February 13, 2016

BH90210 10.26, The Penultimate: Commit or Quit

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Aww. I love Don, too

Aww. I love Don, too

Summary: Donna rushes home to meet Kelly after Matt’s brother’s funeral in New York. She announces that David proposed, and since she’s wearing the ring, I’d say she accepted. She didn’t accept at first because she was surprised, not because she wasn’t sure about marrying him. Dylan and David dig something on the beach outside the apartment, talking about Dylan’s upcoming graduation from CU. He doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it, though.

Steve joins the other guys, who explain that they’re creating a message to declare David’s love for Donna. Steve’s able to commiserate over not having his first proposal accepted, since Janet took her time with him. Apparently Donna hasn’t actually said yes yet, as David thinks he still needs to convince her. So why did he give her the ring? I’m confused. Whatever – second-to-last episode!

Steve’s still annoyed with Janet’s job and how it’s turned him into a stay-at-home dad. Matt arrives in the middle of a fight between them to talk to Steve about his sister-in-law, who’s pregnant. Steve’s sad that her child will have to grow up without her father. David’s message, “I LOVE DONNA,” has been partly destroyed by beachgoers, so now it says “I LOVE DON.” She still hasn’t accepted the proposal. This is weird.

At the Beat, Janet’s boss, Charles, tells her to work on some report about the new magazine. Janet’s confused as to why she needs to compete with Ada, a woman who works on all of Charles’ new acquisitions. Noah and Ellen hang out with Caitlin, who’s been asking her mother questions about her relationship with Noah. Ellen wants to know where they stand, too, since she doesn’t want Noah to bond with Caitlin and then disappear from her life. She wants a commitment.

Ryan’s back in Beverly Hills, so at least Steve has someone to hang out with. He complains to Donna and Ryan about the family’s new work arrangements; they think he should just enjoy his time with his daughter for now. When Janet gets home, she confides in Donna that the job isn’t as great as she’d expected. She’s considering changing her mind about the sale, but she doesn’t want to have another fight with Steve about it. Donna worries about marriage not being 100% fun.

At the beach apartment, Matt tells Kelly that he feels like he has a responsibility to help his sister-in-law with the baby, since his brother can’t be there. David redoes his “I LOVE DONNA” message, telling Donna he already knows that he’s being a perfectionist. That’s exactly what she was worrying about with regards to marriage – that she had an ideal in mind and things aren’t going to turn out perfect. Now, though, Donna knows that she can commit completely to David, and she wants to marry him.

Steve spends another day with Maddy, wishing he had a more interesting life. Then she says her first word, “Dada,” so now he’s happy. Kelly sees David’s sand message and calls him to tell him how sweet it is, and how lucky Donna is to have him. David tells her that Dylan’s graduating that day. Steve wakes Janet (who spent the night on the couch), suddenly sporting a new attitude about their lives. He’s realized how lucky they are and decided to run with it.

At the Peach Pit, Noah teaches Nat how to tie some kind of knot. This is certainly a good use of their salaries. Matt arrives and asks Noah a little about how tough Ellen has it as a single mother. He wants to know what his sister-in-law will be facing without her husband. Noah says he doesn’t know how Caitlin feels about not having a father. Matt and Noah commiserate over living lives that they never thought they would live.

Kelly stops by the hotel, where Dylan quickly guesses that David told her about his graduation. She promises not to tell the rest of the gang if he lets her attend. Dylan wants to keep it private, so Kelly offers to take him to dinner instead. She’s proud of him for seeing his education all the way through. Ada chats with Charles about her report, making Janet feel uneasy. Steve and Ryan try to cheer her by sending her pictures of Maddy from an amusement park.

Matt watches a father and son fish, then meets Kelly for lunch. She loves the way he takes care of things for people and makes them look simple. He tells her that they’re a team now, so they’ll make decisions together. Kelly, however, knows that they’re not going to see eye to eye on what he wants: He wants to parent the baby with his sister-in-law.

David and Donna have spent the whole day in bed, and are now discussing whether or not she should change her name when they get married. He says no, since her clothing line has her name, but she likes the idea of having the same last name as their future kids. She asks if David wishes they hadn’t spent the past few years apart, but he likes things they way they’ve happened.

Kelly meets Dylan for dinner, ranting that Matt is an awesome guy and Dylan is…not as awesome, but still someone she’s drawn to. She knows Matt will never let her down, and Dylan promises the same about himself. They spend the night talking, and in the morning, Kelly avoids telling Matt who she was with. Dylan thinks she’s marrying him for the wrong reasons.

Donna and David continue their sex/eating-in-bed marathon, then decide they should tell their families they’re engaged. Donna goes first, calling Felice. Kelly tells Matt that she thinks he should act on his idea of parenting the baby with his sister-in-law. Oh, and she can’t marry him. She tells him she talked to Dylan, leading Matt to think that he told Kelly about his fling in the desert. This is brand-new information for Kelly. Oops!

Steve visits Janet at work to tell her the sale of the paper is official. He’s pleased that she made the right decision from the start. She’s not so sure anymore. Ellen’s late getting home from work, so Noah’s been on his own with her. He tells her that he can’t commit to her right now, despite how much he likes her; things are just moving too quickly. Ellen can’t slow them down, so that’s it for them, I guess.

Dylan goes by the beach apartment, where Kelly confronts him for keeping Matt’s secret. She thinks this is a good example of why she and Dylan will never work out. Dylan maintains that he was just minding his own business and being a friend. That’s not going to help Kelly when she’s just had her heart broken.

Thoughts: I love that they didn’t bother to come up with an actual title for this episode. “What’s that word that means second-to-last? Just call it that.”

Dylan can’t go to his graduation alone and have no one clap for him! That’s sad!

Other than the cheating and lying, Matt was a pretty great guy, right? Wow, did I really say that?

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