July 11, 2015

BH90210 9.19, The Leprechaun: First You Get the Publicity, Then You Get the Money…

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Somewhere, Brandon's crying and doesn't know why

Somewhere, Brandon’s crying and doesn’t know why

Summary: Kelly and Matt are on a double date with Noah and Donna at the Peach Pit. Noah and Donna need to learn to keep the PDA to a minimum, especially when people are trying to eat. A woman named Jeannine approaches Noah with a business proposal: She wants to buy the Peach Pit and the After Dark to open a restaurant. Kelly and Donna laugh at the idea of selling Nat out.

Next door, David tries to convince Claudia to see a movie she worked on as a makeup intern. She feels uneasy about putting off her cleaning work at the club, so David promises to help her. With their date coming to an end, Matt and Kelly get awkward about whether they’ll be going to the Walshes’ house together for the night. He wants to wait a little while, since he’s just getting past being with Lauren.

The next day, Kelly tells Donna that she’s hired a publicist named Pia for the boutique. Donna’s annoyed that Kelly didn’t consult with her, since they’re supposed to be partners. Kelly replies that Donna didn’t consult with her about the fall line. Yeah, that’s the same. When Pia arrives, Donna pretends to be excited.

Steve also has an idea to drum up business: Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming, the Beverly Beat should publish a picture of a leprechaun. That leprechaun will be played by a little person named Lou. Gina has once again forgotten that she doesn’t like how Dylan treats her, because she’s back at his place. He wants to go for a hike. She points out that she has a job, as most people do. She doesn’t get why he can’t just be happy for a minute, or find some kind of direction for his life.

Noah meets with someone from the bank that holds the After Dark’s mortgage, which Noah owes three payments on. The guy, Don, doesn’t like Noah’s excuses for not paying, and threatens to foreclose if Noah can’t come up with the money. Matt meets with two new clients, an engaged couple who want a prenup. They’re very happy together, but they’re both brokers and want to make sure their partnership is protected.

Gina thinks Donna’s reluctant to embrace Pia because hiring a publicist was Kelly’s idea. She suggests to Kelly that Donna doesn’t feel comfortable with Kelly’s business ideas. Donna tells Kelly she doesn’t want to hire Pia, since the boutique is doing well without her. Kelly wants to feel more fulfilled in her end of the business. Kelly overrides Donna’s veto, since she’s the business side. After she leaves the room, Gina suggests to Donna that Pia doesn’t appreciate her work, and Kelly might not either.

David walks Claudia home after their date, and just when it looks like things are going to turn out well for them, she announces that she’s moving. Her visa has expired, so she has to leave the country. Noah calls Jeannine to the club to discuss the possibility of accepting her offer to buy the Peach Pit and After Dark. Oh, Noah.

Steve and Janet take Lou downtown to run around with a bunch of fake gold and basically embarrass himself for a small amount of money. Janet also predicts that they’ll get in trouble with the Irish Anti-Defamation League. Lou gets cold feet, but changes his mind when Steve offers more money. Janet goes along with the plan, because as much as she complains, she doesn’t have enough of a backbone to refuse to go along with Steve’s wacky schemes.

Noah approaches Nat about selling the Peach Pit instead of renewing his lease. He reveals that he’s already accepted Jeannine’s offer. Claudia tells David that she can only stay in the States if she finds an employer who thinks she’s “uniquely qualified” for a specific job. He comes up with an idea and asks her to meet him at his house.

Kelly meets with Pia at the beach apartment, and Gina sits in to entertain herself. Pia thinks they need to stage another opening and pay celebrities to make appearances. Kelly’s hesitant, knowing that Donna wouldn’t want celebrities to be there for a reason other than her designs. Gina’s like, “Well, don’t tell her why they’re really there, you moron.”

Dylan tells Noah that his sale is a horrible idea because of how it will hurt Nat. Noah thinks Dylan would do the same thing if he were in this situation. Then he says Dylan wouldn’t have to anyway, since he’s rich. Dylan notes that Noah used to be rich; now that he’s poor, he’s suddenly the kind of person who would sell out a friend? Dylan begs him not to sell, but Noah says it’s done.

Matt tells Kelly about his prenup couple, who think they’re perfect for each other but still want protection in case things don’t work out. Kelly doesn’t get when you can decide that things are great and you don’t need a safety net anymore. David brings Claudia the possibility of a job with a movie producer he happens to know. She’s nervous about an interview for a job that could change her future. David’s doing more for her than anyone ever has.

Kelly tries to talk Donna into the second opening, skipping over the part about hiring celebrity guests. She takes offense when Donna says it’s a dumb idea. Noah agrees with Kelly that Donna doesn’t seem to respect Kelly’s idea. Donna admits that she’s comfortable now and doesn’t want to risk things. Noah asks what Donna would do if she had to choose between business and friendship. Donna, of course, would pick friendship.

Steve’s stunt works, though it gets the Beverly Beat slammed by another paper. Steve doesn’t care, since any publicity is good publicity. A butcher named Todd brings in Lou, having “caught” him – he wants to trade him for a pot of gold. Steve admits that he put that offer in the paper as a joke. Todd doesn’t think the joke is very funny. If he doesn’t get his pot of gold, someone’s going to feel the business end of his butcher knife.

Steve and Lou bicker about who’s to blame, like, maybe wait and figure that out after you’ve gotten away from the maniac with the knife? Todd demands a reward, confiding that he can’t afford to pay for his son’s heart operation. Someone should tell him to call Dylan. David takes Claudia to meet the producer, but the job has already been filled.

The boutique “opening” brings in a big crowd, and Donna wears her best bustier to celebrate. Steve writes a story about Todd and his son; he also mentions that he shouldn’t have put a little person in a ridiculous situation. Aww, Steve is learning to be empathetic and nice! At the boutique, Gina breaks the news to Donna that the celebrities are only there because Pia paid them.

Kelly asks Matt not to wait until things are perfect, like the prenup couple. He shouldn’t try to protect their relationship because he’s afraid of things falling apart. Donna blasts Kelly for hiring the guests and putting the business before their friendship. She kicks everyone out. At the After Dark, David tells Dylan that Claudia has to leave the country. Dylan tells him to do anything necessary to prevent her from having to leave.

Dylan then informs Noah that he bought the mortgage on the Peach Pit and After Dark. He’s now Noah’s landlord. Since Noah can’t make his payments, Dylan’s foreclosing on him. Despite the article about him, Todd is suing the Beverly Beat for his reward. Steve and Janet get a bunch of letters from readers who have sent in money to help Todd and his son. Bingo – reward!

Even though Kelly and Donna think the “opening” was a disaster, Pia tells them that their argument made it a hit. Donna objects to being popular for the wrong reasons. Pia, however, is from Steve’s school of thought about any publicity being good. Kelly sides with Donna, and the friends make up. Matt tells his clients he won’t draw up their prenup, then gives a Brandon-like speech about how protecting themselves from a breakup is a horrible decision.

Noah tells Dylan that his interference has put him in a bad decision – his father’s death left his mother with nothing, and Noah needs to be able to support her. Nat starts to kick Noah out, but Dylan announces that he’s going to extend the lease. He’ll make the big decisions, but Noah and Nat will continue to run their respective businesses.

Steve and Janet have pledged a grant matching all the money readers sent in, so Todd should be able to afford his son’s operation. David tells Claudia that he thinks Dylan was right – he should do anything possible to help Claudia stay in the States. Claudia suggests that they get married so she can get a green card. David’s like, “Okay, cool.”

Gina’s proud of Dylan for doing something good with his money. (Didn’t he just help build a playground?) He likes the idea of owning something, though Gina thinks he really likes the idea of being in charge. Matt surprises Kelly at the beach apartment to tell her he’s scared but he loves her and is ready to jump back into things. Did we just wrap up an episode with everyone happy?

Thoughts: Lou is played by Danny Woodburn, Hollywood’s go-to little person.

Guys, maybe stop listening to Gina about…well, anything?

I think David and Donna are great together, but David and Claudia are pretty cute, too.

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