March 15, 2015

BH90210 9.2, Budget Cuts: In Case You Hadn’t Figured It Out Already, Noah and His Dad Are the New Dylan and Jack

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Thanks a lot, Abby, for making me feel sorry for Valerie

Thanks a lot, Abby, for making me feel sorry for Valerie

Summary: Just seconds into the episode, Kelly learns why it’s called “Budget Cuts” – the foundation that funds the clinic is cutting its funding, and some people’s jobs are in danger. Kelly’s on the list to lose her job if the clinic doesn’t make some changes. At the Walshes’ house, David tries to convince Valerie that her claim that she murdered her father isn’t quite accurate. He was molesting her, after all, so she killed him in self-defense. Val has asked her mother to come to town so they can talk, and Abby actually shows up, with a man named Carl by her side.

Donna encourages Noah to reach out to his family now that they’ve lost all their money. Noah thinks they have money stashed somewhere and will be fine. Speaking of money, Steve offers to help Sophie pay for her books for school. She shoos him away, then goes to cash in her student loan, getting herself $5,000. Kelly asks Brandon to drum up some publicity for the clinic so they can stay open longer than the next few weeks. There’s going to be an auction, and of course, the whole gang will help organize it and/or attend.

Sophie runs into David downtown, and he notes that she’s buying some expensive things while telling Steve she can’t afford a place to live. She asks him for a tour of Beverly Hills. Valerie hangs out with Abby and Carl, annoyed that she hasn’t had time to talk to her mother alone. Carl believes that Mr. Malone was killed in a car accident. When they’re alone, Abby tells Val that she can’t admit that he killed himself because Carl would ask questions. She blames herself for her husband’s death. Abby reveals that she and Carl are engaged, and she sees this as a fresh start.

Sophie pulls David into a con to pretend they’re staying in a hotel just so they can get access to the pool. Noah goes to his father’s office to offer help, but Mr. Hunter says it’s too late. Kelly reads over Brandon’s article on the clinic, lamenting how many people will lose medical care if it closes. She wants them to keep their distance while they’re working together. Then she kisses him, so that didn’t last long. Brandon puts on his confused face.

Steve’s disappointed that he and Sophie haven’t hooked up yet. She tells him she spent the previous night looking for a waitressing job. He wants to go on a date, but she tells him she’s still dealing with her feelings for an ex. Kelly contacts a reporter from the L.A. Chronicle to do Brandon’s article so the two of them don’t have to spend time together. Then she considers auctioning off her wedding dress to raise money for the clinic. Sophie tries to get David to keep his mouth shut about the two of them spending time together so Steve doesn’t find out. David doesn’t see the point.

Mr. Hunter comes by the After Dark to try to make up with Noah. At the Beverly Beat, Steve asks Janet to decipher things Sophie has said to him. She informs him that Sophie’s never going to sleep with him. The Chronicle reporter Kelly comes by to get Brandon’s notes, then asks if Kelly’s single. He admits that the story isn’t going to make any difference. Noah’s father tries to act like a good father, reminiscing about playing baseball with Noah when he was a kid and getting him a signed Reggie Jackson ball.

Valerie gets Abby alone and tries to talk about her father’s abuse. Abby doesn’t want to talk about it. Val reveals that her father blackmailed her to keep her quiet, telling her that Abby would be mad if she found out. She now knows that she did nothing wrong. As Valerie implies that she killed her father, Abby slaps her, blasting her for threatening to go to the police. Val is shocked to realize that Abby knew about the abuse but didn’t do anything. Abby insists that her husband was getting help. She doesn’t understand why he killed himself.

The auction starts, and Sophie wonders who’s modeling the wedding dress. Donna tells her they’re just displaying it. Brandon tells Kelly that he won’t give the Chronicle reporter his notes because the guy isn’t going to take the article seriously. Sophie thinks Kelly should get revenge by modeling the wedding dress. Steve and David talk about Sophie while she models, but David decides to stay quiet about their developing relationship.

Carl tries to reach out to Valerie, who’s been mean to him the whole time he’s been in town. He thinks she just has a problem with cops. He admits to killing a former classmate in self-defense while investigating a break-in. Valerie thinks Carl was in the wrong, but Carl says that the robber was the one who committed the crime. Someone from a radio station happens to be at the auction and tells David that there might be a job for him. Oh, great, back to radio stuff.

Kelly models the wedding dress, but instead of bidding on the dress, people start bidding on dinner with her. Brandon shuts it down by bidding $1,000. Noah tries to convince his father to walk away from his failed business and move on. Mr. Hunter is back to being a bad father and doesn’t want his support, even now that Noah has listed his boat for sale. Noah gets mad and knocks over Mr. Hunter’s martini, which he says was the only thing he had left to look forward to. Noah stomps off, and moments later, there’s a gunshot. ‘Bye, Mr. Hunter!

Valerie tells David that her mother knew what her father was doing to her. David advises her to forget Abby and take care of herself. She needs professional help, since David can’t understand what she’s going through. Val thinks talking to Carl is all the help she needs. The Chronicle article has convinced the foundation to keep funding the clinic, but the staff will still need to be reduced. Kelly offers to give up her job, saying she needs to move on anyway.

Sophie meets David at his house, where he tells her he got a tryout for a job at the radio station. He’s disappointed in himself for lying to Steve about the real nature of that relationship. I’m not sure what that nature is, but they kiss, so I guess they’re dating? Brandon wound up giving the reporter his notes after all, so Kelly thanks him for supporting her. He asks her to finish up their auction date with dessert, but Kelly doesn’t think it’s a good idea. They’re starting to accept that they’re really over.

Abby lets Valerie know she’s leaving town, so Val goes over to say goodbye. Abby admits that she confronted Mr. Malone about his abuse; he lied, then said he’d get help. Valerie thinks they need to spend more time together to get past the damage. Donna finds Noah at a park, playing baseball by himself and drinking alcohol he took from his father’s office. He hits a homerun with the Reggie Jackson baseball, saying he wanted it his whole life.

Thoughts: Carl is played by the same actor who played Joe’s brother Hank. He was also the UPS guy in Legally Blonde. I love that guy!

So to sum up: The only good parents on this show are Jim, Cindy, Dr. Martin, Mel (sometimes), and Samantha (sometimes). No wonder these people are so screwed up.

I’m confused about the specifics of Valerie’s storyline. I was under the impression that the abuse happened when she was a child. But she killed him right before she came to Beverly Hills, when she was 18 or 19, right? Was he still molesting her then? Also, unless she plotted out his murder beforehand, there’s no way the police could have mistaken a heat-of-the-moment shooting for suicide. The plot just doesn’t hang together.

David is a horrible MC/auctioneer. Steve should have done it.

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