December 7, 2014

BH90210 8.20, Cupid’s Arrow: Is Getting Shot By a Cherub Supposed to Be Pleasant?

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This is Josh's "I didn't do anything to your drink" face

This is Josh’s “I didn’t do anything to your drink” face

Summary: It’s the morning after David’s performance with Jasper’s Law at the After Dark, and he and Valerie are both happy. She’s especially happy to have a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. Then David gets even happier when he hears his song on the radio. Now Valerie’s not so happy, since it’s the song he wrote for Donna, but she pretends everything’s awesome.

Donna also hears the song, but Noah wants to turn it off since it’s distracting her from their naked fun times. Donna calls to congratulate David on the accomplishment, but hangs up when Valerie answers the phone. David calls her back, pretending that his morning isn’t totally ruined. He’s having a housewarming party that night, and Kelly invites Jeff to attend with her as a lead-up to spending Valentine’s Day together.

At the Beverly Beat, Brandon and Steve pretend they’re not bummed not to have dates for Valentine’s Day. Janet’s smart enough not to buy it. Steve misses college dating, where you could throw a frat party and immediately find a new girlfriend. Janet knows someone who might be interested in one of the guys, and Brandon wins the game of Rock Paper Scissors to get the chance at a date.

At the After Dark, Valerie meets Noah’s brother Josh, who she didn’t realize existed. The brothers clearly hate each other, and Noah doesn’t have great feelings about their father either. He resists Josh’s efforts to reach out to him. That night, the gang goes to David’s for his housewarming party, where Brandon is civil but chilly toward Jeff. Kelly tells Jeff she’s looking forward to Valentine’s Day with him, and will spend the night with him in a hotel.

Valerie and Noah go outside to mope, and she reveals to him that her father committed suicide and her mother blamed her. Noah tells her that he and Josh have the same father but different mothers. Papa Hunter left Josh’s mother for Noah’s, so Josh always resented his brother. He contested Noah’s trust fund as soon as it kicked in. Valerie knows what it’s like to hate a family member, but after her dad died, she wished things had been different. Noah refuses to stop hating Josh.

Donna tells Steve that she met a model who’s interested in going on a date with him. Then she tries to make conversation with Val, who’s upset that she called that morning. Valerie asks if Noah minded the call. Donna tells her to stop thinking about Noah and be happy that she has David. Meanwhile, Noah asks David if he should be worried about David and Donna’s friendship. David doesn’t think he’s given Noah any reason not to trust him.

Brandon and Kelly discuss Valentine’s plans, and as soon as the clock strikes midnight and it’s officially Valentine’s Day, Brandon sneaks in Kelly’s first kiss of the holiday (just on the cheek, though). Later in the morning, Josh goes back to the After Dark to ask Noah to be his best man at his upcoming wedding. Noah doesn’t want to go home with him since he’ll get sucked back into the Hunter business. Josh admits that he wants to be like his brother. Noah invites him to stick around.

David helps Donna buy Noah’s Valentine’s Day present, admitting that they haven’t told their significant others who they’re with. David would rather keep their friendship quiet so their “insecure” partners won’t feel so insecure. Brandon returns some of Kelly’s things to her at the clinic, playing She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not with a daisy. He admits that, despite his blind date that night, he still thinks there’s hope for him and Kelly. The daisy finishes on “she loves me.”

On the way home from their shopping trip, David beats himself up for not telling Valerie where he spent the day. Donna points out that Val and Noah made the situation into a problem. David suggests that they lie low for a little while. A car cuts Donna off, causing a crash, and she injures her back but declines to go to the hospital. Now David’s late for his date with Valerie, who’s waiting at the After Dark. She and Noah are unhappy to see their significant others arrive together.

Brandon leaves a message on Kelly’s machine instead of going to meet his date, Stephanie. She ends up chatting with Steve instead. Steve, by the way, now has a second date lined up, thanks to Nat. Elsewhere, Kelly learns that Jeff was offered a job in San Francisco. He’s willing to stay in Beverly Hills if Kelly wants him to. Brandon leaves a bunch more messages for Kelly, so maybe she should change her number.

Steve meets his real date, then ditches her when Stephanie wants some company. Noah gets drunk and nags Donna about all the time she’s been spending with David. She admits that they kissed once. Steve is cornered by both of his dates, plus Brandon’s, and escapes by sending them to talk to David. While they’re occupied, another woman grabs Steve’s arm and asks him to pretend to be her date so she can escape her own blind date. Then she leaves without telling him who she is.

Brandon leaves more messages for Kelly, wrapping up the one-sided conversation by saying he’s going to move on. Back at the After Dark, Valerie tells Josh what’s going on with her, Noah, David, and Donna, the latter two of whom have left to pick up a prescription for painkillers. Josh suggests that he and Valerie drink a toast to trust. He knocks her purse off the bar, and while she’s picking it up, he puts something in her drink.

Kelly and Jeff go to their hotel room, which he’s decorated with daisies. They make her think of Brandon, and she decides she can’t sleep with Jeff. He warns that Brandon will just hurt her again, but Kelly wants to be with the person she still loves. Noah and Valerie continue drinking, thinking Donna and David have left together to have sex. They head to the office, with Josh, who’s on the phone, unable to stop them from having sex.

In the morning, Noah insists that he and Valerie keep their mouths shut about their night together. Valerie doesn’t get why she’s so out of it, since she only had one drink. David shows up looking for Valerie, and Noah says she spent the night in the office because she got drunk. David assures him that he and Donna didn’t spend the night together. He can quickly see that something’s not right with Valerie and rushes her to a doctor.

Brandon thinks Steve is crazy to let his three Valentine’s dates get away just because he wanted to hang out with his mystery woman. He thinks Cupid is messing with both of them. Steve gets pulled over and tries to tell the police officer that he’s rushing to get an organ transplant. Surprise, surprise – the cop is his mystery woman. She tells him he ran a stop sign but she’ll let him go with a warning. Steve asks for her number, then tells Brandon he was wrong about Cupid.

Valerie’s doctor tells her that she maybe have been given Rohypnol, so if she had sex the night before, it might not have been consensual. Val knows she had sex with Noah but doesn’t remember it, and doesn’t remember consenting to it. However, she doesn’t think Noah would rape her. The doctor points out that lots of women are raped by guys they know.

Kelly goes to see Brandon, having listened to all of his messages. He confirms that he meant it when he said he was going to move on. She doesn’t get how he could have sex with Emma when he didn’t love her, but she believes that Brandon won’t cheat again. So I guess they’re back together? Noah and Donna make up, deciding to have the date they didn’t get to the night before. While Donna leaves to take painkillers, Josh promises to keep quiet about Noah and Valerie’s night together. Of course, that’s when Valerie and David show up to accuse Noah of raping Val.

Thoughts: Josh is played by Michael Trucco (Battlestar Galactica, Revenge, One Tree Hill, How I Met Your Mother, and recently an episode of Scandal).

Stephanie is played by Nikki Ziering, who was Ian Ziering’s wife at the time.

Ugh, am I going to associate daisies with Brandon from now on?

Okay, Kelly. Here’s where I break out “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice….”

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