September 3, 2015

Emergency club meeting: I hate the word “staycation”

Posted in Misc. at 8:11 pm by Jenn

…but a staycation is what I’m taking next week, since I didn’t get to take a real vacation this summer. Instead of disappearing for a week and not posting anything, I’m going to bombard you with posts every day from 9/5 through 9/13. Because I’m crazy!

Here’s the schedule:

Saturday, 9/5: Beverly Hills, 90210 10.1, “The Phantom Menace”
Sunday, 9/6: The X-Files 1.13, “Beyond the Sea”
Monday, 9/7: Beverly Hills, 90210 10.2, “Let’s Eat Cake”
Tuesday, 9/8: Sweet Valley Twins #38, Lois Strikes Back
Wednesday, 9/9: The X-Files 1.14, “Gender Bender”
Thursday, 9/10: Beverly Hills, 90210 10.3, “You Better Work”
Friday, 9/11: The X-Files 1.15, “Lazarus”
Saturday, 9/12: Beverly Hills, 90210 10.4, “A Fine Mess”
Sunday, 9/13: The X-Files 1.16, “Young at Heart”

I hope you all enjoy the blogging spree. And I hope I survive it.

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