January 11, 2015

BH90210 8.25, Aunt Bea’s Pickles: Jill and Ted’s Excellent Misadventure

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I love Kelly's "I don't want to be related to Valerie" face

I love Kelly’s “I don’t want to be related to Valerie” face

Summary: It’s Valerie’s birthday, and the gang is throwing her a surprise party at David’s house. David’s the only one who got her a present, so Kelly suggests that they say it’s from all of them. Donna arrives with a dress she made Valerie, and mentions that she finished all the dresses the boutique ordered. Kelly’s a little concerned over how much she’s working. Bill and Abby arrive for the party just ahead of David and Valerie, then hijack the festivities by announcing their engagement. Steve terrifies Kelly and Valerie by mentioning that they’ll be sisters.

The next day, Donna hangs around the boutique, MayaLee, so she can see who’s buying her clothes. A woman returns one of the dresses, having thought she was buying a Donna Karan dress. Valerie tells David that she and Kelly are getting together to plot how to stop Bill and Abby’s wedding. She mentions how much she hates her birthday because her family always had to pretend they were happy. She also didn’t like that her mother always gave her a charm for her charm bracelet. Unfortunately, that’s what David got her.

Janet wants to stay at work even though she’s sick; otherwise she won’t get paid. Steve has tracked down Ted but is worried that Jill will choose him over Steve. Brandon makes his day worse by admitting that he has a job interview with another paper, the Chronicle. Kelly and Val get together at the Peach Pit, and realize that their parents gave them matching necklaces. Valerie tells Kelly to be completely honest with Abby about what Bill is like. Kelly’s reluctant to go too far, but realizes that it’s necessary to prevent becoming Valerie’s stepsister.

Steve goes to see Jill so he can tell her how to get in contact with Ted. He still wants another chance with her, but Jill is focused on meeting Ted. He manages to convince her to go on one more date with him before he hands over Ted’s information. Brandon has a successful job interview and is immediately offered the position at the Chronicle. On his way out, he runs into a guy named Brian who was also just hired. They then encounter a guy who announces that he and his fellow reporters are going on strike. Brandon and Brian are scabs.

Donna learns that MayaLee sold all of her dresses, so they’ll need to buy more from her. She considers using the money to open her own store. Noah cautions her not to take risks just yet. Janet got a parking ticket while picking up Steve’s suit from the dry cleaner’s, so she tells him to pay the ticket. Steve has to admit to Brandon that he needs the suit for a date with Jill. The guys realize that Janet doesn’t appreciate having to do their personal errands.

The discussion turns to the reporters’ strike, which, as Janet points out, means that Brandon took someone else’s job. Brandon defends his actions by saying he waited a long time for the job. Steve thinks he should take it if it’s the break he wants, but Janet disagrees. Valerie and Bill meet at the Peach Pit, where Val orders Bill to find someone else to sucker. She wants him to take Kelly’s feelings into consideration. She threatens to call his parole officer or file false charges if he hurts Abby.

Meanwhile, Kelly has Abby over to the beach apartment to tell her what a horrible husband and father Bill has been. Abby thinks he’s changed. They’ll be getting married on Saturday. Brandon and Brian go to their first day of work, but only Brian crosses the picket line. Steve and Jill’s date doesn’t go well, and she doesn’t make it any better for him by telling him she still wants to give things with Ted a try. He gives her Ted’s work address. Jill asks Steve to arrange a meeting for them.

Donna spots a letter from MayaLee in Noah’s things and opens it, finding an invoice for the dresses. She’s confused because they’ve already been paid for. Noah has to admit that he paid the boutique to buy her dresses. Janet complains to Brandon and Steve that she’s annoyed at being overworked and underpaid, especially while she’s sick. They don’t really care. Steve has called in a potential replacement for Brandon, but he’s no longer needed, since Brandon wouldn’t cross the picket line at the Chronicle. Steve considers using him for another job.

Brian calls Brandon to tell him about a big story he’s covering. He needs help with the research and wants Brandon’s expertise. Valerie complains to David about her and Kelly’s failure to break up Bill and Abby. David realizes that she’s actually upset about her father. Val confesses that he sexually abused her when she was a child. Not long after, her mother invited a bunch of people over for her surprise 13th birthday party, which is why Val doesn’t like surprise parties.

While Noah tries to make things up to Donna, Brandon and Steve go to the Chronicle and wonder what the reporters are striking for. This time Brandon crosses the picket line, telling Steve to go ahead and give away his job at the Beverly Beat. Valerie, David, and Kelly go to a church for Bill and Abby’s wedding rehearsal, which Bill is late for. Valerie’s starting to feel that Abby was right about Bill having changed.

Steve takes Jill to a bar to meet Ted, who he’s asked Don (Brandon’s possible replacement) to pose as. Steve tells Don that he’s testing Jill to see if she would still love Don if he weren’t as hot as she expected. Don questions Steve’s real feelings for Jill if he’s willing to upset her. Steve tosses out the plan and introduces Jill to the real Ted. Donna spots her dresses in Noah’s office and realizes that he bought all of them.

One of the striking reporters, McCourt, goes to the Beverly Beat to school Brandon on unions. “Take the story; don’t take the job,” he says. Brandon’s like, “But I struggled for a whole six months to get a good job! Forget about how I’ve won an award and everyone loves me and I’m destined for greatness! I’m only 22 – it’s not like I’m getting any younger!” Bill shows up at the beach apartment on the morning of his wedding, telling Kelly he’s not going to go through with it. Kelly’s fed up with his broken promises.

Everyone else gathers at the church, which Noah thinks is a good place to have a conversation with Donna about why he did what he did. She asks him to support her but not lie to her. Noah tells her that a department store wants to sell her dresses, and this time he had nothing to do with the deal. Brandon can’t believe that Steve got Janet to buy his wedding present. Brandon’s not going to keep the job at the Chronicle: “Best job I never had. I’m really proud of the work I didn’t do there.” He’ll go back to the Beverly Beat if Steve gives Janet a medical plan. Steve has to agree.

Kelly goes to the church to tell Abby that Bill won’t be coming. Abby wants to act like she’s fine, but Valerie’s sick of her doing that. She notes that people don’t know how to help if they don’t know anything’s wrong. At home that night, Kelly praises Brandon for making good decisions, unlike her father. Jill comes by to tell Steve that he was all she talked about with Ted. Now she likes Steve, not Ted. Valerie wants to focus on her happy memories, and she gets to create a new one when David makes her a birthday cake.

Thoughts: What happened to Brandon and Steve publishing together for years, like Brandon said in the last episode? Suddenly he wants a new job? Wouldn’t he talk to Steve about it ahead of time? Whatever happened to two weeks’ notice.

Jill, I know Steve can be charming, but it’s okay to say no to him. Otherwise, his ego will be bigger than Beverly Hills.

But kudos for saying no to someone with Ted’s haircut. You deserve better.

Steve’s also going to give Janet a raise for basically being his personal assistant, right?

The sound on the version of this episode I watched wasn’t very good, so I have no idea why it was called “Aunt Bea’s Pickles.” It should have been called “Bill Is Still a Jerk.”

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