August 1, 2015

BH90210 9.22, Local Hero: What a Tangled Web

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In this episode, the plate is a better actor than the actual actress, but give her a few years and she'll be okay

In this episode, the plate is a better actor than the actual actress, but give her a few years and she’ll be okay

Summary: Kelly calls Matt at work as she’s heading to her car at a grocery store. She runs into Dylan, who asks her to stick around so he can talk to her. Kelly decides not to mention to Matt that Dylan’s there. Steve attends a support group for sex addicts, and really, didn’t we all know this would happen someday? Back at the store, Dylan admits that he didn’t actually have a topic of conversation in mind for Kelly; he just wanted to hang out. He thinks she’s been avoiding him.

Dylan spots a shady-looking guy walking across the parking lot. The guy grabs a kid and orders the kid’s mother to hand over her purse. Dylan uses a shopping cart as a battering ram, managing to get the woman and child away from the man. The woman is pregnant, and though she’s not due for another month, she thinks she’s in labor. Kelly calmly runs to get her car and take the woman to the hospital. Dylan, meanwhile, traps the mugger in the woman’s trunk.

Once the woman is squared away at the hospital, Dylan calls Gina to let her know he’ll be late meeting her. She wants to give him the good news that she got a job offer, but he’s too busy to listen. A reporter talks to Kelly about the incident, but she’s hesitant to talk about the fact that she and Dylan were together. She announces that she was with Steve instead.

The real Steve is about to get an earful from Janet, who’s heard an answering machine message from Katie, one of the women at the support group. Steve explains that he attended to get dirt on celebrity sex addicts. There weren’t any there, but he thinks he can get some info from Katie. David pops by, followed by Katie, who Janet calls Steve’s “alarming new friend.”

Downtown somewhere, Donny spots Noah alone in a diner. She joins him, but realizes he’s acting weird. He tries to hurry her out, but not before a waitress greets him by name, though he’d claimed he’d never been there before. Donna’s not happy. Gina tells Matt that she’s being offered a job with the Skating Channel (that exists?) and needs to tell them who her lawyer is. He asks to look over her contract.

At the Beverly Beat, Dylan and Kelly tell Steve what happened at the store. Since no one saw Dylan at the scene, everyone believes Kelly’s story that she was there with Steve. Dylan and Kelly don’t want Matt to freak out that they were together, since they were just going to have coffee. Now the paper wants Steve’s picture so the media can make him into a hero. Steve declines, then changes his mind when he realizes how many nice things will say about him.

Donna thinks Noah and the waitress, René, are seeing each other, so she doesn’t want to talk to him. Noah reveals that he and René have been talking for a few weeks, but there’s nothing going on. Surprise – she’s his sister. The Walsh house residents, plus Kelly and Janet, watch a news report about Steve’s heroics as Janet wonders why he didn’t mention the incident. Matt’s also surprised, since Kelly didn’t mention seeing Steve.

Donna comes by with flowers and questions for Noah. He tells her that René is his father’s daughter; his mother doesn’t know about her. Apparently Mr. Hunter had some secret life he never mentioned. In fact, Noah’s the only person who knows about it – René doesn’t know that she’s Noah’s sister. Donna urges Noah to tell her the truth, but he doesn’t want to upend her life. He feels bad that she has to be part of such a dramatic family.

Steve tries to get Katie to name some names, as she’s slept with a lot of famous people. She doesn’t think that would help him with his addiction. Steve admits that he’s looking for fodder for his tabloid. Katie reminds him that he’s a hero, so he should act like one. David shows up as Katie’s leaving and tells Steve how hot she is. Matt offers to help Gina negotiate her contract, by which he means call someone at the network and tell him how horrible the offer is, then hang up.

Steve’s starting to get annoyed with all the attention being lavished on him. (The mother Dylan saved even named her baby Steve.) Janet thinks he should enjoy it. Steve runs off to call Dylan, asking to meet with him and Kelly. Dylan tells Gina that he has to leave to help Steve with a Janet-related issue. The three conspirators meet, and Steve wonders why Kelly and Dylan don’t just get back together already. Well, maybe he just wants them to tell the truth, but I think there’s subtext.

At the Peach Pit the next day, David tells Steve that he landed a date with Katie. Steve laughs to himself because Katie didn’t tell David about her sex addiction. Janet arrives and tells Steve that the police want him to go to the police station to ID the mugger. As Steve runs off to call Kelly, he tells David that Katie’s a sex addict. David doesn’t see that as a dealbreaker.

Noah meets Donna at the boutique, where she tells him she wants to take him to the diner. She talked to René and learned that she’s moving, so Noah needs to talk to her now before he loses his chance. Steve and Janet go to the police station, but since Kelly hasn’t arrived yet, Steve pretends he’s sick and can’t view the lineup. When Kelly arrives, she takes his place. The police aren’t suspicious, but Janet can’t figure out why Steve’s so hesitant to take credit. He admits that he didn’t do anything.

David and Katie have lunch, and he’s disappointed that he can’t get her to go to his place afterward. Kelly tells Dylan that Janet knows the truth about the mugging, so it’s only a matter of time before other truths come out. She’s decided to tell Matt everything, including what she and Dylan did in Mexico. (How many times am I going to have to link to that?) Dylan thinks this would be a good time to cut Gina loose, though Kelly won’t commit to getting back together with him.

Matt, Gina, and a bottle of champagne await a fax from the Skating Channel with her new offer. Unfortunately, they get a rejection note instead – someone else has been offered Gina’s job. Gina’s mad at Matt for urging her to take a chance that backfired. She should have just taken what she could get. “You blew it,” the grown woman tells the man whose help she could have turned down at any point.

Noah and Donna return to the diner, but René has already left. Noah splits, but Donna decides to have a chat with the owner. At the beach apartment, Gina tells Dylan that the network was using her as leverage to get another, more famous skater to sign with them. She laments being considered “the next best thing.” Dylan decides this isn’t a good time to dump her.

Donna gets the diner owner to call René and send her to the After Dark to meet with Noah. Noah stuns her by revealing their family connection, but they’re both happy. Steve and Janet visit the would-be mugging victim, telling her who really saved her in the parking lot. Steve points out that she might want to change her new son’s name. The mother declines – she named the baby after her husband Steve, not Steve Sanders.

Matt thinks he and Gina should drink their celebratory champagne even though she didn’t get the job. He needs an assistant and wants Gina to work with him. He promises that the job offer isn’t coming from guilt. He just doesn’t want her to feel like she’s not worth much. Matt reminds Gina that she said she wishes she said no to Dylan more often. Maybe pushing him away will make him realize what he could lose.

David meets with Katie again, telling her he knows about her sex addiction. He wants to go out with her again. She tells him she’s been in treatment for a while and is feeling “healthier.” Kelly waits for Matt at the Walshes’ house so she can tell him what really happened at the grocery store. She insists that nothing happened with Dylan, and they’re just friends. Matt points out that they constructed a web of lies to keep their encounter quiet. He admits that he doesn’t like the idea of Kelly spending time with Dylan.

Kelly then heads to the After Dark to tell Dylan that she and Matt are going to work through their problems. She didn’t tell him about Mexico. Kelly still wants to be with Matt, not Dylan, and she knows Dylan isn’t happy with Gina. He admits that he doesn’t know what he’s going to do next.

Thoughts: René is played by Shiri Appleby (Roswell, Unreal). Good casting, too (I mean, other than the fact that she’s not very good in this episode) – she and Vincent Young share a resemblance.

David dyed his hair dark brown, and Steve calls him Eddie Munster. Thanks, Steve.

I wish there had been a scene where Nat had yelled at Donna and Noah for cheating on the Peach Pit with René’s diner.

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  1. Deja Johnson said,

    Kelly and Daylan seem like they want each other, but also don’t wanna be stuck with each other.

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