September 19, 2015

BH90210 10.5, The Loo-Ouch: After Hours

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It's always a classy party with this gang

It’s always a classy party with this gang

Summary: Two kids at the Beverly Royale wake Dylan up with a prank call, pretending to be from a radio station. He tells them he’s a federal agent and is tracing the call. Apparently this isn’t the first time they’ve called. Dylan decides to get some writing done, but Gina turns on the TV to watch Gone With the Wind. He reminds her that she has her own room now. Gina’s annoyed that he doesn’t want her around now that they’re done with sex for the night. She’s even more annoyed when a guy in the hallway mistakes her for a hooker.

Steve and Janet meet her parents for dinner, finally revealing her pregnancy. They’re not any happier to learn of the couple’s engagement. They think Janet’s too young to settle down, and Mr. Sosna even goes so far as to tell Janet that she’s disgraced the family. David’s still trying to convince Robyn that he’s not a horrible person; his show just makes him seem that way. He encourages her to just not listen to it. Then they walk into the Peach Pit and find everyone wearing shirts with David’s face and the words “if you’re gonna play…you might as well score.”

At the Walshes’, Steve complains to Matt and Noah that it’s hard to plan a wedding when the bride’s family has practically disowned her. They’re also planning for the baby and looking for a place to live. Matt and Noah offer to let them live at the Walshes’, though one of the guys will have to move out. Both guys wonder if their girlfriends will want to live with them. Matt then goes to see Kelly to let her know that his living arrangements could change soon, so maybe hers will, too. Kelly shares the news with Donna, who hasn’t heard from Noah on the subject yet.

Speaking of Noah, he runs into Gina, who then spots the guy from the hallway. She suggests to Noah that they run an after-hours business to make more money. Noah will be able to pocket all of it, cutting Dylan out. And all they’ll have to do is let women take their clothes off at the After Dark! Sounds like a great plan to me!

Janet and Steve have lunch with Rush, who apparently never learned that a) Asia isn’t just one big country, b) Janet is Japanese, not Chinese, and c) not all Asian waiters are Chinese restaurants are Chinese. He thinks Steve and Janet should hold off on getting married – they should have the baby and “see how it goes.” Steve’s never listened to his father before, and he’s not about to start now.

Gina and Dylan fight a little before a maid named Maria brings the pranking boys (her sons) by to apologize to Dylan. He figures that they were caught by the same employee who used to catch him pulling pranks. Dylan puts them to work giving the hallway guy early-morning wake-up calls every 15 minutes.

At the Walshes’ house, which is full of decorations for Janet and Steve’s engagement party, Donna wonders why Noah hasn’t asked her if she wants to live with him. Steve and Janet bicker about their parents’ issues. Donna mentions that at least Samantha’s happy. Steve snarks that she’s a double threat to Janet’s parents, since she’s a Caucasian lesbian. A woman named Karen shows up, having heard about the engagement party from Samantha. She’s Samantha’s partner, there for the party in Samantha’s absence. Suddenly Janet starts having pain.

Gina and Noah go over the details of their new business: For $30 a head, the After Dark will be a strip club. Gina’s going to network using contacts from Pia’s book. Noah admits that he needs money for his own place. Gina’s like, “Yeah, I guess you don’t have a sugar daddy to put you up like I do.” She’s excited to make back all the money her mother allegedly took from her.

Dylan gets a little revenge on Maria’s sons by putting a crab in one boy’s backpack. This plot is dumb. Janet and the baby are both fine; her doctor thinks she just had a panic attack. She advises Janet to try to avoid stress. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll happen. Mrs. Sosna shows up, having been called by Donna, and now seems willing to go easier on her daughter and future son-in-law. Steve avoids an awkward moment by introducing Karen as his adopted sister.

David and Robyn have gotten things back on track, though she’s worried that he won’t call if she doesn’t sleep with him. After all, he’s mentioned that on his radio show. David assures her that there’s no pressure, and even invites her to the engagement party so she can meet his friends. At the Walshes’, Matt tells Kelly that he knows of a townhouse that would be perfect for them to live in together. Kelly likes how things are currently and doesn’t want to make any big changes.

Noah tells Donna that he won’t be able to make the engagement party, since things are so busy at the After Dark. Donna forces him to talk about the possibility of moving in together, but Noah’s not interested right now. Dylan surprises Gina by setting up her suite as a movie theater so they can watch Gone With the Wind together. She barely keeps him from seeing Pia’s book of potential strip-club clients.

Mr. and Mrs. Sosna drop by the beach apartment, where Mr. Sosna eyes Steve’s “if you’re gonna play” shirt. The Sosnas want Janet to move back in so they can help her with the baby. They’ll even look after the child while Janet goes to grad school. Steve can visit. Janet tells her parents that she already has things planned out and will be raising the baby with her soon-to-be husband.

Dylan’s chatting with Maria’s sons when he learns that Maria has been fired – a guest found the sons’ crabs in her bathtub. Dylan begs Maria’s boss to change his mind, but he refuses. Kelly tells Donna that Matt asked her to move in, but she wants to keep living with Donna. Donna remarks that at least Matt asked, unlike Noah. She feels like this is their first big test after getting back together, and they’re failing.

The engagement party is supposed to be a luau on the beach, but rain sends the guests to the beach apartment. Karen’s annoyed with Steve for saying that she’s Samantha’s daughter rather than her partner. Steve asks Rush to keep up the lie, but this is the first Rush has heard that Samantha has a partner. Oh, and the first he’s heard that Samantha’s a lesbian. “No wife of mine was ever gay!” he exclaims. You’re wrong there, Rush.

Donna asks Dylan to let Noah have a night off from running the club so he can come to the party. Gina gets rid of her so Dylan won’t find out that there’s anything happening at the After Dark. The Sosnas arrive, and Rush puts on a big show of pretending Karen’s his daughter. “She’s a wonderful actress,” Karen tells the Sosnas when they ask after Samantha. “She can fake anything.”

Then things get worse: Rush thought he was coming to a bachelor party, so he hired a stripper, Trish. Steve pretends she’s a prospective nanny. Trish is a big fan of David’s and asks him to sign her chest. She asks if he and Robyn slept together after their third date, as he’d talked about on his show. David says yes, so Robyn’s done with him. Also done: the Sosnas, after a fight between Rush and Karen over who’s had better sex with Samantha ends with Rush asking Karen to join him in the bedroom.

Steve decides to cut his losses by telling the Sosnas that Karen is Samantha’s partner. They don’t care – they still think he’s an awful choice in husband and father. Mr. Sosna reminds Janet that she wanted to go to grad school. Janet replies that her life has gone in a different direction, but she’s happy. She knows her parents are disappointed in her, not in Steve. Mr. Sosna confirms this.

Dylan and Gina head home, where she quickly calls Noah to warn him that Dylan’s on his way to the After Dark. Noah’s still auditioning strippers and doesn’t feel a sense of urgency. Gina’s plan B is taking off her clothes to get Dylan to stay with her. The next day, Dylan takes Maria and her sons to an afterschool program. Now that her boss won’t have to deal with the kids, he agrees to give Maria her job back. Andrew, the guy who runs the program, suggests that Dylan volunteer.

Matt and Noah decide to flip a coin to figure out which of them moves out of the Walshes’ house. Kelly and Donna stop them, not wanting a coin to decide their futures. Noah reminds Donna that she didn’t want to live with him before, so why would he ask again? Kelly tells Matt that she’d like to live with him, but she doesn’t want to change her life just because Janet and Steve’s new life developments make her feel left behind. As Noah flips the coin, Donna catches it and announces that they’ll live together.

Steve and Janet gather her parents and Rush at the beach apartment to try to smooth things over. Apart from anyone’s race or class, they love each other and want to be together. Steve insists that he would have eventually proposed to Janet even without the baby. They’re going to focus on their family and not worry about whether their parents support their decisions.

Gina’s sex plan was so successful that Dylan tells her she doesn’t have to leave when they’re done. She decides she has a pretty good boyfriend after all. But this time she’s the one who leaves, since there’s work to be done at the club. Well, really, the work is mostly done, but Gina still gets to collect a wad of cash. Elsewhere, David tries again to make up with Robyn, telling her that the person he was in high school would never act like he does now. Robyn wishes she’d met the high school version of David.

Thoughts: There are three recognizable guest stars in this episode:

  • Karen is played by Lisa Thornhill (Celeste Kane on Veronica Mars).
  • Trish is played by Jaime Bergman.
  • Andrew is played by Robb Derringer (currently Sloane on General Hospital).

Gina, you can complain about being a kept woman or you can reap the benefits, but not both.

Hey, Donna, maybe Noah hasn’t suggested living together since the last time he did, you kept saying no and slept with someone else. Remember?

Karen, look at the bright side: You do look young enough to be Steve’s sister.

Best scene in the episode:

Karen: “Can you tell when a woman fakes an orgasm?”
Rush: “Yes, absolutely.”
Karen: “That’s not what Mom said.”
(Matt, in the background, loves this)
Rush: “I got something you don’t have.”
Karen: “Penis envy?”

I want to watch The Karen and Rush Show.

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  1. Deja said,

    Funny how Val got slapped and Gina never did. Also I’m a bit confused; when Gina and her mom scammed Donna and Felice (another dropped plot point btw), Gina gave Bobbi her cut and kept the rest… how could/did Bobbi steal that?

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