October 31, 2015

BH90210 10.11, Sibling Revelry: Steve Has It Together More Than Anyone Else on This Show

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Summary: Steve and Janet bring their daughter home for the first time, and Steve immediately starts worrying about baby-proofing the Walshes’ house. Janet wants to take a minute to enjoy the fact that things are finally looking up. Maddy ruins it by crying. Donna begs Gina to help out at the boutique, reminding her that they’re family, so they should be able to put their feelings aside. Gina doesn’t feel like it. Donna tells Kelly that she’s waiting for the right time to tell Gina that they’re really sisters, not cousins.

Dylan and Kelly meet up at a gallery, and he apologizes for his behavior on Thanksgiving. He asks her to help him pick out some art for his place. She only has a minute, since the boutique is doing so well. Dylan praises her hard work there, but Kelly feels like she still hasn’t found her true calling. She admires Matt for doing what he wants, even if it doesn’t make him rich. Dylan assures her that she’ll find what she’s looking for.

Donna’s still worried about telling Gina the truth; it could make things worse for their relationship. Noah thinks she should do it for her own peace of mind. Donna tells him that they were invited to a Harvard alumni party, and they should go, since Noah went to Harvard. He’s uneasy with the idea. The gang stops by the Walshes’ house to shower attention on Maddy. Steve’s nervous about germs and cold weather. Janet, please talk to your husband.

Gina confides in Dylan that she’s thinking of leaving L.A., since her life there hasn’t turned out the way she’d hoped. It doesn’t sound like David knows this. Also, he would prefer if Dylan wouldn’t have private conversations with his girlfriend. Gina decides to leave, but she encourages David to hang out with his friends. Matt puts Maddy in a Snugli, and Dylan notes to Kelly that her boyfriend seems good with kids.

Donna goes to see Gina, wanting to smooth things over with her before hitting her with the news that they’re sisters. Gina doesn’t believe her, so Donna produces Gina’s birth certificate. Gina immediately kicks her out, insisting that this doesn’t change anything. Donna disagrees. At the beach apartment, Dylan presents Kelly with a painting she admired at the gallery. At the boutique, Donna asks Noah about the alumni party again, guessing that he was part of a secret society there.

Gina enters and announces that she hates Donna. She adds that Donna needs to tell their father to stop trying to kill her. She wishes Donna had kept her mouth shut. Did she think Gina would like knowing that they’re sisters? It’s just a way of reminding her that Donna’s had a wonderful life while Gina’s has sucked. Matt goes to the beach apartment to tell Kelly that he’s fallen in love with someone else. (He means Maddy. That was mean, Matt.) She tells him Dylan gave her a painting. Matt’s not a fan of this kind of gift-giving.

Donna beats herself up for telling Gina the truth, though Noah thinks Gina will eventually come around. Donna’s glad that she and Noah are so honest with each other, unlike her parents. Noah’s so awesome and decent! It must be because of his Harvard education! Noah admits that that’s impossible – he never went to Harvard. He was supposed to, but after the accident that killed his girlfriend, Mr. Hunter paid off the local sheriff not to file charges, then sent Noah to Hawaii. Donna wonders if Noah would have ever told her if she hadn’t brought up the party.

David wants to take Gina to a bed and breakfast in Catalina, but she’d rather stay at the hotel and mope by herself. He’s like, “But we can get drunk and look at buffalo!” Gina tells him that she and Donna are sisters, and she’s trying to process the news. After he leaves, she calls Dylan, telling him she needs company. She shares her family news with him and confesses her feelings of being rejected by Dr. Martin. Gina doesn’t want to talk things over with David, since he can’t be impartial, due to his history with the Martins. Dylan’s happy to be a shoulder to cry on.

Kelly tells Matt she’s going to give the painting back to Dylan specifically because Matt asked her to. If she were giving it back because she wanted to, it would mean that the painting has some sort of significance. Matt tells her the painting cost $16,000, which is pretty significant. He admits to being bothered by the fact that Dylan can afford to give her expensive things. Kelly insists that the painting doesn’t represent anything. Matt tells her to think on that some more, then tell him if she’s sure she wants to be with him.

David goes back to see Gina, finding Dylan in her room. Dylan tries to explain why Gina wanted to talk to him, not David, but David doesn’t want to hear it. Dylan and Gina follow him outside, where Dylan continues to try to talk to David. Fed up, David shoves Dylan, not realizing a car is coming. Dylan’s a little banged up, and David’s shaken by his behavior.

Gina takes a photo album to the Peach Pit so she can reminisce about good times with her stepfather. Donna arrives, and Gina talks to her about how he died in a plane crash. When she was a kid, she wanted to be a pilot, too. Donna reminds her that actions, not biology, make someone a parent. Gina’s paternity doesn’t change her relationship with her stepfather. Gina points out that things haven’t changed that much for Donna – Gina’s the one who found out her father wasn’t really her father.

Kelly visits Dylan, who’s received the painting. He tells her about David’s tantrum, which Kelly chalks up to David’s belief that Dylan’s coming between him and Gina. Matt feels the same way about him and Kelly, so they need to figure things out. If Dylan wants to be with her, really commit and build a life with her, then he needs to stay it. “Uh…hmm…,” Dylan replies. So…that’s a no? Kelly decides this is her cue to go back to Matt.

At the beach apartment, Donna overhears Noah telling Kelly that he didn’t feel like going to the alumni party. After Kelly leaves, Donna complains that Noah told her to be honest with Gina, and now he’s keeping his own secret from other people. Noah doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with making people think he went to Harvard.

Gina goes to David’s to apologize for talking to Dylan instead of him, like, he’s the one who needs to apologize. David’s sick of the two of them always needing to forgive each other. Things are out of control, to the point where he hurt a friend. He feels like he needs to protect himself…from Gina. Janet goes looking for Steve at the Walsh house and learns that he took the baby for a walk. She’s pleased that he’s gotten past being overprotective. Steve says he finally feels like a dad.

Kelly goes to see Matt, telling him she’s figured out what she wants: him. She doesn’t tell him that it’s because Dylan won’t commit to her, so technically he’s her second choice. At the boutique, Donna tells Kelly that Noah didn’t go to Harvard, and he doesn’t want her to tell anyone. Kelly tells her that’s a huge red flag. Donna already knows.

David visits Dylan to make sure he’s okay, and to tell him that he and Gina are over. Dylan knows that’s not what’s really going on with David. David admits that he feels depressed, and he’d like to renew his friendship with Dylan. Gina goes to her childhood home, telling the woman who lives there now what it was like before. The sight of a swing in the backyard makes Gina want to revisit her childhood.

At the boutique, Donna admires how sweet Kelly and Matt are with each other. Kelly admits that she practically proposed to Dylan, willing to have a future with him. But she only asked because she knew he would say no. Now that he’s chosen not to commit, she feels much freer to build something with Matt. Donna wonders what Kelly would have done if Dylan hadn’t said no. Kelly admits that she doesn’t know.

Thoughts: ’90s music alert: Marc Anthony’s “I Need to Know.”

A fun game to play during this episode is Spot the Doll. It’s easy because in every other scene, the baby is obviously not a real baby.

Does Matt know that Kelly bought Dylan a car while they were supposedly just friends? The painting is actually the less inappropriate gift here.

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