May 10, 2015

BH90210 9.10, Marathon Man: Dylan Wants a White Christmas, and I’m Not Talking About Snow

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I bet Dylan captioned this "Kelly, me, and Matt"

I bet Dylan captioned this “Kelly, me, and Matt”

Summary: Donna, Kelly, and Gina are discussing an upcoming 12-hour dance marathon. Gina says she’s going with David, though it kind of sounds like a lie. Donna mentions that a shop near the boutique was recently robbed, so now there’s a security guard hanging around. Gina reminds her that she was the one who welcomed a gang member with open arms. Dylan shows up to take Kelly to breakfast, and when she hedges, Gina volunteers to take her place. Gina needs to chill.

Donna and Gina find gang girl Sonia and a guy asleep on the floor of the boutique. She tells them they didn’t have any other place to go. Instead of breakfast, Dylan takes Kelly to an airport – they’re going to Cabo. Matt’s going to have to step up his game. Donna lets Sonia keep working off her debt at the boutique, as long as she promises not to spend the night there again. Another gang girl shows up to show off her switchblade and warn Sonia to stay away from her man. Good thing the security guard is there.

In Mexico, Dylan brings up Matt, then decides he’d rather have fun with Kelly than talk about her relationship. Steve has bought a story for the tabloid, and Matt warns that it will probably lead to a lawsuit. Janet’s more concerned with the fact that they’re not a respectable paper if they buy their stories. Steve doesn’t care – he just wants readers. Noah asks Steve to sponsor him in the dance marathon, which is raising money for Fight AIDS. Steve sees this as a networking event, so he’s definitely on board.

In Cabo, Kelly and Dylan buy crazy hats and a statue. Then Dylan sneaks off to buy some drugs, which he stashes in the statue. They joke that Kelly will be smuggling art back to the States, since they don’t have to declare religious artifacts at the border. Janet objects to the $1,000 Steve offered Noah for the marathon; the paper can’t afford it. Steve says it’s fine, not realizing that he pledged $1,000 per hour, which means he actually has to pay $12,000. Don’t worry, Steve – I doubt Noah can dance for that long.

Noah asks Gina to take care of getting Donna’s birthday cake. Gina tells him about the gang girl who showed up to threaten Sonia with a switchblade. Noah worries that Sonia’s presence at the boutique will threaten Donna’s sales. He asks her to quit, and Sonia obeys. Dylan and Kelly return to Beverly Hills and make out, only stopping when Matt calls. Kelly tells him she was out all day Christmas shopping with a friend. While she’s on the phone, Dylan retrieves his drugs. He’s a little too excited about the fact that Kelly just lied to her boyfriend, but she realizes they’ve gone too far.

Gina’s annoyed with Kelly, as usual, so when Matt shows up to see her at the boutique, Gina outs Kelly’s lie about her whereabouts all day. Kelly comes clean about where she was and who she was with, making Matt flee. Janet urges Steve to withdraw his pledge, but he doesn’t want to look like the Grinch. He has a plan: They’re allowed to pick the people who represent the paper in the marathon, so they’ll just put up people with low stamina, namely Muntz and his wife. Except they’ve been working out with a trainer, and Muntz has been running 10Ks, so he’s not so out of shape anymore.

Gina invites Dylan to the marathon, having to come clean that she’s not going with David. When David arrives, Dylan mentions that David and Gina both want to go, so they should go together. Sonia shows up at the boutique, telling Donna that the other gang girl, Lucy, is pregnant by Tony, the guy they’ve both been involved with. Sonia admits that she wanted to get pregnant so she could leave the gang. Donna announces to Noah that she’s going to help Sonia, as if there were any doubt.

At the Peach Pit, Kelly tells Matt that she was surprised by the trip to Mexico; she thought she and Dylan were just getting breakfast. Dylan shows up, and Matt tries to make a quick escape. He tells Kelly that he’s not going to compete with Dylan for her, not least because he can’t match Dylan’s efforts. Dylan decides to move on from Kelly with Gina. Looks like Christmas came early for her.

When they get back to town the next morning, Dylan and Gina learn that the boutique was robbed. Gina admits that she closed an hour early the night before and isn’t sure she did it properly. Kelly’s more upset that Dylan and Gina went to Mexico, and he bought her a Mayan goddess of fertility. Dylan promises that Gina closed up properly – he would know because he was with her. Gina says that Sonia obviously broke in, as she’s the only other person with a key.

Kelly assures Matt that nothing happened between her and Dylan in Mexico. He doesn’t have to worry about her taking any more trips with him. She wants to get back together with Matt, but he knows Dylan will just keep pursuing her, and she won’t be able to resist him. Kelly tries to prove her commitment to Matt by inviting him to dance with her at the marathon. There, Noah double-checks with Gina that things are ready for Donna’s birthday party right before midnight.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra provides the music as the marathon begins. There are some fun ’40s outfits. Dylan left his second statue at the boutique, but the presence of the security guard keeps him from getting inside to get it. Three hours into the marathon, the Muntzes are going strong, so Janet urges Steve to tell them he can’t afford their pledge. Of course, he’s not going to do that.

Donna’s distracted by Sonia’s problems, the store’s failure to really get off the ground, Gina’s weirdness, and Noah’s distance. She’s also a little upset that she and Noah haven’t discussed plans for her birthday. Her timing is perfect, as it’s time for them to go next door to the Peach Pit for Donna’s surprise birthday party. Everything is good except for the cake – Gina got chocolate, which Donna’s allergic to. Noah pulls Gina aside and she rants about how she’s always been second to her perfect cousin. Donna overhears, shocked that Gina feels like this.

Dylan comes to the marathon, obviously in withdrawal, and asks Kelly to let him into the store. She’s not willing to let him in to get the statue he bought Gina. She makes it clear that they’re over. Dylan moves on to Gina, telling her he needs the statue for luck. The promise of attention makes Gina only too happy to help. Muntz and his wife win the marathon and donate their $5,000 to Fight AIDS. Fortunately, Steve has suddenly gotten a reputation as a nice guy, which has led to an increase in ad sales. Merry Christmas, Steve Sanders!

Sonia comes to the After Dark to return Donna’s keys, and Donna sees that she was beaten. Sonia tells her that the other gang girls wanted her to help them rob the store, but she refuses. The security guard, however, was an accomplice. The happy ending is that Sonia’s out of the gang. Matt and Kelly get burritos, which is as close to a trip to Mexico as Matt can get. She’s surprised that he knows her tastes better than she thought he did.

Dylan and Gina spent the night together, and in the morning, he snorts heroin in his bathroom. Noah gives Donna her birthday presents, fake snow inside the After Dark and a bracelet his father once gave his mother. Somehow, David doesn’t think it’s strange to broadcast from 20 feet away while his ex dances with her current boyfriend.

Thoughts: Kelly and Dylan get champagne in Mexico, so I guess we’re just completely ignoring his alcoholism?

Really the only difference between Gina and Valerie is that Gina’s better at playing innocent when she messes with someone’s life.

I wonder when Vanessa Marcil and Brian Austin Green got together? They don’t really have chemistry (though supposedly couples without chemistry on-screen have it off-screen).

Since when is Donna allergic to chocolate?


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