Melanie, but since when are they friends? She’s surprised that Charlie’s not stricter with her. While unpacking at the house, Bailey finds Claudia’s pamphlets and other souvenirs from the clinic and freaks out about the possibility of his little sister having sex. Sarah tells him to calm down. He encourages her to go on the class trip. There’s a joke here about Bailey doing some spelunking of his own, but I won’t make it, because I’m a lady.

Julia runs into Perry on campus and blasts her for being so critical. What does she think she’s doing, her job? How dare a writing professor act like a writing professor! Calm down, Julia. Perry tells her that her attitude shows that she’s a writer. She’s tougher on writers she respects, which is why she was hard on Julia. Yes, yes, Julia is the best at everything. Let’s move on.

Charlie and Kirsten have their quiet evening at her place, which she’s happy to have all to herself. Charlie assures her that he’s not jealous that she has a quiet home; after all, he can retreat there whenever he needs some peace. Claudia and Melanie run into Cody, and Melanie reveals that she lied about the secret concert to get both of them to come. She thinks their breakup was stupid and that they should get back together.

Bailey continues to take over as head of the household while Charlie enjoys having more time to himself. Bailey’s concerned about Sarah taking Claudia to a gynecologist, since he and Charlie can’t be sure where her sex education is coming from. Charlie criticizes that Bailey keeps asking his opinion when he’s already made up his mind about things. If Bailey wants to do something differently, he should just do it.

Julia and Perry discuss Julia’s story, and the question of why her protagonist stays with her bad boyfriend for so long. Julia admits that it’s because she stayed with her own bad boyfriend for so long. Perry encourages her not to ignore her feelings. Charlie leaves household responsibilities to Bailey so he can spend time with Kirsten and Diana.

Perry and Julia are totes BFFs now, talking about past relationships. Julia’s read Perry’s book and wants to talk about something she wrote about, but Perry resists sharing everything about her life. She only shares what she wants to in her writing. Claudia and Melanie go shopping, and Melanie continues to press Claudia to get back together with Cody. She also knows about Claudia’s crush on Griffin. She tells Claudia to give up on what she can’t have and go for what she can.

Bailey finds a packed suitcase in Charlie’s room and mopes. Julia goes to Perry’s book signing and gets blown off by her new BFF. Bailey confronts Charlie for packing to leave, and Charlie reveals that he’s moving out. Bailey thinks it’s because his changes around the house have ticked Charlie off. Charlie says that Bailey’s just better at running the family. Charlie never wanted to be in charge, but Bailey does.

Bailey panics because Sarah hasn’t called from her trip. Julia goes back to the bookstore to get Perry’s book and learns that it’s in the lesbian section. Bailey goes to Lauren’s house to have a freak-out about his tendencies to always want to be in control. They start to make out again, but Bailey puts a stop to it. Lauren doesn’t get why else he would be there. He admits that he’s trying to do too much and is pushing away people he loves. Lauren tells him she’s taking another job.

Charlie tells Claudia that he’s moving out and she can come with him or stay with Bailey. She decides to stay, since the house has always been her home. She’s not as grown up as he is, not as ready to move on. Charlie admits that he’s not that ready, and often thinks of their mother when he sees Claudia, because Claudia looks so much like her. Claudia says that if she’s grown up at all, it’s because of Charlie. She’s happy that he’s happy.

Sarah comes home, and she should probably be suspicious of how happy Bailey is to see her. He tells her that Charlie’s already moved out, and Bailey’s now in charge. He promises never to take Sarah for granted again. Julia confronts Perry for freezing her out and not being honest about her sexuality, instead talking about past boyfriends. Perry assures her that they’re still friends.

Charlie’s staying with Kirsten while he looks for his own place, which is weird – because why didn’t he just stay at the house? Anyway, she tells him he can stay “for a while,” by which she means, “Move in with me, hunky boyfriend no longer saddled with tons of annoying dependants.” Claudia meets up with Cody at the concert venue, where REM really is playing a secret show this time. Music montage! Julia writes. Charlie and Kirsten have privacy. Claudia and Cody kiss. Bailey’s the man of the house.

Thoughts: Perry is played by Olivia d’Abo, best known as Karen on The Wonder Years.

Hey, I was just wondering what happened to Josh. Too bad he’s only in one scene and doesn’t get any lines. Good work, Adam Scott!

I still don’t buy that Julia hasn’t discussed sex stuff with Claudia. Claudia’s the type to ask a lot of questions.

I can’t believe Perry doesn’t make a J.D. Salinger reference when she learns Julia’s last name. It’s like an English professor rule − if a student has the same name as a famous writer or character, you must mention it.

Charlie doesn’t want to be in charge? Is that why he fought so hard for custody of Owen? Whatever.

’90s music alert: REM plays “At My Most Beautiful.”

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