June 20, 2015

BH90210 9.16, Survival Skills: Into the Woods

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If Kelly buys cars for her friends, what does she buy for her boyfriends?

If Kelly buys cars for her friends, what does she buy for her boyfriends?

Summary: It’s morning at the Walshes’ house, and Gina’s bugging Noah. Donna and David are trying not to be awkward around each other after their kiss. Matt and Lauren tell the gang about their wedding, looking very happy together. Kelly arrives and things get really tense. Dylan takes the blame for her not being invited over to hang out with everyone. He claims he’s not picking sides, but Kelly snots that he has.

Steve and Janet are apparently working with Super Brothers and Super Sisters, and are taking a couple of teenagers camping. Janet wants to focus on roughing it, while Steve, of course, just wants to have fun. The teenagers are a stoner type named Stewart and a Goth named Marianne. They hate each other. Dylan books a room at the Bel Age, but not for himself and Gina – it’s a second honeymoon for Matt and Lauren. It’s Dylan’s way of thanking Matt for his help. Gina complains again about how Dylan only wants her for sex.

Noah thanks David for whatever he did that helped get Donna to forgive him for the photo-booth pictures with Gina. Noah admits that more happened, and he wants to come clean to Donna. He wants advice, but David refuses to get involved, because he’s smart. At the campsite, the campers spot a bear and retreat to their car. That night, Kelly joins David on his broadcast at the After Dark, giving advice to callers. Matt calls in to tell Kelly that after some time, she’ll feel better about what happened between them.

Donna and Noah discuss the call; she says Kelly and Matt can probably be friends after a while. It’s not like he cheated on her, which would be pretty unforgivable. Instead of telling her that he slept with Gina (which, remember, he didn’t), Noah asks Donna to move in with him. She happily accepts. Oh, Noah. Lauren pours cold water on her and Matt’s stay at the Bel Age: Her medication is messing with her white blood cells, and her doctor wants her to stop taking it, or she could damage her health. That means she could undo all the progress she’s made with her schizophrenia.

In the morning, the bear is gone, and so are Stewart and Marianne. Apparently they don’t hate each other anymore, as Janet caught them making out the night before. She and Steve find them off by themselves (though at least they’re fully clothed). Dylan and Kelly hang out downtown, coming across a Thunderbird that makes Dylan think about an uncle who drove one. He’s been thinking about his future ever since he got into recovery, but isn’t feeling motivated.

David thinks that Noah told Donna about sleeping with Gina, while she thinks David already knows that she’s moving in with Noah. Confused? Kelly wants to talk to Matt about his call during the radio show, interrupting while Matt’s trying to get in touch with Lauren’s doctor. Matt doesn’t have time for her issues. Steve tries to warn Stewart that getting into a relationship with Marianne will drive him crazy. Meanwhile, Janet tells Marianne to protect herself because boys only want sex. Steve wants Stewart not to get involved with someone he hates.

Dylan wakes up to find a present from Kelly: She bought him the Thunderbird. Lauren’s doctor warns her that if she keeps taking the medication, she’ll develop something that will eventually kill her. Lauren refuses to give it up; she won’t go back to the mental state she was in before. At the After Dark, Gina instructs Noah to keep his mouth shut and never tell Donna what they did. But when Donna shows up, Noah immediately tells her that he and Gina slept together. Donna just as immediately tells him they’re over.

Kelly’s supposed to be on David’s show again the next day, but she asks Donna to fill in. It’s probably not a good time for Donna to be giving relationship advice. She tries to call Gina, who’s at the After Dark, taunting Noah for being stupid – it’s not like they had sex. Noah’s like, “YOU SAID WE DID!” Gina plays dumb, pretending she didn’t mean to imply that they did. Clearly he wanted it to be true or his mind wouldn’t have gone there.

Matt wants Lauren to fight and look for a different medical option. He’s lost her once and doesn’t want to lose her again. Dylan tries to be supportive of Matt, who knows it’s because Dylan can relate to losing one’s wife. Janet tries to teach Steve to light a fire, telling him they can’t just use a lighter because kids like Stewart and Marianne don’t have quick fixes in their lives. Steve finally gets the fire lit…just before it starts to rain.

At the Peach Pit, Dylan tells Kelly that Matt and Lauren aren’t as happy as Kelly thinks they are. Lauren has very little time left before her schizophrenia gets bad again. Gina interrupts, then gets mad when Dylan won’t tell her what they were talking about. She whines that Dylan’s everyone’s friend but won’t be her boyfriend. He assures her that he and Kelly aren’t getting back together. Then he lets her drive his new/old car, which she takes off in.

Donna joins David for his broadcast, fielding a question about having to see an ex you still have feelings for. They claim that when a relationship is over, it’s totally over, though sometimes you feel a spark. Off the air, they reminisce about a time on the radio in high school, when Donna hyperventilated and everyone thought they were fooling around in the booth. David decides to give the night a theme: “Can ex-lovers remain friends?”

Steve and Janet check Stewart and Marianne into a motel, though it looks like Janet would rather hand out in the car. She’s mad at Steve for giving up on roughing it. He always takes the easy way out. She wanted to do something away from him, but he arranged the camping trip and involved himself. Janet wonders how she’s supposed to get over him when he’s always around. After she calms down a little, she tells Steve he’s good with the teens. He tells her he’s always around because he likes being with her.

Noah ambushes Donna at the beach apartment so he can retract his confession that he and Gina slept together. She doesn’t believe him. Janet and Steve spend the night together in the car, and like the last time they had sex, she wants to pretend it never happened. Steve, however, thinks they should have a relationship. Stewart and Marianne are on his side about that. Elsewhere, Kelly tries to show Matt some compassion over Lauren’s situation.

Donna finally faces off with Gina, accusing her of misleading Noah on purpose so Donna would get hurt. Gina claims that Noah came on to her the night they took the pictures, but nothing happened. Donna calls her trash and some harsher words. Lauren only has three pills left in her prescription; after that, she’ll have to find another way to get her medication. Matt wants to take her to Venice for a real second honeymoon. I guess his money troubles aren’t so bad anymore.

Dylan and Kelly play Battleship at David and Dylan’s house, reminiscing about their childhood together. He tells her that sometimes he reaches out and grabs whatever – or whoever – he can because he needs something to help him stay grounded. He’s only ever been able to connect with Kelly and Toni. David goes to the beach apartment to tell Donna that he lied when he said exes can be friends. Then they make out. Woo!

Thoughts: Who buys a car for a friend? How did Kelly even afford it? The boutique can’t be doing that well.

Gina’s mental health seems less stable than Lauren’s. Maybe she needs a referral to Lauren’s psychiatrist.

Okay, David and Donna, just get back together already. Make me happy.

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