October 17, 2015

BH90210 10.9, Family Tree: The Unexpected Family Member Hour

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I like to think Erin got that popcorn so she has a snack while she watches her siblings' drama

I like to think Erin got that popcorn so she has a snack while she watches her siblings’ drama

Summary: Steve brings his new wife breakfast in bed the morning after their wedding. She had to spend the night in her wedding dress because she was squeezed into it too tightly to get out. Fortunately, she considers that the only bad part of her wedding day. Jackie meets with Matt about filing for divorce from Mel, then spends some of her soon-to-be-ex-husband’s money at Donna’s boutique. Matt assures Kelly that Gina won’t be in the office whenever Jackie’s around. For her part, Jackie only blames Gina, not Noah. She informs Donna and Kelly that Gina blackmailed Mel.

Gina and David are happy after their night together, which he claims he never thought about before. He’d like to hook up again, though. Of course Gina’s not going to commit to anything because there’s always the possibility that Dylan will want her back. (That’s all subtextual, but I speak Gina.) Dylan meets with the community center’s co-director, Patsy, about Andrew, whose job has been “eliminated.” Dylan knows it’s because Andrew’s sexuality was exposed after his gay-bashing. Patsy’s like, “I have nothing against the gays, but think of the children!” Dylan threatens to pull funding if Andrew doesn’t get his job back.

Kelly and Donna hang out with Erin, and when David arrives, Donna takes Erin away so Kelly can talk to him. She informs David that Gina told Jackie about Mel’s visit to the strip club. David barely blinks, saying the breakup of the marriage has nothing to do with Gina. Steve accidentally sets his and Janet’s honeymoon suite on fire. Dylan tells Andrew that he’s going to get his job back, but Andrew doesn’t want to have to confront Patsy. He’d rather just give up the job and walk away. Dylan objects to letting a bigot win.

Dylan then runs into Gina and tries to make up with her. She blows him off to spend time with David. David brings up Gina’s alleged blackmail, and she pretends she didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, she was trying to help him, since she snuck him out of the back of the club when the police arrived. David decides to drop the subject, especially since there’s a chance he and Gina will end up in bed again. Elsewhere, Janet’s ready to wrap up the honeymoon, since nothing’s turning out too great. (Their new hotel room is next door to a polka band.)

At the beach apartment, Kelly walks in on new roomie Noah in the bathroom. David and Gina have spent another night together, though she’s still unsure whether he believes her lie that she didn’t blackmail Mel. On his way out, David runs into Dylan, who’s mad that Gina’s already moved on to someone else. She tells him it’s his fault for treating her the way he did. At the boutique, Kelly tries to get Erin to open up about Jackie and Mel’s problems, but Erin’s not in the mood to talk. Donna shows Kelly the genealogy software she got Steve and Janet as a wedding present.

David arrives and blasts Kelly for spreading lies about Gina. Kelly tells him to ask Mel what happened if he doesn’t believe her. Erin overhears her saying that Gina’s responsible for breaking up her parents. Andrew does, indeed, go back to work at the community center, so Dylan gets to say “I told you so.” Patsy’s son, Henry, takes him down a notch by announcing that his mom won’t let him play basketball for a gay coach anymore. Patsy tells Dylan he’s free to withdraw his funding; at least they’ll keep their values.

Steve’s determined to make the honeymoon work, even though Janet’s done with it. He even gets the polka band to play them some music to dance to. Gina goes to David’s to tell him that Dylan knows about their relationship, so she and Dylan are officially through. David, however, now believes that Gina blackmailed Mel, and he’s not going to keep seeing someone who hurt his father. At the boutique, Donna test-drives the genealogy software by looking up Steve’s family (they’re Russian and their name was originally Sandowscowicz). Kelly’s annoyed that the beach apartment is crowded now, which makes no sense, because there are only three people there.

Kelly spots Gina on her way to Matt’s office and attacks her for showing her face after destroying a marriage. Gina points out that it’s not her fault if men in Beverly Hills want to go to strip clubs. Dylan learns that a bunch of kids have refused to play basketball if Andrew remains the coach. He urges Andrew to keep his job and teach the kids what’s right and what’s wrong. Andrew, however, misses having a job he actually enjoyed. He tells Patsy that he quits. She seems surprised, somehow. Noah’s happy about the new living arrangements at the apartment, but Donna’s on edge and worries that Kelly will find something to criticize. Noah basically tells her to get over it.

Dylan goes to David’s to confirm that they’re still friends, then warns him about getting too close to Gina. “You two dating must really make Mel proud,” Dylan remarks. Hey, Dylan? Stay out of it. Erin asks David if Mel and Jackie had a fairytale wedding like the one Donna said Steve and Janet had. David asks if she wants to keep reading Snow White, but she says she knows how it ends – they live happily ever after. Janet starts feeling strange, and Steve thinks she’s just hungry, but she thinks she’s in labor (six weeks early). She has to calm down Steve, who’s both panicked and happy.

At the hospital, Janet’s doctor tells her and Steve that even if the baby comes early, he or she should be fine. She’s admitted and told to relax while they monitor the baby. Dylan just can’t stop meddling, so he tells Henry to remember what Andrew taught him about standing up for himself and being a good person and blah blah blah. Andrew sacrificed his job so Henry could be happy, which means a gay guy just taught Andrew how to be a man. Yeah, Dylan, gay doesn’t mean feminine. Go home, please.

Jackie stops by Matt’s office and meets Gina for the first time. Gina’s like, “Hey, how do you like the favor I did for you, ending your marriage to a jerk?” After Jackie leaves, Matt tells Gina she was rude, and he’s axing her. Speaking of leaving jobs, Andrew’s about to say goodbye to the community center when Henry asks him to stay on. He listened to Dylan’s lecture about being true to himself or whatever. Steve and Janet are brainstorming baby names when she’s whisked away for an emergency C-section – the baby’s heart rate is low and needs to be delivered immediately.

Gina goes back to David’s house to tell him that she thinks they could be great together. She promises she won’t hurt him, but he says she’d have to add an “again” to that. He lets her in, though. While Kelly comforts Erin over the end of Mel and Jackie’s marriage, Donna uses the genealogy software on her own family and learns that she’s not her father’s only child. Dr. Martin had an affair with Bobbi, which makes Donna and Gina sisters. At the hospital, Janet delivers a girl, but both mother and daughter need blood transfusions. No one will tell Steve if they’ll be okay.

Thoughts: Remember how Dylan was going to get Steve and Janet the honeymoon suite at the Beverly Royale? I bet they regret turning him down.

Speaking of Dylan, I miss when he wasn’t Brandon 2.0.

David: “Gina. My girlfriend.” David, does she know you’re calling her that?

The destruction of Jackie’s marriage actually becomes her, beacuse she looks nice in this episode.

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