July 22, 2017

The X-Files 5.16, Mind’s Eye: Do You See What I See?

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I’m just glad Pennock didn’t end up dead or turn out to be a co-conspirator

Summary: It’s evening in the Southbridge District of Wilmington, Delaware, and a woman is arriving home with a bag of groceries. She lights a cigarette off of her stove and sits down to watch TV. Suddenly she sees an angry man in front of her, then a briefcase of drugs. At the Paradise Motel a few hours later, police find the woman hiding in a bathtub, holding something covered in blood. When they arrest her, they realize she’s blind.

The case goes to Mulder and Scully, who will work it with a detective named Pennock. The man the woman saw was a drug dealer, Paco Ordoñez, and he’s now dead. The woman, Marty Glenn, was arrested after being found cleaning up the crime scene. Despite being blind since birth, she has a long rap sheet, including two drug busts as a minor. That could be her connection to Paco. Pennock’s working on a theory that Marty has a kind of sixth sense that allows her to see despite being blind. He has 24 hours to build a case.

Mulder’s eager to meet Mulder, so Pennock takes him and Scully to her cell. Scully wonders why Marty hasn’t asked for a lawyer. Marty doesn’t think she needs one, but Scully notes that she hasn’t explained why she was in Paco’s motel room. Marty won’t answer when Scully asks if she went to buy drugs, and she knows the cause of death, so things aren’t looking great for her. However, she also knows that the murder weapon hasn’t been found. She jokingly tells Pennock that she fed it to her seeing-eye dog.

Mulder wants to know why Marty was cleaning up the scene, and why she was doing such a bad job at it. He thinks she’s covering for the real killer. Marty tells him to go to Hell, so yeah, this investigation is going great. Pennock thinks that Marty’s capable of murder and is taunting Mulder. Mulder disagrees – she’s posturing, trying to make them think she’s independent and strong. Pennock doesn’t think an innocent woman would act like this. Scully knows they can’t pin this on her without the murder weapon.

Scully goes to the crime scene with Pennock while Mulder has Marty undergo a lie-detector test. The test spikes when Marty’s asked if she’s ever seen Paco before, but the tech giving the test realizes what he said and retracts the question. Mulder, however, notices the spike and asks if Marty saw the murder. The test spikes again even as Marty says she never sees anything.

Mulder calls Scully to tell her he thinks Marty knew Paco but didn’t kill him. Scully dryly asks if they’re dealing with a case of echolocation. She finds a slot in the bathroom wall meant for razor-blade disposal and looks inside for the murder weapon. Instead, she finds a pair of gloves. Back at the police station, Marty has a vision of a woman in a bar and demands to use a phone. She calls the bar and asks to speak to a man hitting on a woman there. As she warns the man to leave the woman alone, the woman is able to leave unharmed. “I’m watching you,” Marty warns the man.

Scully and Pennock present the gloves to Marty, who of course makes an O.J. Simpson joke. Her fingerprints are all over them, so the detective and agents don’t have a problem letting her try them on. She does, and they fit, but Marty knows that’s not enough for a conviction. Plus, they’re running out of time to build a case against her. Mulder tells Scully that Marty has never taken advantage of disability benefits. He thinks this shows pride. Scully says that doesn’t explain why she hid the gloves with her fingerprints on them. Did she try to cover for the real killer? Scully brings up the obvious explanation: Marty isn’t really blind, possibly because of a conversion disorder.

The man from the bar chats on a phone at a bus terminal, then stashes a briefcase in a locker. The agents have Marty undergo tests, but it seems she really is blind. Mulder sees her pupil dilate, then contract. Marty’s having a vision of a woman being approached at the bar she saw before.

Pennock introduces the agents to ADA Daniel Costa, who confirms that they don’t have enough to charge Marty with murder. Mulder wants to find out more about what just happened with Marty’s pupil, but Costa knows they can’t draw a line from that to the murder. They have to let Marty go.

Pennock finds two types of blood on the gloves, one belonging to Marty. As the agents watch Marty leave the police station, Mulder asks Scully if she really things a woman who needs a cane to get around is capable of murder. Out on the street, Marty has a vision of the man from the bar confronting a woman, asking if she’s the one who called him at the bar. He wants to know if she’s a cop. Marty sees the man pull a knife and takes off for the alley where the man and woman are fighting, getting some help from a man on the street. But when she gets to the alley, the woman is already dead.

Marty returns to the police station, this time voluntarily, and announces, “I killed them both,” showing off the blood on her hands. Mulder’s confused as to why she suddenly wants to confess. He doesn’t think Marty even knew the dead woman, Susan. Marty doesn’t want to answer any questions, but Mulder says he thinks she’s innocent. She witnessed the murderers somehow, but she was nowhere near the scenes. He thinks she tried to stop them. Mulder wants Marty to help the police prevent more murders from happening, but Marty’s done cooperating. Mulder asks who she’s willing to go to prison for. He refuses to let her pay for someone else’s crimes.

The man from the bar talks to his contact on the phone again, learning that their deal, whatever it was, is off. The contact got a call from a woman, someone he thinks was the man’s old girlfriend, warning him to stay away. The man pleads to keep the deal in place, since he has no other place to “take this stuff.” The contact says that’s not his problem anymore.

Mulder reads up on a case from 1970 as Pennock arrives to tell him that Marty signed a confession. Mulder thinks Pennock should be more concerned with the fact that Marty had no motive. But Pennock says that Marty told them it was about drugs, and where they could find them. Mulder accompanies him to the bus terminal, where the find the briefcase the man stashed in a locker. Pennock teases that Mulder is skeptical when he says this doesn’t mean Marty’s the killer.

Scully calls to tell Mulder that the blood on the gloves didn’t belong to Marty after all. Mulder thinks they need to talk to Marty and convince her to retract her confession. The man from the bar watches from a distance as Pennock leaves with his briefcase of drugs, then heads off after him.

Mulder goes to Marty’s cell to tell her he’s cracked the case – she’s protecting her mother’s murderer. Back in 1970, Marty’s mother was stabbed in the same manner Paco and Susan were killed. She was pregnant with Marty at the time, and Marty was delivered as her mother died. The lack of blood flow from her mother may have caused her blindness. Mulder thinks that when she lost her sight, she developed some sort of connection to her mother’s killer – she’s able to see through his eyes.

Mulder also thinks that Marty feels responsible for the killer’s crimes because she’s unable to stop them. He vows to find the real killer, whether or not Marty helps. As Marty is transferred to another facility, she tells Mulder she’s sorry. Pennock and another officer accompany Marty to a prison van, and she has a vision…of herself. The killer is watching from nearby.

Not long after Marty’s settled into a women’s prison, Mulder visits to tell her she’s being released, as the charges against her have been dropped. Everyone knows her confession was a lie. They got the killer’s fingerprints from the bus locker and have identified him as Charles Wesley Gotts. He was paroled from prison just a few weeks ago, and went missing not long after. They found his blood on the gloves, and testing the blood led to a bigger revelation: Gotts is Marty’s father.

Pennock joins the two, and Mulder tells Marty that they won’t charge her with aiding and abetting if she helps them find Gotts. Mulder knows that Marty would welcome the end of all her visions. She asks for protection, and Pennock promises he’ll guarantee her safety himself. The agents set up a sting at the bar, but Scully’s surprised that Marty is suddenly willing to help. Mulder thinks she always believed she would have to live her whole life with the visions; now that she knows they could end, she wants to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

As the agents are about to go inside, Mulder stops. Everything’s about to change for Marty, and he doesn’t think Gotts will be in the bar. Pennock takes Marty to her apartment to pack some of her things to take to protective custody. She informs him that Gotts is there, and has been watching Pennock for about a day. Now he knows where Marty lives. She knocks Pennock out and takes his gun, then goes downstairs to confront her father.

Mulder tries to call Pennock, telling Scully that Marty’s protecting herself, not Gotts. She doesn’t want to go back to prison, and this is the first time she’s had a choice in what happens to her. Gotts goes to Marty’s apartment and finds Pennock unconscious. Marty hears him open a switchblade and waits as Gotts searches the apartment. Thanks to her visions, she’s able to see him coming. “I hate the way you see me,” she says just before she shoots him. When the agents make it upstairs, they find Pennock arresting Marty for a murder they can be 100 percent sure she committed.

Sometime later, after she’s sentenced, Mulder visits Marty in lockup once again. She’s at least a little grateful for her visions, since now she knows what the ocean looks like. Mulder jokes that she’s lucky Gotts never went to the ice capades. It’s time for lights out, but obviously having her living space darkened doesn’t affect Marty. This is where she’ll be from now on.

Thoughts: Marty is played by Lili Taylor.

Will there ever be a crime show featuring gloves that doesn’t reference O.J.? I’m going to guess…no.

Mulder pulls a Riker maneuver in an interrogation room. Whatever, Mulder. Marty can’t see you. You did that just to amuse yourself.


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  1. Deja said,

    Lili Taylor is great. My fave is her work on Six Feet Under.

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