April 5, 2015

BH90210 9.5, Brandon Leaves: He Sure Does

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Family love Brandon

I would have gone with “You’re killing me, Brandon”

Summary: Donna’s boutique is opening tomorrow, which is insane, because Brandon’s just getting back from New York, which means it’s only been a couple days since the boutique idea came up. He tells Kelly that he was offered a job in Washington, and he’s going to take it, which means BRANDON IS LEAVING. I repeat: BRANDON IS LEAVING. Party at my place! Valerie asks Matt to represent her in case Abby turns her in for killing her father. She tells Matt the whole story, and he warns that a court might not agree that it was justifiable homicide.

David goes to the Beverly Beat looking for Sophie, who he hasn’t seen for a few days. Janet shows him and Steve posters she’s seen all over town asking where Sophie is. Steve couldn’t care less what happens to her. Noah stops by the boutique, clearly not happy that Matt’s been helping Donna. Donna asks him to be at the opening the next morning. Noah asks her to do something that night, promising that he won’t run away like he has been recently.

Kelly talks to Leah, who went back to the abusive Lenny when she found out she was pregnant. He was great for a while, but recently he became abusive again. Leah filed for divorce and requested full custody, leading Lenny to threaten to kill her. Steve learns from Nat that the Walshes want to sell the house, which means the tenants will have to move out. Steve claims that he was thinking of moving out anyway. He tells Brandon that he thinks Kelly’s moving on from him with Matt.

Valerie corners Abby to ask what she plans to do. Abby’s still considering her options, since she knows that she holds power over Valerie’s fate. Brandon visits the boutique, noting that he and Kelly are both making big life choices without consulting each other. Lenny shows up to warn Kelly to stay away from Leah. After they shoo him away, Kelly tells Brandon to shut up about how they’re making changes.

David finds Sophie and lets her know that someone’s looking for her. Sophie claims that she got a commercial audition off of the fliers; they caught the attention of a casting agent. She asks David to come along. Donna’s hesitant to let Noah spend the night because he’s still not talking to her about his feelings. Then when Noah starts to leave, she asks him to stay. This is the worst relationship. Brandon tries to discuss Lenny and Leah’s case with Matt, who’s surprised that he knows Kelly. Brandon’s more surprised that Kelly never mentioned that they were involved.

Valerie confronts Brandon about his move and how it’ll force her to find a new place to live. Brandon invites her to chat, but she doesn’t want to bug him with her problems. David goes with Sophie to her audition, where she uses her photo from the fliers as her headshot. She pulls her money scam to get herself bumped to the top of the list. David’s annoyed that she’s stepping over people who have put in the work to become actresses.

The boutique is about to open, and Donna’s nervous. Kelly tries to pump her up by talking about it being an adventure. Plus, they did it mostly on their own. Donna’s also worried because Noah is MIA. Kelly tells her that if he keeps pushing her away, eventually Donna will have to let him go. Love might not be enough to salvage their relationship. Noah’s drinking at the After Dark, having just been asked by Felice to lie about how his father died. Valerie compares it to Abby claiming she dumped Carl when it was the other way around.

Sophie grumpily gets some headshots taken after being rejected at the commercial audition. David thinks she lucked out – working jobs beneath you can make you miserable. Also, now she’s free the rest of the day and they can have sex. The photographer invites them to a big Hollywood party the next night. Noah takes Valerie to his parents’ house to show her all the places where his father said he was useless. She talks vaguely about murder, implying that it’s on her list of crimes, but Noah thinks she’s joking.

Brandon tells Kelly he’s doing a story on custody cases, but she knows he just wants to insert himself in Lenny and Leah’s situation. She blasts him for making his departure harder on her. Donna and Kelly throw a party at the boutique, and David becomes the first customer, buying Sophie a dress. Steve tells Sophie that he’s glad she has David to look after her. Matt tells Kelly that he warned Lenny to stay away from the boutique, but she’d rather Matt dump him as a client.

Brandon lurks outside the party, telling Steve how he felt when he started school at West Beverly. He told himself to be cool, but he tripped and embarrassed himself. Donna approached him and introduced herself, then thanked him for putting everyone at ease. Brandon’s grateful that she, Steve, Dylan, and Kelly made him feel so at home. The guys are happy that they had their own business, and now Kelly and Donna have theirs. Brandon announces that he’s turning down the Washington job and staying with the Beverly Beat.

Sophie and David go to the Hollywood party with the photographer, Eric, and David’s mistaken for an actor. He quickly realizes that the director throwing the party makes pornos. David tries to rush Sophie out of the party before she can accept a role. She’s totally willing to do porn, because of course she is. Brandon interviews Leah, addressing the accusations Lenny’s made about adultery (true) and substance abuse (false). Kelly doesn’t get why Brandon’s giving up the job in Washington; she thinks he’s scared.

Sophie still wants the porn role, but David tells her she can do better. She tells him she needs money immediately. He advises her to wait for a better chance. Sophie’s annoyed that she hasn’t become a big star in the past four weeks. Brandon tries to prove to Kelly that he’s not afraid by taking her night swimming. Matt meets up with Donna as she’s leaving the boutique, and she tells him that she’s uncomfortable with him defending Lenny because of her own abusive relationship. He tells her that his parents’ divorce makes him want to give a father the chance to see his child.

Kelly admits to Brandon that she’s scared of the unknown (so night swimming wasn’t really a picnic for her either). He seems afraid of disappearing from her life and being forgotten. Kelly notes that they’re adults and need to grow up. Brandon apologizes for not being a good enough friend to let her move on. She sends him back into the water by himself, and I think it’s a metaphor, because he’s ON HIS OWN, because he’s LEAVING. BRANDON IS LEAVING. WHY IS HE STILL HERE?

Sophie shows David a “where’s Sophie?” billboard – she put out the fliers, and thinks the billboard will get her even more attention. Steve takes Brandon to the Peach Pit for what he thinks is a party celebrating the Beverly Beat‘s first anniversary. It’s actually a goodbye party because everyone wants Brandon to go to Washington. Noah apologizes to Donna for not being at the boutique party, then leaves after she asks him to give something back to their relationship. Kelly still won’t approve of Matt defending Lenny, warning him to protect the baby.

David feels bad that he didn’t tell Steve that he was seeing Sophie. He doesn’t want her to get in the way of their friendship. Steve assures him that they’re good. Abby stops by to tell Valerie that she’s not going to turn her in. It was embarrassing enough for people to know that Mr. Malone killed himself; she can’t face the shame of people knowing what was going on. Valerie’s not surprised that, once again, Abby’s going to keep something quiet. Val just wants closure.

Brandon and Kelly agree that they don’t have any regrets, so he can leave on a high note. Donna tries to call Noah, who’s too busy trashing his father’s things to answer the phone. Donna agrees to have a drink with Matt instead. Brandon gets his parents to agree to let Steve and Valerie stay in the house (and Noah, if he wants). While David broadcasts from the After Dark, talking about how much has happened to the gang, Brandon drives out of our lives forever, woo-hoo!

Thoughts: ‘Bye, Brandon! I will never, ever miss you.

What’s the point of Sophie? She doesn’t add anything to the show. She just makes David look crazy for liking her.

I don’t find Lenny intimidating, partly because he’s roughly the width of a blade of grass and partly because he was Greg in the Brady Bunch movies, and Greg is the opposite of intimidating.

Yes, Abby, people knowing that your husband molested your daughter would be shameful for YOU. Obviously your delicate sensibilities are what we should be worrying about here. Kindly shut up and go away.

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