December 21, 2014

BH90210 8.22, Law and Disorder: The Whole Truth

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When you start thinking you're a unicorn, it's time to throw out the drugs

When you start thinking you’re a unicorn, it’s time to throw out the drugs

Summary: Valerie’s suit against Noah has gone to trial, and she’s on the stand, giving her testimony. The whole gang is in attendance, along with Josh. Things seem to be going fine for Valerie until Noah’s attorney drags out her past sins and crimes. She also gets Valerie to admit that she and Noah dated for a while, and that she slapped him for lying to her about not having money. The defense attorney paints Valerie as a vindictive golddigger who brought the suit against Noah for revenge and money.

Steve is convinced that Val is lying, and he tells Brandon and Kelly that she should have settled. Brandon, however, thinks they should remember that Noah’s the one on trial. Kelly thinks it’s telling that the DA didn’t file criminal charges. David wants to know whose side Brandon is on, but Brandon isn’t sure. Val gets mad at him, and Steve reminds her that Brandon is always the first person to jump to her defense. Valerie’s mad that the others never do.

Josh is sure that Noah’s going to win. Noah spots Donna taking painkillers and expresses concern. She and Josh tell him that they’re just uppers. That doesn’t make Noah feel any better. Donna is apparently upset that Valerie’s being made to look like a tramp, like, isn’t that how Donna sees her? She’s just mad that Noah slept with her.

While the trial is in recess, David heads to the studio with Jasper’s Law. Their label has just undergone a reorganization, and the person they were working with has been replaced. The new exec tells David that everything sounds great, if by “everything” you mean “just David and not the rest of the band.” The label is interested in him, not the others.

Donna learns that she needs to throw together a new line very quickly. She’s worried that she’ll be pushed aside for a co-worker named Danielle. Time to up the uppers! She calls Josh to ask for painkillers, but he brushes her off. He thinks she needs to be more focused on Noah’s trial. David resists separating himself from Jasper’s Law but agrees to play one song on his own for the exec. The exec secretly records it.

Donna tries to get her original prescription from her father refilled, but the pharmacist can’t do anything. She’s taken two weeks’ worth of painkillers in less than a week. Yeah, you have a problem, Donna. David tells Valerie that the defense is calling him as a character witness, which he notes is a smart move. If he says anything negative about Noah, the lawyer will point out that David is dating Noah’s ex.

Instead of going back to court for the afternoon, Donna goes to the clinic to get more pills from her father. Or, you know, steal them – whichever works. Dr. Martin tells her she needs to rest and work less. Donna tells him that she needs to finish a line quickly, so she can’t take a break. Also, she accidentally knocked a bunch of her painkillers down the kitchen sink. Dr. Martin buys her story and gives her pills.

David gets on the stand, and the defense attorney talks about all the nice things Noah has done for him. She also puts Kelly on the stand to talk about how Noah donated blood that saved her life. Next Brandon testifies that Noah helped him save David’s life in Hawaii. Okay, great, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a rapist, you know?

Donna admires Danielle’s work while struggling to do her own. Meanwhile, David learns that Jasper quit the band, which means the rest of the group will probably follow. The label exec doesn’t care – David’s going to be a star. David feels bad that he’s getting ahead at the group’s expense. The exec warns him that the music business isn’t about being nice and making friends. Valerie’s lawyer thinks there’s still a chance that she’ll win the trial. The fact that Noah admitted that he had sex with Valerie works against him.

Donna stays at work late, still unable to make any sketches. When everyone else is gone, she steals Danielle’s. Brandon and Kelly discuss the trial, and how the loser will probably leave town. Kelly’s like, “So if Noah wins, Valerie’s gone? Score!” Brandon would like to keep their conversation civil, since Valerie’s still his friend. He realizes that their relationship is still on shaky ground, both from the trial and from his cheating.

David imagines himself as a big music star, accepting a Grammy (really a bottle of mouthwash) and meeting famous musicians. Valerie catches him and thinks it’s cute. Jasper comes by to confront David for recording the band’s material on his own, then getting ahead without them. David promises that he didn’t know the exec was recording him. Jasper plays the “you wouldn’t be anyone without me” card, warning that the exec is snowing him. David’s case isn’t helped when the label delivers a Porsche for him to drive for a week.

Janet makes her weekly ten-second appearance to do some quick business with Brandon and Steve at the courthouse. They’re working on a story about West Beverly’s upcoming reunion. She gives the guys a box of childhood pictures for basically no reason, but thanks anyway, Janet. Steve and Brandon try to make nice with Valerie, pointing out that they didn’t have any choice about answering the defense’s questions. She thinks they went overboard and betrayed their friendships: “Now who’s betraying whom?”

Josh testifies, which is hilarious, because this whole mess is his fault. He states that he wasn’t paying complete attention, so Valerie’s attorney points out that there was a time when Noah could have drugged Valerie’s drink. For those who have forgotten what really happened, we get flashbacks of Josh drugging Valerie. Valerie’s lawyer is like, “We know Valerie was drugged; who other than Noah could have done it?” Josh is like, “Um…I don’t know?”

Donna successfully passes off Danielle’s sketches as her own. Danielle doesn’t say anything to their boss, but she confronts Donna, saying she thought Donna was better than this. While they’re waiting for the verdict, Kelly tells Valerie that, thanks to Josh’s testimony, she now thinks Val might be telling the truth. Valerie isn’t sure the trial is worth it, considering what she’ll have lost while getting justice.

Josh apologizes to Noah for his harmful testimony, but Noah’s just happy to have his brother’s support. Oh, Noah. Poor, dumb Noah. The jury declares Noah guilty, and though Valerie’s happy to have won the trial, she knows how much damage has been done to Noah. She and David go for a ride in his Porsche, which makes him feel the same as Valerie’s win. He’s finally finding success in music, but doesn’t like that it was at Jasper’s expense. Valerie urges him to believe in himself the way he believed in her.

Donna goes to the boat and searches through Josh’s things for painkillers. Josh catches her and tells Noah about her drug problem. Donna responds by showing Noah a box of Rohypnol with Josh’s name on it. (Apparently you can get prescription Rohypnol for insomnia. Who knew?) Noah quickly puts everything together and attacks his brother. Josh says they can just pay Valerie the money she won and move on. Noah, of course, isn’t going to do that.

At the Walshes’, Brandon, Valerie, Steve, and Kelly open the box of pictures and look at a childhood picture of Valerie. Everything’s all puppies and rainbows for the group now. Noah arrives to reveal that Josh was the one who drugged Val. He promises to support her if she files charges against Josh. Noah then goes to the beach apartment, where he finds Donna unconscious from a drug overdose.

Thoughts: Valerie should have gotten a better lawyer. I think he could have objected to all of Noah’s lawyer’s cross-examination.

I love how Donna takes three painkillers at once. They’re huge! Even one would be hard to swallow. The prop department couldn’t have found something smaller?

Don’t worry, David. We’ve all pretended to make an award-acceptance speech. (Uh…we all have, right?)

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