September 12, 2015

BH90210 10.4, A Fine Mess: Waiting to Be Unhappy

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Seriously, Doc, do you mind?

Seriously, Doc, do you mind?

Summary: Steve is at the Walshes’ house, moping over his failed engagement with the guys, who think he needs to ask Janet again. This time, he needs to have a ring and more confidence. Over at the beach apartment, Donna and Kelly talk Janet through the same situation. Matt, the only person there who’s actually been married, thinks she’s right to say no if she and Steve aren’t both completely committed. Donna, however, says that the baby needs a father.

Steve shows the guys a ring, and they urge him to practice proposing. David volunteers Noah to play Janet. Steve tries, but can’t get around the masculine hand he’s supposed to put the ring on. Janet shows Kelly and Donna her to-do list, which includes having an ultrasound so she can find out if she’s having a boy or a girl. Janet says that if she weren’t pregnant, she’d take him back, but a baby can’t handle his indecision. David calls best man as he and Noah leave Steve and Dylan alone. Dylan thinks things will turn out find no matter what happens.

The next day, Kelly tells Matt that she’s annoyed because he didn’t help her and Donna convince Janet to marry Steve. Just then, one of Matt’s clients arrives, complaining about how horrible a father her ex-husband is. Matt thinks this is a good example of why some people shouldn’t get married. Kelly still thinks he’s speaking out of turn. David goes to a radio-related meeting, butting heads with the receptionist, who doesn’t like the advice he gives couples. He asks for her number anyway.

Dylan asks Janet to the Beverly Royale to tell her she’s wrong for turning down Steve. Gina arrives, can’t read the room, and has to be asked to leave. Dylan tells Janet that she’s being selfish for pushing a father and child apart. He reminds her that she asked Steve to step up, and he did. Janet doesn’t appreciate his meddling. Noah hears Steve practicing his proposal again and jokes that Steve’s cheating on him. Donna brings him a band’s demo for the After Dark, and it looks like they’re back together. She doesn’t tell him that Wayne recommended the band.

Gina’s mother calls the hotel, surprised to hear that she’s moved from the beach apartment. She’s most excited about the fact that the pool is heated. Gina again fails to read the room, bugging Dylan while he’s trying to do schoolwork. He decides this is a good time to discuss their living arrangements. Namely, he doesn’t like them. Janet interrupts Steve’s proposal rehearsal to tell him to get the gang to back off. She’s not going to change her mind because of them. She gives him a schedule of her OB appointments, and he objects to finding out the baby’s sex.

Dylan and Gina’s living arrangements haven’t changed yet, as she’s still invading his space at the hotel. He thinks they should live separately so their relationship doesn’t get screwed up. She’s mad. Noah books the band Donna recommended, but he’s not so excited about them when he learns that the lead singer is Wayne’s cousin. Kelly and Donna have coffee with Dylan, who tells them that Steve wanted to propose again. They briefly consider holding an intervention. They hear Matt’s client fighting with her ex, and they comment that nothing lasts forever.

At the After Dark, Gina complains to David about how men suck. He thinks she’s still with Dylan because he has the potential to not suck. Gina looks on as Noah confronts Donna over not telling him about Wayne’s connection to the band. Donna claims she was just trying to help; he needed a band, and she knew of one. David calls the receptionist, Robyn, on the air and asks her out. She objects but finds him cute, so she accepts a date.

Steve gets drunk and complains to Noah about Janet. Noah thinks that once Janet sees the ring, she’ll say yes. Steve disagrees, putting the ring in a shot class. Donna calls Janet to the club to try to get her to talk to Steve. Noah convinces Steve to propose, so he does another test run with Noah. It ends when he hears Janet tell Donna that she doesn’t want to be with him.

David takes a call on the air, telling the caller about his friend “Doug,” who kicked out his girlfriend when he got sick of her. She now loves him more than ever. Dylan yells at David for using his relationship problems to his advantage. David thinks he should be thanking Dylan for helping to make his show so popular.

At the Beverly Beat the next day, Dylan urges Steve to accept his breakup with Janet and start focusing on how being a single parent will make him look to other women. Janet arrives and reminds Steve how much she likes order. Right now her life is chaotic and messy, which freaks her out. Steve is also chaotic and messy, which also scares her, but she still loves him. Sometimes she likes being surprised by him, but right now, she can’t handle it.

Donna tracks down Noah to apologize for not telling him the truth about the band. She admits to being embarrassed about the end of her relationship with Wayne. She’s still trying to deal with having to see him with Cherise. They need to focus on themselves and their relationship again, instead of their exes. Dylan helps Gina look for a new place, but she doesn’t appreciate his help. He assures her that not wanting to live with her isn’t personal. It’s hard for her to believe that. David and Robyn hang out at the After Dark, talking about how he was a sidekick in high school, which made him a person who’s good at giving advice.

Matt and Kelly are also at the club, but she’s still annoyed with the way he looks at marriage. She can’t get past his view that sometimes relationships don’t last forever. They spot his client dancing with another man, which makes Kelly want to go home. She’s upset that so many people get divorced, and that Janet and Steve aren’t together. Kelly thinks Matt’s “waiting to be unhappy,” and thinks she should expect the same. Kelly heads home, where Janet and Donna are putting together a crib. She says that Matt’s disbelief in forever is “like a Hallmark card from Hell.”

The baby kicks just as Steve arrives (but I’m not sure there’s a connection). Steve tells Janet that he likes messiness. She needs to realize that dealing with chaos is part of life. Janet disagrees – she’s scheduled all of her appointments and has everything in a row. Steve says he doesn’t feel like he should have to prove his love for his child. He continues that he doesn’t want to find out the baby’s sex; he wants to be surprised in the delivery room with Janet. Then he wants to come home and clean up any messes the baby has made, or any messes he and Janet have made.

Matt meets with his client, who backtracks on what she said before about her ex. They’re now looking at reconciling. Matt reminds her that she was out with another man the night before. She says that the date helped her realize that she doesn’t want to be with someone else. She thought she wanted to leave her husband because their relationship had changed, but now she sees that that’s not necessarily bad. Now she can see them lasting forever.

Janet has an ultrasound, and just before she finds out the baby’s sex, Steve arrives. He decides this is a good time to propose. Janet accepts. The ring doesn’t fit. Womp womp. Janet decides not to find out the sex of the baby after all, so she and Steve can be surprised together. Robyn calls David before he starts his radio show, but he gets distracted when his station manager asks him to talk about their date on the air. After all, they made the date on the air. Meanwhile, Noah and Donna make up for the billionth time.

David’s listeners want to hear all about his date with Robyn, but David refuses to talk about it. Dylan calls in to taunt that David now gets what it’s like to have someone discuss his personal life on the radio. Or maybe he likes to talk about other people’s relationships because he doesn’t have a good one himself? This makes David want to talk about the date after all.

Matt goes to the beach apartment to tell Kelly that he wasn’t always so pessimistic about relationships. After what happened with Lauren, he started protecting himself from failure. Kelly tells him that Steve and Janet made things work, so now Matt’s “surrounded by happily ever after.” Not so much for David, who gets dumped over the phone after Robyn hears his show.

Dylan, however, thinks he’s found a solution for him and Gina – he’s made arrangements for her to live at the hotel. Not with him, in a different room. And she’s registered as Mrs. McKay. Gina thinks she’s being put up “for services rendered.” In happier relationship news, Janet apologizes to Steve for pushing him away, and he promises that they’re together for good. He gives her a signed copy of the ultrasound, telling Janet the baby looks just like her.

Thoughts: Now it’s Noah who kind of serves a purpose and Gina who has no use here.

Steve and Janet were planning to keep working together? Can you imagine having a kid who asks you one day, “Mommy, why do you share an office with Daddy when you won’t let him in the house?”

Hey, Janet’s doctor, if your patient’s having a private moment, maybe give her some actual privacy? A proposal is between two people, not two people and their OB.

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