March 8, 2015

BH90210 9.1, The Morning After: You Can’t Handle the Truth

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Congratulations, Sophie, you are fully late '90s

Congratulations, Sophie, you are fully late ’90s

Summary: We pick up where we left off, just after Kelly and Brandon’s cancelled wedding. Only the gang remains at the Walshes’ house, and Kelly sends everyone else off. She and Brandon try the cake, which somehow leads to kissing, which leads to them going upstairs. David and Valerie spend the night at an overlook, talking about how her HIV test came back negative, which means she doesn’t need to worry about it again for six months. Val isn’t happy yet, though.

In the morning, Brandon tells Steve that he and Kelly spent the night together. Kelly wants to avoid a discussion with Brandon about what they did. They start to bicker, but Kelly still won’t discuss it. Steve’s like, “You guys are handling this awesomely!” Noah’s mom calls to bug him about seeing his father on his birthday, but Noah, like Kelly, won’t discuss it.

While returning some wedding presents, Steve tries to chat with a woman who isn’t interested. She cons a saleswoman, pretending to pay for something with a $50 that’s actually a $10, then uses Steve as a getaway driver. Her name is Sophie. Donna’s helping Kelly wrap up loose wedding ends when a guest returns to the house to get her purse. She’s interested in the person who designed Kelly’s dress, so Kelly gives her Donna’s name, encouraging her to accept whatever comes.

Valerie’s not sure she deserves good news after all the bad things she’s done. David thinks she just needs to do good things. She decides to start being honest, though it borders on harshness when she tells Nat he needs to update his menu. David is more hesitant to apply total honesty to every situation, since he needs to finesse one of his clients. Kelly and Brandon bicker again at his office; she’s upset that he’s acting like nothing happened. She thinks breaking up was a mistake.

Steve takes Sophie to the Walshes’, where she tells him she’s studying biology at CU. She’s looking for a place to stay, so he offers her a room at the house. Donna meets with someone who wants to put Kelly’s dress on display at his store. She’s not sure Kelly would approve. Noah tells his mother again that he and Donna won’t be having dinner with her and his father. Donna has already bought a present, though, and secretly calls Mrs. Hunter to accept the dinner invitation.

David tries to get a job doing a movie score, but his boss won’t negotiate with him. David says he’s too good to be writing jingles. His boss decides that he’ll just have to find another job then. Kelly, Donna, and Janet hang out at the After Dark, and Donna asks Kelly about the dress. She agrees to have it displayed. The guys go out somewhere else, offering Brandon support in his decision to break up with Kelly. Steve tells them he’s already over Sarah and moving on to Sophie.

Valerie tells Kelly that she’s proud of Kelly for moving on – she thought Kelly wouldn’t be able to make it work with anyone if she couldn’t make it work with Brandon. A guy asks Kelly to dance, but she says she has a boyfriend. The guys think Steve is crazy for falling for a woman he met in such a weird way. Kelly laments to Donna that she was supposed to be on her honeymoon tonight. Brandon watches their wedding video alone.

Noah learns of Donna’s deceit and is understandably mad. He tells her how strict his parents were when he was a child, and how he left because he hated being controlled. He wants to take Donna to hear Duncan Sheik at the After Dark instead of having dinner with his parents. Steve let Sophie spend the night in his room (he slept on the couch), and she’s happy that her plans are going so well. Her plans are for making it in show business: “1. Find a place in Beverly Hills. 2. Get money from college?? Get start in the business.”

David tells Valerie that her honesty policy backfired on him. He’s mad at her for giving him bad advice, as if she put a gun to his head and made him put it into practice. Brandon’s mad that Steve taped over the wedding video so he wouldn’t miss a golf tournament. Valerie thinks Brandon should get over it since he’s trying to hold on to memories he can’t get back. Brandon really doesn’t want to hear it.

Kelly and Donna go to the mall to see her dress on display. Donna assures Kelly that she’ll find someone else to spend her life with it. Kelly worries that Brandon was “the one.” “Then you would have married him,” Donna points out. Kelly wants everything back. That night, one-hit wonder Duncan Sheik plays his one hit, “Barely Breathing,” at the After Dark. Steve brings Sophie, who tries to pull the $50/$10 con on David, but he catches on. She recognizes his name from his brief music success.

Noah and Donna have dinner with his parents after all, but it gets really awkward when father and son start fighting. Bottom line: Mr. Hunter is a jerk, and Noah really doesn’t want to be there. Good job, Donna. Valerie tells Steve that Sophie’s not interested in him, though he still thinks he has a chance with her. David tells Valerie to stop being honest with everyone – she’s pushing people away. He doesn’t get why she thinks she doesn’t deserve happiness.

Brandon goes to the beach apartment to ask Kelly why she agreed not to get married. She says she thought they were only getting married because they thought they were supposed to. Now she thinks they made a mistake. He admits to being scared. Valerie overhears Sophie calling room service at the Bel Age for a couple supposedly staying there. Valerie warns Sophie not to hurt Steve. Sophie’s more interested in David, so Val tells her he’s not available.

Kelly thinks she and Brandon should go on their honeymoon despite not getting married. He’s not sure that’s a good idea. Sophie takes the room service order from the Bel Age and delivers it to David’s house as an apology for trying to scam him the night before. She assures him that she and Steve are just friends. At the Beverly Beat, Steve and Janet tell Brandon not to go on the honeymoon. David comes by to talk to Steve about Sophie, but they don’t actually communicate, so David thinks he’s free to pursue her.

Mr. Hunter comes by the After Dark to tell Noah that the family’s company is bankrupt, so they’re all broke. Brandon finally decides that going away with Kelly is a bad idea. She’s upset that he’s leaving her to deal with the fallout of their cancelled wedding on her own. Valerie goes to David’s and realizes that he’s moving on with Sophie. He asks her to tell him what she’s hiding. She admits that she blames herself for her father’s death. He didn’t commit suicide – she killed him.

Thoughts: Mr. Hunter is played by Ray Wise.

Donna has the oldest old-school Nokia cell phone. It’s hilarious.

David, re: Kelly: “She’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s sexy…” Me: “She’s basically your sister, so choose some different words.”

Remember Duncan Sheik? I barely do.

Brandon to Valerie: “Would you go be a b%$@# somwhere else, please?” WHOA!

David to Sophie: “Try that often, or do I just look especially stupid?” Me: ‘Don’t answer that. He doesn’t like honesty right now.”

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