December 1, 2015

SVT #43, Elizabeth’s First Kiss: Bowled Over

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THAT'S Todd? ...Really?

THAT’S Todd? …Really?

Summary: I guess with all the girls at SVMS getting their periods, they’re also starting to show more interest in boys. Jessica has a crush on Todd…but so does Elizabeth. Because Liz is nice and doesn’t want to hurt her sister or start any drama, she decides not to act on her crush. This leaves Jess free to do typical middle-school-girl things like get excited when Todd rides his bike by her house.

Even if she’s not going to snake Todd from Jessica, Elizabeth would like to get more of his attention, so she asks Jess how to go about doing that (without mentioning any names). Jess is really excited that her Puritan sister is finally showing interest in the opposite sex. She gives Liz a mini-makeover, curling her hair and loaning her some more fashionable clothes. This gets Elizabeth a ton of attention at school.

Meanwhile, the Unicorns all have boys in their sights, and they eat lunch with them one day. Even though they barely talk to each other, this is apparently a big deal. Jessica mentions to the Unicorns that Elizabeth is suddenly interested in guys, and they try to figure out who she has a crush on. They decide it’s Jim Sturbridge, simply because they’ve seen him and Liz talking. Nancy Drew can rest safe – these girls are no threat to her detectiving.

Suddenly the book becomes one big ad for bowling. There’s a new bowling alley in town, and everyone’s excited to check it out. Todd asks Liz if she likes bowling, and she says yes, but she’s not good at it. She doesn’t catch on that he wants to ask her out. Jess, meanwhile, thinks Todd is her boyfriend just because they’ve talked and stuff. Liz thinks she just likes having a boyfriend, never mind who he is, and she gets mad that Jess is monopolizing her crush.

A secret admirer leaves a note in Elizabeth’s locker telling her she looks nice with her hair curled. Liz has no idea who it’s from, because she can’t read boys’ signals. A couple other boys show interest in her, including Winston, but Liz isn’t interested in any of them. The Unicorns decide to help her get even more male attention by spreading a rumor that she wants a boyfriend. Elizabeth doesn’t like the idea of people thinking she made herself look pretty to catch a man. Fair enough.

A few of the Unicorns wind up with dates to the bowling alley on the same night. The whole group decides to bowl together, turning it into a big get-together rather than dates. Elizabeth chats with Todd, wondering if he’s been talking to her more because he can’t tell the difference between her and Jess, what with her new hairstyle. Todd assures her that he knows who’s who, and he’s definitely more a Liz guy than a Jess guy. He gives her a kiss on the cheek, which Elizabeth considers her titular first kiss. Nope, on the cheek doesn’t count. Sorry.

Elizabeth shares the news with Jess, who isn’t the least bit jealous – in fact, she’s thrilled for her sister. Don’t get used to that, Liz. Jess spent most of the bowling night with Aaron Dallas, who she finds even cuter than Todd, so she’s happy, too. And thank God we don’t have to suffer through Jessica being mad at Elizabeth for stealing her boyfriend.

The B-plot is about Steven and his two girlfriends. He’s hanging out with both Lindsay and Candice, who don’t know about each other. Steven definitely likes Lindsay more, but he can’t figure out how to get Candice to see him as just a friend. Finally he asks Liz for advice. Liz: “Maybe say the words ‘I just want to be friends’?” Steven: “What a great idea!” His two girlfriends find out about each other, but Candice accepts her dumping gracefully (and immediately finds a new guy), and Lindsay doesn’t seem to care that Steven was two-timing her. I just can’t believe two girls wanted to date Steven.

Thoughts: Amy: “You’re lucky to have a sister. Sometimes I wish I had one.” Foreshadowing!

Jessica’s logic is basically, “Jim gave Elizabeth a piece of paper, so she must like him!” Okay, Jess.

I can’t imagine Jessica ever wearinga  turtleneck. I’m surprised she even has one, let alone that she considers wearing it to the bowling alley. It was probably Elizabeth’s originally and made its way into Jessica’s closet.

Even less believable is Lila’s willingness to set foot in a bowling alley.


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