October 10, 2015

BH90210 10.8, Baby, You Can Drive My Car: The Amazing Race, 90210-Style

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I think I have a new favorite episode

I think I have a new favorite episode

Summary: Steve dozes at the Walshes’ while Kelly, Donna, and Janet work on wedding details. Donna mentions that Noah’s going to start moving into the beach apartment. Janet complains that her and Steve’s parents don’t care about the wedding (which they haven’t even set a date for yet). Right now, all Steve cares about is the strippers he’s dreaming about. Janet invades his dream to ask a question about the wedding reception.

Dylan meets with Andrew to go over activities for the kids at the community center. He needs more funds, so Dylan writes a big check. He’d rather give money than actually volunteer. Gina suggests that she and Dylan volunteer together, which is hilarious. Kelly runs into David at the Peach Pit and tells him that Mel is a pig – she’s heard about Mel’s visit to the strip club. Now that Jackie knows, she’s kicking him out. “My daddy looked at a naked girl, so Kelly’s mommy kicked him out,” David tells Gina, who plays dumb about how Jackie might have found out. Kelly’s on to her, though, and hates both her and Noah.

Janet works on the nursery, hoping to get it done quickly so she and Steve can move on to wedding plans. She gets emotional and tells Steve she doesn’t want to be pregnant when they get married. Steve tells her she doesn’t need to be insecure about anything. Janet suggests that they set a date for the wedding.

Dylan and Andrew have dinner together, and Andrew mentions that he’s gay. Dylan clearly doesn’t have any problem with it, but Andrew isn’t out. He’s stayed in the closet because he’s worried about how people will react to him working with kids. Dylan’s like, “What decade is this?” Just then, a group of guys jumps out and attacks Dylan and Andrew, thinking they’re a couple. Dylan gets the better of one, but Andrew is a little banged up.

Janet panics about baby and wedding stress again, but Steve has an idea. It involves their friends. Dylan takes Andrew to his hotel and calls the police, who need the guys to make a statement. Andrew won’t make one – the press will find out he’s gay, and he doesn’t want to deal with the backlash. He’s scared he’ll be branded a pervert. Dylan points out that if they don’t put the bashers in jail, they’ll go after someone else. Andrew tells him to make the statement for both of them.

Gina comes home and tells Dylan that her mom wants them to visit. She’s pleased that Bobbi actually wants to spend time with her. Dylan points out that Gina never wants to spend time with her; why is she so excited about a visit? Gina asks if Dylan knows anything about her. They spend all their time together, but Dylan never seems to care what she’s talking about. And yet she keeps coming back…

Steve and Janet gather the gang at the After Dark to send them on a scavenger hunt. Nat announces that there will be a party at the end. It’s to serve as a combination baby shower/bachelor party/bachelorette party. Everyone will work in teams, and if they get stuck, they can call an emergency number for help. There’s no cheating, and Steve and Janet won’t be paying any speeding tickets. (Heh.)

The teams are Donna and Matt; David, Kelly, and Noah (bad idea); and Dylan and Gina (worse idea). Each team gets a box containing the first clue and any “tools” they may need. Donna and Matt rush off before even looking at the clue. Kelly, David, and Noah turn out to get a good team, quickly figuring out that they need to go to a copy center. Gina and Dylan will probably kill each other before they figure out the first clue.

Once David, Kelly, and Noah are in the car, things get awkward, since Kelly wants to talk about how many times Mel may have cheated on Jackie. David points out that Jackie’s the one breaking up the marriage. Kelly replies that she’s not the one who cheated. Noah tries to argue that not every stripper at the club was a stripper. Kelly’s like, “Semantics don’t matter when my mom and sister are angry at Mel.”

Donna and Matt are first to the copy center, where they have to use photos of various body parts to make a calendar: “P.S. Extra points for photocopying your butt.” Donna volunteers Matt’s butt. Good call, Donna. They quickly get to work, finishing as David, Noah, and Kelly arrive. Noah asks Donna to switch teams since Kelly’s being a jerk. She agrees but reminds him that he and Kelly are about to be roommates. Donna’s smart enough to take her and Matt’s photos, so he’ll have to redo the task with Noah.

The next clue sends teams to a house owned by a family who puts up Christmas decorations in November. The racers will be stealing some of the decorations (which will be returned at the end of the race). Dylan and Gina are still on their way to the copy center, though Gina’s more interested in helping a stray dog. Dylan tells her they’re not getting a dog, which makes Gina complain about their strained relationship.

Noah and Matt head to the Christmas house to do some stealing. “Smells like a felony to me!” Matt says. Noah finds and starts blowing up an inflatable doll. A cop sees them, and the guys try to pretend nothing strange is going on but get pulled over anyway. At the Christmas house, David stays back to be the getaway driver while Donna and Kelly take decorations and the next clue. They get caught by the homeowner, who’s excited to participate – she met her husband on a scavenger hunt.

Dylan and Gina arrive next, fighting about the dog. David agrees to go with Gina to get the stray, so we have another team switch. Kelly, Donna, and Dylan next go to a mattress store to take a photo with an employee on a bed (wearing footie pajamas). Andrew calls Dylan to tell him that he needs to view a lineup the next day. Andrew still refuses to participate. Kelly and Donna bug him about Gina, pointing out that they shouldn’t be dating if they can’t handle spending an hour in a car together.

Gina and Dylan take the dog to a vet, and she complains more about Dylan. She wishes he were more like David. At the mattress store, Dylan and an increasingly competitive Donna convince a store employee to take a picture with a pajama-wearing Dylan. The next clue tells the team to find the classified ad Janet answered for the job Steve and Brandon gave her at the Beverly Beat. Somehow, the task involves math.

Donna and Dylan work on it while Kelly answers Donna’s phone. Noah’s calling from the Christmas house, wanting to talk to Donna. Kelly refuses to hand over the phone, telling Noah to call the emergency number and quit. The mattress-store employee did well on his math SAT, so he helps Dylan with the clue. He comes up with the number 15,488. The racers combine that with a picture of a sunset and decide it means the party is at 15488 Sunset Boulevard.

Gina’s upset to learn that the stray dog isn’t actually a stray, and will be allowed to go back to her owners. She objects to them getting back the dog they let wander in traffic. That’s not how you treat someone you love. Do you guys get it? David’s more concerned with the fact that they named the dog Joan. Heh. Gina takes the dog and tells the vet to let the family know they can call her to get Joan back.

Everyone else ends up at 15488 Sunset Boulevard, though Noah and Matt had to call the emergency number. Donna, Kelly, and Dylan have won the race, which is good, because Donna would probably be insufferable if she’d lost. The final clue gives some information about the location, saying that today it will unite two-and-a-half people. Nat appears and plugs in some lights as “Here Comes the Bride” plays. Steve and Janet are getting married there, right now.

The bride and groom exchange some very nice vows and are declared husband and wife. They have their reception at the Beverly Royale, laughing over Dylan’s picture from the mattress store. The wedding location was something old. The mattress Dylan posed on is now Janet and Steve’s, their something new. The Christmas lights are something borrowed, and the calendars are something(s) blue. Steve wonders what happened to the blow-up doll. The prize for the scavenger hunt is a gift certificate to the Peach Pit. Thanks for showing up, Nat.

Dylan toasts the newlyweds, who share their first dance. Janet wishes their parents had been there, but Steve points out that that would have been a disaster. Janet’s hopeful that their families will come around someday. Steve’s happy even though things didn’t come together the way they’d imagined. Kelly still won’t talk to Noah, who reminds her that the strippers and dancers weren’t any kind of victims. For example, one of them, Trina, was there to make money to take care of her kids. Some people make mistakes and do what they have to do to get by.

Later, Kelly sees how happy Steve and Janet are and tells Matt that’s what she wants someday. Matt decides to conspire to make sure Kelly catches Janet’s bouquet. Dylan tells Kelly, “She doesn’t hold a candle to you on your wedding day.” Then he tells Gina he’ll go visit Bobbi with her. Gina says she just wanted to spend more time with him; how else will they end up like Steve and Janet? Dylan tells her they might not get a happily ever after.

Gina storms off, asking David to take her somewhere. He tells her he can’t hang out with her if they’re only going to be friends. Back at the reception, Dylan arranges for Steve and Janet to spend the night in the penthouse, but they already have a place to stay. Donna, Kelly, and Noah return the Christmas decorations before Kelly goes to spend the night with Matt so Donna and Noah can have the apartment to themselves. Donna tells Noah she wants to do something to help Trina, but he admits that she doesn’t exist. Kelly doesn’t have to know.

While David and Gina end up in bed together, Kelly goes to see Dylan. She remembered that no one took pictures of her at her and Brandon’s aborted wedding, so how does he know how she looked? Turns out he was there but left before he had to watch her marry someone else. They agree that he shouldn’t have brought it up.

Thoughts: This episode was really fun! Steve and Janet’s idea was adorable. The wedding was really sweet. And there were a lot of funny moments. I think the actors had fun doing this.

According to the writers, Gina calls Dylan “honey bunny” and picks up stray dogs. Whatever, guys.

Kelly telling Gina, “Please go to Hell” made me giggle.

Kelly, after Noah tells her that some of the women at the club were dancers, not prostitutes: “What, exactly, was the dancer-to-prostitute ratio?” Hee. She may be annoying in this episode, but she’s funny, too.

When the mattress-store employee starts to leave after the picture, Dylan tells him to stay on the bed and “relax.” I wonder if Luke Perry adlibbed that – it seemed random.

Also, I hope Donna shares her gift certificate with that employee, since he’s the one who came up with the right address.

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