May 31, 2015

BH90210 9.13, Withdrawal: The Fault, Dear Kelly, Is Not in Our Gina

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This isn't even close to the worse thing someone's worn to an awards show. Everyone needs to calm down

This isn’t even close to the worse thing someone’s worn to an awards show. Everyone needs to calm down

Summary: Donna’s okay, but Kelly’s still shaken up, and she’s not happy that Matt didn’t do more to rein in Dylan. Matt reminds her that their conversations fell under attorney-client privilege. He points out that Dylan’s actions are his own responsibility. David, Steve, and Noah corner Dylan to confront him for his drug use and his recent behavior. They want to help him, but Dylan thinks he can handle things on his own. Donna shows up and assures Dylan that she knows he didn’t mean to hurt her. She convinces him to let the gang help him.

Janet and some hot guy named Trey bring their dogs to the Beverly Beat, announcing that they’re going to mate. Steve thinks they mean themselves, not the dogs. He’s jealous at first but gives them her blessing. She asks him to watch her dog, Georgia, to keep her away from Trey’s dog until it’s time for them to mate. I wouldn’t trust Steve with a pet rock, let alone a dog, but okay. Kelly tries to freeze Gina out of the gang’s plans for Dylan, since she’s mishandled things so far.

A singer named Clara is playing at the After Dark, and she mentions to Noah that the dress she’s supposed to wear to the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards is hideous. Noah advises her to get in touch with Donna. Steve takes Georgia to a dog park, where he flirts with another dog owner. The gang gets Dylan into a methadone clinic, and Kelly recommends that he get rid of his physical cravings through rapid detox. Gina attempts to be helpful but no one cares what she has to say. Matt reminds Dylan that he’s facing ten years for drug possession.

Steve makes plans with the dog owner, then finally turns his attention back to Georgia. Too bad he’s too late to stop Georgia from mating with a mutt. Noah takes Clara to the boutique to see if she likes Donna’s style. Donna’s nervous about Clara wanting her to design a dress because that could launch her into a huge career. Clara does, indeed, want a Donna Martin original. She also wants Noah. Dylan sneaks out in the middle of the night, and in the morning, no one knows where he is. They all split up to search.

Noah can’t believe Donna’s so forgiving of Dylan that she’s willing to go look for him. He tells her that Clara asked him to be her date to the awards, and Donna says it’s okay. Kelly and Matt go to the beach, since she and Dylan once made a pact to meet up there in case something ever happened. She apologizes again for blaming Matt for Dylan’s behavior, and Matt asks her to stop blaming Gina as well. After all, Dylan’s the only one who’s going to have to defend himself in court.

Janet learns that Georgia’s mating session hasn’t been successful. Steve has to confess what happened in the dog park, blaming Georgia for not listening when he told her to sit. Dylan goes through withdrawal on the beach while everyone continues searching for him. Gina blames herself, since she’s known about his addiction for so long. David says that Dylan would have gotten high no matter what Gina did to try to help him. Gina admits that she wasn’t completely helpful, since she provided the drugs that Dylan got high off of at the barbecue.

Kelly tries to smooth things over with Matt, feeling bad that her past keeps coming up. He’s fine with her being friends with her exes, but the way he talks about them makes her feel like she has to choose sides. Matt says that he feels like she already has. They find Dylan on the porch at the beach apartment, begging for help. They take him to the hospital, where he undergoes rapid detox. Donna leaves to work on Clara’s dress, and there’s a really nice scene where David is sweet and supportive of her possible big break.

Kelly and Matt bicker, and then he leaves. Gina takes his place, upset that no one told her that Dylan was found. She blasts Kelly for taking care of her boyfriend. Kelly says that Dylan asked her, not Gina, for help, and it’s not like Gina’s been so helpful recently. Gina announces that she’s not going anywhere, so Kelly needs to get used to it. Steve takes Janet to the dog park to find the mutt Georgia mated with. He calls her shallow for not thinking the mutt is a good match for Georgia. Janet meets the woman who distracted Steve and is like, “Now who’s shallow?”

Donna finishes the dress while Matt tries to make a deal with Dylan’s prosecutor. He argues that there wasn’t really an assault (I guess it’s legal to hold people at gunpoint in their own home?), and the police had not probable cause to search his motorcycle for drugs. The prosecutor is willing to drop the possession charge but not the assault charge. Matt asks for a second chance for the guy whose wife and father died right in front of him. The prosecutor agrees to lower the charges to trespassing and give Dylan a fine, community service, and required rehab.

Donna, David, and Steve watch the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards red carpet, which is anything but blockbuster. Clara has redesigned the dress herself to make it much more of a rock-star ensemble. Donna flips out as Noah tells Nancy O’Dell and the audience where they can get their own Donna Martin designs. Matt tries to be friendly to Gina, which is probably confusing for her because no one’s ever nice to her. He tells Kelly that Dylan is no longer facing jail time. Now the DA will probably take things out on one of Matt’s future clients, which means, as usual, someone else will pay for Dylan’s mistakes.

Just then, Dylan suffers an irregular heartbeat and has to be shocked back into normalcy. The doctor thinks he’ll be fine once he’s done with withdrawal. Gina decides to spend the night, but Kelly’s reluctant to leave. Matt asks her to think about whether she’s staying as Dylan’s friend or as something more. Clara makes the worst-dressed list for her dress, so Noah thinks he’s ruined Donna’s career.

Gina tells Kelly about her mom, Bobbi, who’s overweight and always asked other people to do things for her. Gina got used to having people depend on her, and it made her feel important, which explains why she kept enabling Dylan. Kelly finally admits that Dylan’s behavior is his own fault, not Gina’s. When he’s awake and ready for visitors, Kelly lets Gina go in without her. Dylan claims to be happy to see Gina rather than Kelly.

Janet tells Steve that Georgia’s impromptu mating session didn’t end in pregnancy, and she’s decided not to pursue mating with Trey’s dog. Georgia liked the mutt better, and Janet admits that she did, too, since it had more personality. We get it – Janet likes Steve even though Trey is hotter. I think she’s crazy. Donna gets a bunch of teenage customers at the boutique who want to shop where Clara got her dress. They’ll wear whatever she wears, no matter how crazy it looks.

Dylan thinks David’s going to kick him out of the house, but David’s willing to let him stay. Kelly interrupts a phone call between Matt and someone named Lauren to tell Matt that she wants to be with him, not Dylan. She asks Matt to forgive her for having baggage. He tells her she’s not the only one with a past. After Kelly leaves, Matt and Lauren say “I love you” to each other. Looks like the love triangle has become a love square.

Thoughts: Clara is played by Rosa Blasi, who’s been in a bunch of stuff.

Lauren is played by Cari Shayne, who was Julia’s friend Nina on Party of Five. She was also on General Hospital when Vanessa Marcil was on.

One of the possible side effects of rapid detox is psychological trauma. Sounds like a party! I guess we should be grateful that we were spared another round of Jack McKay hallucinations.

Clara’s dress was boring. She did Donna a favor.

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