December 28, 2014

BH90210 8.23, Making Amends: Kelly Taylor Is Judging All of Your Decisions

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The guest star is now arguably more famous than anyone else in the episode

The guest star is now arguably more famous than anyone else in the episode

Summary: Brandon and Kelly are making out at the Walshes’ when Noah calls to report that Donna’s being taken to the hospital after overdosing. She’s awake by the time her father and the gang get to the hospital, and Noah lets them know that she was taking both uppers and downers. David blames Noah for everything, since he cheated on Donna.

Donna has her stomach pumped and is admitted for a few hours, told that she’ll have to go through withdrawal for a few days. She resists any further treatment, swearing she’s not an addict. Dr. Martin asks her to come home for a few days so he can look after her. Donna admits that she didn’t go to him for help because she didn’t want him to see her in that condition. She also admits to stealing drugs from the clinic.

Valerie arrives at the hospital as Dr. Martin assures Noah and Kelly that Donna will be okay. Val and Noah briefly discuss how Josh is on his way to see the DA. They want to try to move on from all the trouble he caused. Kelly tells Donna that Noah found her unconscious and got her to the hospital. She wishes she’s seen that something was going on. Donna says that she wasn’t asking for help then, but she is now. Kelly urges her to examine her relationship with Noah in case it led to her drug use.

David’s looking for a new house, since he can afford something nice now. Apparently his song has gone double platinum. He’s distracted by Donna’s situation, but the label exec tells him to focus on how he’s going to be a huge music star. David thanks the exec for helping him make such a good decision. At the Beverly Beat, Steve gets unforwarded mail for a guy named Ted who used to work in the building. They’re from a woman named Jill, and Steve has a crush on her now.

Brandon goes to talk to Jasper about how his life has turned out after quitting his own band. Jasper has already joined another group and is working on a record deal. Brandon can’t believe how quickly David became a success. Jasper thinks money has exchanged hands to get David’s song more airplay. At the clinic, Kelly’s charity case of the week is a teenager named Leanne who’s in early labor. When Kelly goes to get Dr. Martin, Leanne takes off.

David wants to have sex with Valerie, but she’s clearly still shaken up by imagined scenes of her non-rape. She knows nothing happened, but she doesn’t feel ready for that kind of intimacy. As she’s leaving work for the night, Kelly finds what is most likely Leanne’s baby in a box outside the clinic. She takes him home with her for the night, which…whatever. Brandon urges her to call Social Services, but Kelly thinks that if she takes the baby to Leanne, Leanne will decide she wants him.

Noah goes by the Walshes’ to tell Valerie that Josh was charged with misdemeanor drug possession and got a very light sentence. He wants Val to come back to work at the After Dark. Valerie can’t believe that he thinks they can just walk away from what happened like nothing’s changed. Brandon wants to write an article about Jasper’s allegations, but Steve thinks Jasper’s just mad that David got successful without him.

Janet (hi, Janet! See you next week!) delivers more letters from Jill, and Steve realizes that he needs to get them back to her and tell her that Ted doesn’t work there anymore. Why doesn’t he just tell the post office to stop delivering them? Whatever. Donna goes to talk to her boss about how she stole Danielle’s designs and was using drugs at work. Danielle has already quit, so she’s not there to hear Donna’s apology, or to see Donna get fired.

Brandon meets with someone from a radio station to find out if anyone paid to have David’s song played a lot. The guy says that the station was “encouraged” to play the song. He doesn’t see the big deal, since it worked out well for David. Kelly talks to Dr. Martin about how Donna panicked when she felt overwhelmed. She’s actually talking about Leanne, of course. Dr. Martin wants to call Social Services, but Kelly still wants to work on changing Leanne’s mind about being a mother.

Kelly takes the baby to Leanne’s house, where she learns that Leanne’s mother had no idea she was going to be a grandmother. Leanne knows she’s too young to be a mother, and she doesn’t want to get her own mom involved. Kelly won’t drop the issue, like, Kelly, get the hint. Go call an adoption agency. Brandon tells David that he has confirmation that radio stations were paid to play his song. He wants David to know who he’s getting into business with. David tells Brandon to let it go.

Kelly finally calls Social Services, but she tells Dr. Martin that she wants Leanne to face consequences for abandoning her baby. Dr. Martin reminds her that people are flawed and need help. A social worker arrives and tells them that the baby will wind up in foster care. Kelly thinks the baby deserves more consideration than Leanne does, even though there’s this pesky legal thing called rights, like the right not to be forced to raise a child you don’t want.

David tells Valerie that Brandon’s accusations of a pay scandal have shaken him up. She’s still having trouble with physical closeness and wants to know exactly what happened the night she thought she was raped. Brandon and Steve discuss their options: run the article and tank David’s career, or let it go and leave a dark cloud hanging over David’s career. Steve thinks Brandon’s jealous of David’s success.

Another letter from Jill arrives, asking Ted to meet her the next day. Steve has gotten to know Jill so well from her letters that he’s realized she’s exactly the woman he wants to be with. He plans to meet Jill and present himself as a Ted alternative. David gives a performance that ends abruptly when a girl falls in the crowd and hurts her arm.

At the beach apartment, Donna struggles with withdrawal and considers taking some pills she’d stashed away. Noah shows up, and she admits that she stole designs at work and got fired. Noah’s fine with her making him the bad guy, but she’ll have to do it after he gets rid of the pills. The girl at the performance broke her arm, but the exec is looking forward to the publicity this will bring David. David now thinks Brandon was right about the pay scandal, and he wants out of his deal.

Donna’s completed her withdrawal and tells her father that she’ll come home now. He tells her the beach apartment is her home. David goes to the Beverly Beat to talk to Brandon about the pay scandal, but Brandon doesn’t think he had the right priorities about the story. David reveals that he’s out of the music business. He thinks Brandon should publish the story as a cautionary tale about overnight success.

Valerie goes to Noah’s boat to ask what really happened the night they slept together. She needs to confirm that they had consensual sex and that she didn’t invite anything she didn’t want. Noah tells her the details, saying that he thought Valerie pulled him down to the couch for sex, but now he thinks she stumbled and grabbed him for balance. He doesn’t consider her the aggressor, and Val says she doesn’t blame Noah for anything.

Steve finally meets Jill, who thinks he’s Ted, because she’s never actually met him. Steve’s like, “Yes. Ted. Ted is who I am. Hello, I’m Ted.” Donna’s ready to work things out with Noah, knowing that no matter how hard it is, it won’t be as bad as withdrawal. Valerie tells David that she’s starting to accept that neither she nor Noah was to blame for what happened; it was all Josh and the Rohypnol. She swears that she wouldn’t have slept with Noah if she wasn’t drugged. I don’t know…

The baby is taken to the proper people, and Kelly laments the fact that her and Brandon’s baby was never born. Brandon assures her that they’ll have a family when they’re ready. Kelly’s already there – she’s going to apply to be a foster parent to Leanne’s son. Brandon’s worried that she doesn’t get how hard it would be to foster a child and then have the child leave. Kelly doesn’t care.

Thoughts: In case you couldn’t tell from the picture above, Leanne is played by Jessica Alba.

I’m pretty sure Dr. Martin would have to immediately report an abandoned baby to the police, and that Kelly would never be allowed to just take him home with her. This is all so ridiculous.

I hate Kelly’s “the birth mother must raise the child” mentality. She knows about adoption, right? She knows that some women don’t want to be mothers, and that it’s perfectly reasonable for them to have another family raise the child? Kelly lives in the real world, yes?

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