February 8, 2015

BH90210 8.29, Ricochet: Rules of Engagement

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Dude. Personal space, you know?

Dude. Personal space, you know?

Summary: Brandon, Kelly, and Steve discuss a councilman’s affair, a story Brandon had a tip about but didn’t pursue. This is just an excuse for Kelly and Brandon to have their thousandth fight. Valerie gets a call from a doctor confirming if she signed up for the national bone-marrow-donor registry. She did, years ago when a neighbor was sick, but she wasn’t a match and totally forgot about it. The doctor tells her that she’s been matched with a patient.

David’s getting money from an ATM when a man robs him. David gives the guy what he wants and escapes without injury, but doesn’t see the robber, so he can’t ID him. The rest of the gang advises him to change his locks and get an alarm since the robber took his license and knows where he lives. Noah thinks he should get a gun, too. Valerie considers donating marrow to a patient with leukemia; there are no other matches and the patient needs the transplant soon. Val and David randomly meet Mark and Judy, the patient’s children, and Val makes up her mind to donate.

Brandon, Steve, and Janet interview assistants for the paper, which means Steve gets to talk to hot women all day. He’s especially interested in one named Sarah, but tells Janet he can’t work with her. A friend of Noah’s named Gwyneth comes to visit and reminds him that he promised to ride a Ferris wheel with her to help her overcome her fear of heights. Of course, Donna is concerned about her boyfriend spending time with another woman. Kelly tries to get in touch with Brandon, but he’s not with a source he was supposed to meet, and he hasn’t come home yet.

Mark tracks Valerie down at the After Dark and reveals that he was only at the hospital to support Judy, not to see his father. His father repeatedly molested Judy and their other sister, who has cut off all ties to him. The molestation only stopped when the girls got too big to be controlled. Mark wanted Valerie to know whose life she’s saving – if it were up to him, he’d let his father die. Steve brings in more interviewees from a modeling agency, now focused on finding a girlfriend instead of an assistant.

Kelly tries to find out what Brandon did the night before, since he wasn’t with her. Brandon just says he was tired and went home. Kelly calls David to check on him and learns that Brandon stopped by to see him the night before. Valerie goes back to the hospital to discuss the transplant with a coordinator; she learns that the patient will die without her donation. She agrees to donate. David goes out to buy a gun despite knowing how dangerous they can be (R.I.P., Scott). He’ll get it in 11 days.

Judy finds Valerie while she’s having bloodwork done and tells her that if she’d been a match for her father, she would have donated. She’s convinced that her father has changed, and she doesn’t want to lose him. Val reveals that she was molested by her father as well. She asks if Judy is really willing to let her father be around her eight-year-old daughter. Brandon and Janet think Sarah is the best choice as the new assistant, but Steve is hesitant to hire someone he’s attracted to. He tells them to give her the job, and Brandon warns him to be professional.

Donna, Noah, and Gwyneth hang out, and Donna learns that the other two never had a relationship. She and Noah don’t realize that Gwyneth has been in love with Noah for years. She also doesn’t appreciate them kissing in front of her. Brandon catches Kelly looking through his pockets, and she admits that she doesn’t trust him, since he cheated before. He tells her that if she wants to be done, she should end things. Kelly says she wants him, she just doesn’t want to feel like this. Brandon assures her that there’s no one else and he’ll never leave her. Then he proposes and she says yes.

The next day, Kelly shares the news with Donna while Brandon talks to Steve and Valerie. “You’ve traded your entire future to have sex instead of an argument you couldn’t win,” Valerie points out. David goes to an ATM but gets nervous about how close the guy behind him is standing. Sarah comes to the paper to announce that she can’t accept the job. It looks like she likes Steve and doesn’t feel comfortable with an office romance, but Steve thinks she hates him.

Noah takes Gwyneth to an amusement park so they can ride the Ferris wheel. He pays a guy to make the ride stop when they’re at the top. Gwyneth reminds Noah that when they were kids, they promised to kiss when they were 21. Noah resists, but Gwyneth kisses him anyway. He reminds her that he’s seeing someone else. Kelly and Brandon discuss their engagement, and he admits that he proposed pretty impulsively. She’s not sure he gets the permanence of the situation. She also thinks they should continue living apart for now.

Donna goes to the After Dark and sees Noah and Gwyneth acting very chummy. David’s also there, drowning his anxiety in alcohol. Gwyneth meets him while Noah tells Donna about their kiss. At the Walshes’, Brandon awaits more of Valerie’s criticism about the engagement, but she’s preoccupied with the idea of saving the life of a child molester. He reminds her that the patient will die if he doesn’t get the transplant.

David takes Noah’s gun from behind the bar and heads off to face the ATM again. Gwyneth alerts Noah, and the two of them follow David into an alley. He waves the gun around while saying that he felt stupid for being so nervous when he was robbed. Noah demands the gun, but David starts shooting at a Dumpster. One of the bullets ricochets (hey, like the episode title!) and hits Sarah’s arm. The guys rush Sarah to the hospital, where a police officer is called, so David’s probably in a lot of trouble.

Brandon takes Valerie to see Judy so Val can announce that she’s not donating after all. Judy calls her a murderer. Donna gives Kelly a wedding planner and starts a to-do list. Kelly admits that Brandon proposed while they were fighting about jealousy and lack of trust. Donna says that she’s decided to trust Noah despite the fact that he kissed Gwyneth. If Kelly can’t trust Brandon, they shouldn’t get married. Meanwhile, Steve goes ring shopping with Brandon, who’s decided that the previous engagement ring is bad luck. Steve basically says that Kelly and Brandon are the bad luck.

Donna goes to the boat to make up with Noah. Gwyneth is going to be fine, and David was charged with a gun offense but probably won’t have to do jail time. Noah’s going to get rid of his gun. He’s insisted that Gwyneth stay with him while she recovers, but Donna thinks the beach apartment would be more comfortable. Janet hires a male assistant, so take that, Steve. Sarah comes by to tell Steve that she didn’t want to work with someone she’s attracted to. Now that they’re not working together, she wants to go out with Steve. He accepts, of course.

Valerie asks David why he didn’t call her from the police station. He’d rather talk about the fact that she’s not saving the life of a child molester. He tells her he now knows what it’s like to feel powerless, and to try to convince yourself that you’re okay. David says that two people could have died because he and Valerie haven’t been able to deal with their issues. He thinks she should go to therapy. She goes too far with her fearlessness.

Brandon tells Kelly he’s looking for a ring, though she thinks the original ring is fine. He says they need a ring that symbolizes moving forward, since he gave her the first one to keep her from leaving. He doesn’t know what the future holds, but he’s sure that he wants Kelly in his life forever. Brandon proposes again, and she says yes again.

Thoughts: Sarah looks so much like Charisma Carpenter that I almost did a double take.

It’s okay, Gwyneth – I don’t like watching Noah and Donna make out either.

I don’t get what’s romantic about kissing on a Ferris wheel. Then again, I’m afraid of heights, so if I were stuck at the top, I’d be too focused on not throwing up to do anything else.

I wish Kelly had said something when Noah suggested that David get a gun, considering her experience with gun violence.

Brandon: “All we did was get engaged.” Yeah. It’s not like that means anything.

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