March 29, 2015

BH90210 9.4, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Run, Matt! These People Are Crazy!

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"Hi, I'm the new resident hunk. Feel free to leave now"

“Hi, I’m the new resident hunk. Feel free to leave now”

Summary: Kelly’s up late, moping because Brandon hasn’t called from New York. Donna’s also up late, thinking about how Noah’s father’s memorial service is the next day. She’s not sure Noah wants her to be there. They decide to watch TV, which leads to a conversation about how Kelly needs to review her options until she finds something she likes. Guys, I don’t think Donna means TV shows.

Sophie tries to sneak out of David’s house in the middle of the night, as has been her custom for a few nights. She claims she’s still on a waiting list to get a dorm room. She tells David she’s only living at the Walshes’ because Steve invited her, not because she wants to be with him. Donna and Kelly both attend Mr. Hunter’s funeral, where Mrs. Hunter talks about how much her husband loved Noah. Noah can’t bring himself to read his prepared eulogy, so he doesn’t say much of substance.

Sophie and Steve want to publish an article she wrote in the Beverly Beat, but Janet’s skeptical. She and Brandon want to launch a website for the paper. Sophie suggests that they put in a live feed so people can see what goes on in the newsroom every day. Janet thinks that’s dumb, but Steve thinks it’s a great idea. Valerie meets Abby and Carl for lunch, but she’s creeped out because Carl called her while he was on his honeymoon.

Kelly tells Donna that the funeral made her realize that she has no problems or regrets over things that have happened in her life. She wants Donna to put off work and do something fun with her. David helps install a webcam at the Beverly Beat, so Janet was overruled and has to put up with a live feed. David’s surprised to hear that Sophie has been given a column. Steve admits that it’s mostly an excuse to spend time with her. Someone access the live feed, but just to watch Sophie.

Kelly spots a cute guy and makes Donna pretend to read magazines with her so they can stare at him. There’s an empty storefront nearby, and Kelly suggests that Donna lease it and start her own boutique. David broadcasts from the After Dark, taking a request from a guy who’s too nervous to ask out a girl he likes. David offers to call the girl for him.

Abby tells Valerie that Carl wants an annulment, and she thinks Val knows what’s going on. Val just says he’s a jerk. Noah’s been drinking all day, so it’s no surprise when he gets pulled over for driving erratically and is busted for DUI. Sophie’s excited to see her first article in print, but David’s annoyed that she’s using Steve to become successful.

Donna’s hesitant to lease the storefront, while Kelly has a good feeling about her starting a boutique. The cute guy from the day before shows up; he’s a lawyer named Matt, and he has an office in the same shopping area. He offers to give Kelly the names of electricians and other workers the boutique might need, as he has a lot of them as clients. Donna learns that Noah’s been arrested, so it’s convenient that there’s a lawyer right there.

Carl tracks down Valerie at the After Dark to tell her he’s sorry he hurt Abby, but he thought he and Valerie had something. Val regrets doing something so stupid just after promising herself that she would start doing decent things. Janet insists that people will start logging onto the website to read articles and not just look at Sophie. She’s annoyed that Steve just wants to ogle her. Sophie suggests writing an article about David’s new radio show.

Donna takes Matt to court, though he doesn’t have time to talk to Noah before his arraignment. Noah pleads not guilty and is told to return the next day. Matt has lots of ideas for a defense argument, warning Noah of the consequences if he’s found guilty. Noah doesn’t like the idea of being sent to mandatory AA meetings.

Valerie summons Abby to the After Dark to confess that she slept with Carl in Vegas. She fully admits that it was revenge on Abby for not stopping Mr. Malone from molesting her. Then she confesses that she killed her father. Matt goes to the boutique and breaks attorney/client privilege by telling Kelly he’s meeting a client whose wife is divorcing him and suing for custody of their daughter. Kelly finds him familiar, but doesn’t remember that he’s Lenny.

Noah’s mad at Valerie for telling Donna about his arrest. Val doesn’t really care, since she has bigger problems. At the boutique, which is somehow now Donna’s, Donna tells Matt what Noah’s been going through. Matt leaves some of his folders behind, and Kelly finally recognizes Lenny. David sees Sophie and Steve together and interrupts them to ask for advice to give a caller. It’s just a way for him to encourage Sophie to be honest with Steve. Noah, drunk again, goes to the beach apartment to see Donna, but she won’t comfort him until he’s sober.

Sophie summons David to the Beverly Beat in the middle of the night, claiming she wants to interview him for her article. She promises that she doesn’t want to hurt Steve, and that she’ll move out of the Walshes’ house very soon. David tells her he’s done sneaking around, but he’s not against having sex one last time. Sophie puts her shirt over the webcam, but it falls off. Steve’s up late, logs onto the site, and sees them going at it.

Kelly tells Matt that he can’t defend Lenny – he’s a wife-beater. Matt reminds her that the Constitution gives everyone the right to a defense attorney. Steve takes Sophie’s things to David’s house and tells him to let her know she’s being kicked out. He tells both of them that he saw them on the live feed, and David can have her. Sophie doesn’t feel that bad, since Steve just had a crush on her. David busts Sophie on her lies, and she insists that she wasn’t using him.

Valerie asks Abby by the house, but Abby doesn’t want to hear anything from her. She warns Valerie to get a lawyer and turn herself in for killing her father. If she doesn’t, Abby will call the police. In court, Matt tries to argue that the breathalyzer test Noah took wasn’t accurate, but the judge isn’t about to let a drunk driver go free on a technicality. Noah’s fined, sentenced to a year’s probation, and forced to attend 12 AA meetings.

Donna asks to read the eulogy Noah wrote but never delivered. Brandon finally calls Kelly, but she puts him on hold to talk to Matt. He’s a little ticked that she won’t give him a second chance even though she’s still mad about him continuing to defend Lenny. Sophie moves into the Beverly Beat office, so now all the horny men of Beverly Hills can watch her sleep. The magic of the Internet! David advises his lovestruck caller to forget about his crush. Donna reads the eulogy, which talks about how Noah and his father always had a closed door between them.

Thoughts: Just one more episode until we get rid of Brandon! And we got a break from him in this one! I’m beyond excited!

Who would watch a live feed of the Beverly Beat (I mean if Sophie weren’t on it)? Only three people work there, and they never do anything.

I love Janet. More Janet! I demand more Janet!

Where did Donna get the money for the lease? Her parents? That’s pretty much the only possibility.

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