December 14, 2014

BH90210 8.21, The Girl Who Cried Wolf: He Said, She Said

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Poor Noah. And usually I don't even care about him!

Poor Noah. And usually I don’t even care about him!

Summary: Noah’s at the police station, insisting that he didn’t rape Valerie. He confirms that they had sex, but that it was consensual. An officer asks Valerie to clarify that she didn’t consent. Val points out that her ability to consent was taken away when she was roofied. David and Donna disagree about what happened; David believes Valerie, but Donna doesn’t think Noah would commit rape. Josh arrives and offers Donna some pills to counteract the fatigue caused by her painkillers.

Noah won’t be charged until after the police talk to the DA, so he’s allowed to go home. He tells the gang that he didn’t do anything wrong. He confesses to Donna that he slept with Valerie, but it wasn’t rape. Donna’s not too happy to hear that her boyfriend cheated on her. David reschedules a recording session so he doesn’t have to leave Valerie, who’s grateful that he’s postponing something so important for her.

Brandon and Steve discuss Valerie’s accusations, with Brandon wondering why Val would lie about being raped. Steve reminds him that she also lied about being pregnant and having an abortion. He thinks this is all about money. Whatever happened, someone’s lying. Valerie overhears and welcomes Steve to accuse her of being the liar

Josh talks to a lawyer friend who has pull with the DA, but Noah doesn’t want his help. He’d rather take his chances in front of a jury than let his family use their money to bail him out. At the beach apartment, Kelly tells Donna that since she was able to forgive Brandon for cheating, Donna might someday be able to forgive Noah. Kelly also doesn’t think that Noah did anything to Valerie. Donna takes a painkiller, then more after Noah arrives and she kicks him out.

Brandon and Steve discuss Val’s accusation with Steve’s new cop friend, Tammy, and her partner, Glen. Brandon asks if he and Steve can go on a ride-along and write up the experience for the Beverly Beat. Valerie worries that she’s going to be publicly humiliated, so David asks if she wants to drop the charges against Noah. She doesn’t get how she can’t remember something that makes her feel so horrible.

David and Kelly get in a tiff in the Walshes’ kitchen because she still can’t show any sympathy for Valerie. Brandon is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. “People are capable of anything,” Kelly says. Steve reminds David of Valerie’s past lies and accuses her of lying about being raped so David would show her pity. They get into a fight that Kelly and Brandon have to break up. Valerie arrives and asks which side Brandon is on.

Before he can answer, Val learns that there isn’t enough evidence for the DA to file charges against Noah. David tells her to come stay with him. Brandon tells Valerie she’s welcome to stay at the house, but Val definitely doesn’t feel welcome. The others go to the Peach Pit to share the news with Donna, who still can’t support Noah. Josh offers to talk to her.

Brandon and Steve coolly congratulate Noah on not getting charged, but Brandon’s still mad over the cheating. Noah and I both call him a hypocrite. Josh gives Donna amphetamines, then tells her that Noah will do whatever she wants to make things up to her. She requests that he undo his cheating.

David suggests that he and Valerie call the DA and try to change his mind about charging Noah. Val spits out that men only want her for sex anyway. She tries to take off David’s clothes, but he stops her, insisting that sex isn’t the only reason he wants to be with her. Val says that she wants people to know that what Noah did was wrong, and that it matters.

Donna struggles at work, but I’m sure taking Josh’s amphetamines will help. Steve and Brandon go on the ride-along and learn that Glen’s last partner was killed in the line of duty. This is a cheerful episode! They’re called to the scene of a robbery, and Glen IDs a guy running away as a known petty thief. He beats the suspect with his club before handcuffing him. Donna does a bunch of work really fast, but it’s unnecessary.

Valerie goes to the After Dark, where Noah tells her that they both came on to each other, so no one was forced to do anything. She informs him that she’s filing a civil suit to make sure he doesn’t get away with what he did. She’s seeking $10 million in damages. Josh thinks Noah should settle, but Noah knows that will make him look guilty. He’d like to find out who’s really responsible, knowing that someone else gave Valerie a roofie.

Brandon asks to speak to the robbery suspect, wondering how the cops knew he was high on PCP. Glen’s like, “I’m a cop? I’ve done this for years? It’s my job?” Donna arranges a meeting with Josh so she can get more drugs; she needs them to help her get through a presentation at work. Josh tells her that Valerie is filing a civil suit against Noah. Meanwhile, Jasper tells David that everyone doubts his commitment to Sparkle Motion the band.

Donna brings up the lawsuit to David, who wants them to keep the situation from ruining their friendship. Donna finds it ironic that Noah and Valerie slept together thinking that David and Donna had slept together. David makes it clear that he doesn’t think Valerie consented. Steve asks Brandon not to write about the perceived police brutality in the paper. They learn about Val’s lawsuit, and whether it means there was really a crime.

Valerie comes home, and Kelly and Steve ask how she decided on $10 million as her asking price. Val invites Brandon to join the bashing. Brandon repeats that she’s welcome to stay at the house. Val says she doesn’t want money, just for Noah to admit what he did. Kelly and Brandon disagree over how mean they should be to Val right now.

Donna aces her presentation, so you see, boys and girls, amphetamines make you a better worker! She’s asked to make the presentation again for another group. That means more pills! Josh goes to David’s to warn Valerie that she’ll never win her civil suit, so he’d like to give her $200,000 right now to drop it. She’ll get a big chunk of money without going through the hassle of having her private life dragged out into the public.

Donna can’t find her pills and almost has a hissy fit. Kelly’s starting to get suspicious. She tells Donna that Noah offered to settle, but Valerie hasn’t decided whether to accept. Donna’s upset that everyone will think that Noah’s guilty. Out of pills, she calls Josh again. Noah finds out about Josh’s settlement offer and yells about it, but Josh tells him that if Valerie takes it, she’ll have to sign a statement saying that Noah didn’t do anything. Noah orders Josh to rescind the offer.

Tammy visits the Beverly Beat to tell Brandon and Steve that they arrested the wrong robbery suspect. Brandon’s mad that Glen was so violent, especially toward an innocent man. Tammy says that Glen’s partner was killed in a similar situation, and that Glen killed a criminal that night, too. She thinks he was just being diligent. Brandon and Steve decide not to publish the police-brutality story. They also realize that sometimes things aren’t as they seem.

Valerie’s considering taking the settlement, since she might not get justice another way. David has to leave her for the recording session he’s kept putting off. Donna goes to the clinic to apologize to Kelly for being a jerk that morning, then steals some drugs. Steve tells Valerie that he’s learned to see both sides of a story, so he’s going to keep an open mind about her. Val feels it’s too little too late.

Val then goes to the boat to tell Noah she won’t take the settlement. He tells her it’s been withdrawn anyway. Valerie doesn’t care – the offer means he knows he did something wrong. Noah tells her that if she was roofied, he didn’t notice. Valerie informs him that the truth will come out when she gets him on the witness stand and he has to testify under oath.

Thoughts: David and Valerie make no sense to me as a couple, but he’s a good boyfriend to her in this episode.

With the police brutality and the discussions of rape, this was more like watching the news than an 18-year-old fiction show.

Donna’s the fourth person in the gang with an addiction. What’s up with these people?

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