June 27, 2015

BH90210 9.17, Slipping Away: Everyone’s Parents Are Awful

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Yeah, I don't know why Mr. Sosna doesn't think Steve is a good match for his daughter

Yeah, I don’t know why Mr. Sosna doesn’t think Steve is a good match for his daughter

Summary: Matt and Lauren are at a pharmacy, trying to get a refill on her prescription even though there aren’t supposed to be any left. Matt tries but fails to talk the pharmacist into making an exception. When he doesn’t, Matt tries to steal them but gets stopped by a security guard. Matt, you’re an idiot. At the After Dark, David tries to convince Donna that they should get back together, since they clearly still have feelings for each other. Donna thinks they’re in the middle of too much craziness to make a big decision like that. She won’t go on a date with him.

Donna tries to avoid Noah, who thinks she dumped him because she wants David back. Donna reminds him that he and Gina hooked up, even though they didn’t. She says that regardless of what did or didn’t happen, Noah has lost her trust. Matt fills Kelly in on Lauren’s situation, and she mentions that when she worked at the clinic, she knew patients who got their medications in Mexico. She offers to call around and get in touch with their contacts. Matt’s hesitant to do that, even though he was willing to steal drugs the night before.

Gina’s decided to open her own gym, financing it by borrowing against the money in her trust fund, which she earned when she skated as a teenager. She tells Donna again that she and Noah didn’t hook up, but Donna still can’t trust her again. Gina’s mother Bobbi arrives for a visit; she was supposed to bring information about Gina’s trust, but it slipped her mind. The trust was set up in Beverly Hills, and Donna’s father has accounts with the bank, so she agrees to take Gina there to talk to someone.

Janet and Steve had lunch with her parents, who have no clue that they’re dating. Mr. Sosna disapproves of the Beverly Beat being a tabloid. Steve makes jabs about how tabloids expose secrets – you know, like the secret Janet’s keeping from her parents. At the Peach Pit, Donna tries not to seem jealous when she and Gina see David talking to a woman. When Donna finds out that the woman is a famous sex therapist who’s going to be on David’s show, she suddenly decides she wants to go on a date with David after all. After Donna leaves, Gina teases David a little.

Steve thinks Janet hasn’t told her parents about them because she’s embarrassed. She’s annoyed that he was trying to hold her hand in front of her traditional father. Also, her father would prefer it if she dated Japanese men. At the bank, Gina and Donna learn that there’s only $14,000 in her trust fund, as opposed to the $75,000 Gina thought was there. That can’t be good. At David and Dylan’s, Kelly tells Dylan that she wants to get Lauren’s medication in Mexico, as a “mission of mercy.” Dylan’s looking forward to it. Gina shows up, learns about the trip, and scrams.

Lauren blasts music at the Walshes’ house in the middle of the night, wanting to drown out the voices in her head. Matt explains the concept of schizophrenia to Steve and Noah. Kelly and Dylan head down Mexico way, discussing the fact that the medication might let Matt get Lauren back for good. Kelly asks if Dylan would take risks like this to get Toni back even if he could lose her again. Dylan talks about second tries and people you love, etc., etc., and I don’t think he’s talking about Toni, guys.

Gina and Donna confront Bobbi, who used Gina’s trust money for things like home renovations. She’s unapologetic, since she gave up so much for Gina. Gina replies that Bobbie robbed her of a childhood, and now she’s robbing her literally. Steve complains to Janet about her father’s bigotry while he digs through a celebrity’s trash, like, maybe your ethnicity isn’t the only reason Mr. Sosna doesn’t like you, Steve. Janet admits that her father has arranged for her to go on a date with a Japanese guy.

Noah tries to make up with Donna by bringing her flowers. Yeah, that’ll do the trick, Noah. After Donna leaves, Gina tells Noah that Donna and David were together before Donna and Noah broke up. Noah confronts Donna, who says it doesn’t matter, considering what Noah did (even though…he didn’t do anything. Okay, Donna). Noah calls Donna a hypocrite. Steve crashes the double date Janet’s on with her parents; he’s happy to see that he’s up against a nerd. Except he’s really up against a rich guy who’s definitely not a nerd.

Kelly gets cold feet about the drug-smuggling, so Dylan tells her to sleep on it. Then suddenly they’re kissing. Then they’re on the bed. I think they’ve forgotten why they’re in Mexico. Noah confronts David for going after Donna while they were still together; Noah thought they were friends. David can’t really deny it. Kelly wants to go back to Beverly Hills, feeling bad that she kind of cheated on Matt, though I’m not really sure of the logistics of that, since he’s married to someone else. Dylan clearly feels no remorse about sleeping with someone other than Gina.

Steve remembers when Janet said that her parents were hippies and believed in free love. She admits that she lied (though it’s probably that the writers just remembered they wrote that). Steve accuses Mr. Sosna of being racist. Janet doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting your child to share her life with someone who has the same values. Steve says there are a lot of things that make him who he is other than his race. In the middle of his list, he says he loves Janet. Before he can realize what he said, Mr. Sosna shows up to talk to Janet about her date from the night before. She tells her father that she already has a boyfriend: Steve.

At the border, Dylan and Kelly tell a guard that they don’t have any fruits or vegetables, and they definitely don’t have any medications, no, siree. The guard thinks Kelly seems nervous, so Dylan covers by telling him about their past relationship and their hookup the night before. Kelly doesn’t get it, since they don’t have anything to hide. It turns out Dylan got the drugs without Kelly knowing. He claims that he didn’t mean what he told the guard about them possibly still having feelings for each other.

On her date with David, Donna tells him about Gina’s trust, and how Donna encouraged her to sue the trustee who didn’t guard her money. They discuss their kiss and how much it hurt Noah. David has no sympathy for Noah because of the way he’s treated Donna. Kelly and Dylan bring Lauren her drugs, but she’s not as happy as you would expect. Steve and Janet spend the night together, and in the morning she dreads going home and seeing her father. Steve assures her that she did the right thing. She brings up his declaration of love, giving him the chance to take it back. He doesn’t want to.

Kelly apologizes to Gina for asking Dylan to go to Mexico with her. Gina doesn’t want to talk to her or Dylan, who tells Kelly he’s not going to let Gina know what they did. Kelly decides to keep it quiet from Matt, too. Lauren throws out the medication, even though she knows it would give her something to look forward to. Matt tells her they can move back to New York and go back to their lives until she gets sick again.

David and Donna run into each other at the Peach Pit, awkwardly agreeing that they enjoyed themselves on their date the night before. She says she has some things to work out with Noah. Janet tells Steve that though her father respects her decision, he won’t let her live under his roof anymore. Yeah, that sure sounds like respect. Donna admits to Noah that she’s a hypocrite, and she’s sorry for not telling him that she kissed David. It was supposed to be a pose for a picture, but it meant something to her. She doesn’t know where that leaves her and Noah.

Lauren calls Kelly over to the Walshes’ house to thank her for the Mexico trip, and to reveal that she’s not going to take the medication. She’s willing to wait until there’s a cure, if there ever is one. Lauren asks Kelly to look after Matt and make him happy. Then she tells Matt that she wants him to live the life he’s built in Beverly Hills, and be with Kelly. At the beach apartment, Gina and Donna – who have strangely bonded over the trust issue – ask Bobbi to name the trustee who didn’t look after Gina’s money. Bobbi begs Gina to drop it, but finally admits that the trustee is Felice.

Thoughts: Who breaks the law for her ex’s wife? Oh, right, the same person who bought a car for a guy who’s supposedly just a friend.

Who put Donna’s hair in four ponytails? Please never do anyone’s hair ever again.

Excuse me, but if I go to Mexico to get you illegal drugs, you’re taking them. Have you no decency, Lauren?

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  1. Deja said,

    the devil works hard but Gina works harder

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