July 4, 2015

BH90210 9.18, Bobbi Dearest: The Call Is Coming from Inside the Club

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"Ketchup? The food of peasants? Really, Bobbi"

“Ketchup? The food of peasants? Really, Bobbi”

Summary: Lauren’s left Beverly Hills, and Matt has stayed behind, as she wanted. He thanks Kelly for being so great to his wife, and for, you know, going to Mexico and smuggling drugs to try to help her. They haven’t yet discussed where their relationship stands, and though it sounds like they want to get back together, they want to give each other time. Gina and Donna continue confronting Felice and Bobbi about how Felice didn’t stop Bobbi from taking money from Gina’s trust fund. Gina storms out of their lunch, intent on suing for the money.

Donna confides in Noah that she feels stuck in the middle of the family feud. Noah offers comfort by kissing her, but things get awkward when David arrives. Donna tries to talk to David, who tells her she made her choice, so she has to live with it. Dylan’s out jet-skiing and starts racing a guy who’s been drinking. The guy cuts him off and Dylan falls off, getting knocked out. Someone pulls him out of the water and revives him on the beach, then runs off. As he does, Dylan pulls a hospital bracelet off of his wrist.

At the boutique, Donna tells Kelly that she and Noah are still together, rather than back together; they never officially broke up. She laments that David doesn’t understand that. Kelly reveals that something happened with her and Dylan in Mexico, but she doesn’t give any details. Gina arrives and announces that she’s suing Felice for more than a million dollars – the money she lost plus a bunch for pain and suffering. Kelly criticizes her, but Gina doesn’t care what she thinks since she’s back with Matt two days after Lauren left.

Matt works on a plea deal with a deputy DA named Jay, arguing that his client is being railroaded for a drug charge because she’s African-American. The client, a teenager named Linda, refuses to plead guilty to a crime she didn’t commit. Dylan tells Gina about his jet-ski accident and how he’s going to search for the guy who saved his life. He asks about her lawsuit, but Gina doesn’t want him to get involved. They agree to keep their current activities separate from each other.

Steve acquires a black book from a “madam to the stars” who wants to expose her clients. Steve is eager to increase circulation, but Janet knows they’d be hit with a ton of lawsuits. Dylan looks for his savior, Patrick, but is told that he died in December. Ooh, Dylan was saved by a ghost! This is a twist! Kelly comes over, worried that she cheated on Matt by sleeping with Dylan. Dylan is zero percent worried that he cheated on Valerie. He notes that this isn’t the first time he and Kelly have hooked up while he was dating someone else. Dylan also thinks that he and Kelly will wind up together someday.

Donna approaches David at the After Dark, wanting to make sure she hasn’t ruined their friendship. She’s sure he’ll find someone else to be with. She encourages him to try new things so he can meet someone different. David balks, so Donna comes up with a new idea: He can pimp himself out over the radio. (Okay, maybe that’s not what she says, but it’s what she means.) David challenges his single female listeners to convince him that there’s someone out there for him.

Dylan goes to the hospital and confirms that Patrick is dead. Also, there’s a rundown playground for young patients next to the hospital. Think that’ll be important later? Dylan learns that Patrick was only seven, so the guy who saved him definitely isn’t Patrick. The doctor he talks to wonders if the guy is Patrick’s older brother, Tim. Matt invites Kelly and Dylan to dinner to thank them for what they did for Lauren. I’m sure that won’t be awkward at all!

Steve consults with Matt, who tells him he can’t be sued for libel if the information in the black book is true. Steve wants to prove that a talk-show host named Mark Chapel is sleeping with prostitutes; he’s going to tail Mark to confirm it. Donna’s now against Gina’s lawsuit, since she’s going after Felice instead of a bank. She thinks Felice just made a mistake. Gina wants to ensure that she has money in the future, and this is the way to do it. She wishes Donna would stand up for her like she did when they were kids.

Matt approaches Jay again, having spotted his name in the black book. Jay wants to be DA someday, so that information coming out could be devastating to his career. Matt tries to use it to get the charges against his client dropped, but the attempt backfires. Now he’s tried to blackmail a deputy DA. A bunch of women send David letters, but there’s at least one who’s not interested in him – a Venezuelan woman calls in to mock him. David puts her on hold to talk to her off the air, but he accidentally hangs up on her.

Donna, Gina, Felice, and Bobbi go to dinner so Felice and Gina can fight in a different location than usual. When Bobbi goes outside to smoke, Felice complains about her sister’s lack of self-control. Dylan finally tracks down Tim, who doesn’t care that he saved a life. He was responsible for his brother’s death in a car accident, and he hates himself for it. He mocks that Dylan must think fate put them on the beach at the same time. Dylan does. Tim admits that he was trying to kill himself when he came across Dylan.

Steve and Janet go on a stakeout to bust Mark for sleeping with a prostitute. Janet notes that they don’t know anything about Mark. Steve thinks the fact that he keeps a hotel suite full-time is enough to prove there’s something going on. But when Mark comes out of his house, Steve figures out what’s probably really going on: Mark and his wife are separated, and he sleeps at the hotel instead of their home, then comes home early in the morning so his kids don’t find out.

David tells Noah that the Venezuelan caller is coming to the station to meet him. Meanwhile, Claudia, a Latina woman on the After Dark’s cleaning crew, mops around them. Are you putting the pieces together? Because David isn’t. His admirer shows up, but she’s not the caller, so David isn’t interested. Dylan, Kelly, and Matt have their dinner together, because this episode is all about awkward meals. Dylan doesn’t think they should be thanked because Lauren didn’t actually let them help. He’s become existential because of Tim. Kelly and Dylan think it’s a bad way to think.

Donna and Felice eat at the Peach Pit, which is really weird. I’m surprised Felice even sets foot in there. Donna wonders why they’re not close to Felice’s family, but Felice thinks it’s obvious – Bobbi and Gina are trainwrecks. Donna says that Felice would rather turn her back on her own sister than admit that she made a mistake. She needs to pay Gina what she’s lost. Dylan tells Gina that he’s been going through the motions for months, and the jet-ski accident shook him up. He still doesn’t care about anything, though, and pretty much tells Gina she doesn’t mean anything to him.

Matt’s blackmail paid off after all, and Jay agrees to drop the charges against Linda. He blasts Matt for being unethical, but Matt doesn’t care. He tells Kelly that he wanted to save Linda since he couldn’t save Lauren. Lauren’s friend Anna comes by with divorce papers – Lauren wants Matt to be free to date other people. Steve destroys the black book, telling Janet he feels sympathy for Mark since he went through his own parents’ divorce. Learning about Mark’s life has opened up old wounds.

Felice tells Gina that she’ll pay back the money if Gina drops the lawsuit. Gina hesitates, so Donna tells her how she stuck up for her. Bobbi and Gina get the last laugh when they tell Felice how much Bobbi used to trash-talk her. Dylan returns to the hospital, having financed the overhaul of the playground. What a surprise! He’s invited Tim there to help rebuild it. Their existentialism is immediately cured! Kelly and Linda both think Matt deserves good things, even though he may have done bad things to get there. Kelly has decided that she’s ready to get back together with him.

Gina and Bobbi go out to celebrate the fact that Gina’s getting her money. The whole deal with the trust was a scam to get money out of Felice. Sneaky! David calls off his pursuit of a new love, deciding to leave it up to fate. He sees Claudia watching him and goes out to talk to her. The second she talks to him, he realizes she was the caller. She tells him she was leaving things up to fate, too. Outside, Matt and Kelly officially get back together. So that’s a happy ending for everyone, I guess.

Thoughts: Jay is played by Kevin Rahm (Ted on Mad Men, Lee on Desperate Housewives). Anna is played by Real Housewife Kyle Richards.

I like the twist with Gina and Bobbi. It was very Valerie/Ginger.

Noah has no purpose on this show anymore. Not that he ever really did, but now it’s even more obvious.

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