September 7, 2015

BH90210 10.2, Let’s Eat Cake: 24 Conversations About Choices for David’s 24th Birthday

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Matt is like the perfect mix of dorky and sweet

Matt is like the perfect mix of dorky and sweet

Summary: The gang hangs out at the After Dark, where David complains that he has no exciting plans for his 24th birthday. The guys notice that Janet’s breasts are looking a little fuller. They don’t notice that she’s drinking mineral water because she’s pregnant. After Janet leaves, Steve decides that Janet had a boob job. Dylan offers to take a longer look if Steve needs confirmation. He thinks she didn’t tell Steve about the surgery because she doesn’t want him to think she’s vain. Steve thinks she’s trying to improve something about herself because she’s not happy.

Donna sighs as Noah does some flirting with Cherise. Janet and Kelly try to convince her that it’s not a big deal. They think she should tell Noah that Wayne is now out of the picture. Donna thinks the relationship is beyond repair. Matt asks Kelly to dance, but she’s clearly uncomfortable with close physical contact. He assures her that he’s not going to pressure her into anything she’s not ready for. She tells him they need to hold off until she feels safe again.

The next day, Dylan goes by David’s house to finish paying off his share of the rent. David rejects his thousand-dollar check, thinking Dylan’s trying to use money to get himself out of the mess with Gina. Dylan argues that he was getting back together with his girlfriend, so David has no place to object. Kelly calls to tell David that their annual family dinner is on. David’s still annoyed by his lack of exciting birthday plans. THEN MAKE SOME YOURSELF AND SHUT UP. Dylan leaves, having written out another check.

The gang is actually planning a big surprise party for David. Janet ducks out of planning, making Steve think that she’s trying to avoid him. Kelly assures him that Janet isn’t trying to break up with him. Donna chimes in, promising that Janet only spent the previous night with them because they got home late from the club. Kelly tells Janet that Steve is suspicious, so she needs to start announcing her pregnancy. Janet’s now far enough along that she’s felt the baby moving. Donna joins them, and Janet lets her in on her news. Donna and Kelly think Steve will be happy. They invite Janet to move in permanently.

A girl named Lucy is being escorted out of the Beverly Royale when she runs into Dylan. Dylan knew her when she was a kid; she’s now a teenager, at least. She’s also high and in the midst of being arrested. Dylan tries to advocate for her, but the cop who arrested her found joints in her room. Steve and Janet have a picnic together, but he worries that this is their last date before he gets dumped. Then he thinks she’s just going to tell him she got breast implants. Janet decides this is a bad time to tell him he’s going to be a father.

Dylan approaches Matt about Lucy, who, like him, raised herself at the hotel because her parents were always away. Matt confides that Lucy was found with so much crystal meth that she could be charged with trafficking. At the beach apartment, Kelly and Donna continue encouraging Janet to tell Steve about her pregnancy. After all, he used to date someone who had a child. Gina shows up to give Janet her key, and Donna realizes that they didn’t invite her to David’s party. Kelly lets her decide if they should tell her about it. Donna decides to do the nice thing.

Dylan bails Lucy out of jail, then lectures her about making poor decisions. He thinks she should go back to school. Lucy remembers watching Dylan get stoned and talk to girls about philosophy when he was in high school. She always wished he would talk to her. Then she wished she could be like him. Donna tries to talk to Noah about David’s party, quickly realizing that he’s not willing to have a civil conversation with her about anything. He doesn’t want to listen to her apologies.

David spots Gina in the midst of getting picked up by a guy and gives some broad advice on the radio about not being dumb. When she confronts him in his booth, he accuses her of using him to make Dylan jealous. She points out that he acted like her friend, which he knew she needed, but apparently wanted something else in return. That makes him the fake, not her.

Kelly and Matt hang out at the beach apartment, still a little awkward. Matt wants her to see her intimacy issues as theirs, not just hers. He wants to understand how she feels. She compares it to having your apartment robbed. Things don’t feel right even after the robber is caught. Matt insists that Kelly will get better. He has some ideas of how to help her.

Steve and Janet work late at the paper, and without any build-up, she finally tells him she’s pregnant. “That’s…unexpected,” he replies. She tells him she’s having the baby with or without him. Steve wishes he’d told her sooner so he could go to the doctor with her. Then he finds out that she’s known for months and is 16 weeks along. He’s unhappy that they’ve spent every day of the past three months together and she didn’t say anything. Janet lectures Steve about right and wrong all the time but has made big decisions behind his back.

At the Beverly Royale, Steve shares the news with the guys, not realizing that Gina’s listening from the next room. She thinks Matt can get Steve out of any responsibility. She points out that Janet might not even want money from Steve. Dylan reminds Steve that Janet is his girlfriend, so he can’t just ditch her. David thinks Steve should stay out of his child’s life if he’s not going to be involved regularly. Dylan starts to object, so David tells him to shut up – Steve’s young and doesn’t have Dylan’s millions. Dylan, unlike Steve, has no responsibilities.

David storms out, so Noah takes advantage of his absence to tell the others that Christina Aguilera will be at the club for David’s surprise party. This is the first Gina’s heard of it. She’s upset that David’s mad at her because of Dylan, but she’s not invited to the party while Dylan is. Dylan reminds her that he and David have known each other for ten years. He needs to fix things between the guys, and Gina being there won’t help. And it’s not like Gina would want to go anyway.

Matt gives Kelly a book about intimacy after trauma and asks her to go to the author’s seminar with him. But they go to the wrong seminar – this one is about overcoming shyness. The first activity is using their necks to pass oranges to other people. It looks like it might be a good first step for Kelly, but it’s not. At the Beverly Beat, Janet tries to explain to Steve why she held off on telling him about the baby. He’s mad that they no longer have options to discuss. She thinks that means he would have told her to have an abortion, but he says he just wanted more time to process it.

Matt takes an orange from the seminar and asks Kelly to try the task again. This time it works. He asks her to tell him what she wants him to do. Kelly likes how he used to unconsciously drape an arm around her; now she can’t stand being touched. She warns him to never sneak up behind her. But she would like him to hold her and make her feel safe, so he does.

Dylan meets Lucy again, and it sounds like Matt got her charges dropped. She claims she’s done with drugs, but he can tell she’s high. She’s annoyed that he keeps bugging her about college. Lucy says she’ll go to college when Dylan does. He invites her to an NA meeting with him, but she notes that he used to go to AA, and here he is, drinking. Dylan tells her that some alcoholics can handle a drink. Yeah, maybe not the right thing to say to a teen addict who probably thinks she can “handle” a little meth.

Gina calls David, asking him to come help her with a flat tire. Then she punctures her own tire. Oh, Gina. Dylan gives Lucy a college course catalog, telling her that he’s called her bluff and reenrolled. She agrees to look through the catalog. Dylan’s annoyed that she backed him into this corner. Kelly goes to get David for his surprise party, but he’s out rescuing Gina from her fake emergency. When she calls, Gina answers and pretends it’s a wrong number.

Kelly joins everyone else at the After Dark, reporting that Gina intercepted the birthday boy. David left a message for Kelly telling her that he went to help Gina with a flat. Janet wonders if they can cut the cake without him. Steve admits that the guys accidentally let Gina in on the party plans. “Why am I supposed to hate her again?” he asks. Gina tries to get David to hang out with her, which David doesn’t get. He knows she called him because she knew he would help. He wants to say this is the last time, but he’ll always be willing to help her. Gina convinces him to let her take him for a drink.

Some up-and-comer named Christina Aguilera performs at the club, where the gang decides the party is a bust. However, Gina has brought David there, having decided to do something nice for once. She tells him she likes who she is with him. David thanks her with a kiss, then says, “Too bad you’re not with me.” Gina sends him inside ahead of her, shaken by the turn of events (and also not wanting to go to the party). He’s confused when she drives off. Things become clear when he goes inside and realizes his friends are waiting for him.

Kelly and Janet demand a speech, so David says that he’s a little embarrassed, but also touched. They’ve been friends for a long time and have done so many things together. He thought he was going to spend the evening with his family, and in a weird way, that’s what happened. Christina sings again and I hit fast-forward. As the gang cuts the cake, David tells Dylan that he was with Gina, and things are better between them. They seem to be better between the guys, too.

Janet storms into the men’s room to yell at Steve for getting her pregnant. Also, it happened while they were camping. She admits that she wishes she’d told him sooner. If he doesn’t want the baby, she’ll understand and won’t ask him for anything. Now he gets to make a choice. Dylan goes home to Gina, praising her for doing something good with David. Lucy drops by, struggling with withdrawal, and asks Dylan to take her to rehab the next morning. After, she’ll be going to school on the East Coast. They agree to keep each other apprised of their grades. At the Walshes’, Steve shoots baskets in the middle of the night, telling Matt he hasn’t decided what to do yet.

Thoughts: Again I ask: Why is Noah on this show? He only really talks to Donna, and he barely does that. It’s like he’s on a completely different show.

I love Janet and all, but she should have told Steve about the baby earlier. I’m sure he would have freaked out, but he would have calmed down after a little while.

Finally, someone called Dylan on his drinking! Thanks, drug addict who hasn’t seen him for years!

Aww, it’s itty-bitty young Christina Aguilera from the “Genie in a Bottle” era. This show is like a time machine.


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