December 23, 2017

The X-Files 6.17, Trevor: A New Twist on Climate Change

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Yeah, well, I want the last hour of my life back, so I guess we’re both out of luck

Summary: In Jasper County, Mississippi, a tornado is coming, and inmates at a prison camp are hurrying to board up their cabins. One, Whaley, says that the boards won’t do much good; they need to dig a hole and get underground. Another inmate tells him to shut up and help already. Whaley doesn’t like this disrespect and starts mocking the other inmate. For that, he gets a nail through the hand.

The nailer, Rawls, is sent to the “box,” even though a storm is coming. The warden doesn’t care, saying he can’t be responsible for acts of God. Rawls is placed inside a structure that looks like an outhouse. In the morning, when the tornado has passed, the box is gone, and there’s no sign of Rawls. The warden is dead, his body having somehow been ripped in half.

The warden’s body is sent to Jackson, where Scully gets to autopsy it. Since it looks like it was sawed in half, she asks if they should arrested David Copperfield. “Yes, we should. But not for this,” Mulder replies. He IDs the warden as Raybert Fellowes, and tells Scully that there was no blood found on the scene. Scully says he wasn’t just cut in half; a lot of his midsection is missing. He may have been burned with acid. There was also no trace of that in the office.

Scully suggests spontaneous human combustion, thinking that’s what Mulder will offer up as an explanation. “Dear diary, today my heart leapt when Agent Scully suggested spontaneous human combustion,” Mulder remarks. Scully admits that it’s happened a couple times, so it’s possible. Then she tells him to shut up, even though he hasn’t said anything.

Mulder and Scully chat with one of the prison guards, who blames Rawls for Fellowes’ murder. Part of the box was found three miles away, and no human could have gotten into the office, so Rawls, who’s presumed dead, must have murdered Fellowes as a ghost. Scully’s still on the spontaneous-human-combustion theory, since climatic conditions seem to be involved in those instances. The tornado could have contributed.

Mulder thinks Fellowes was murdered, so Scully asks how Rawls could get into a locked office, then prop Fellowes’ body against a door. Mulder finds a piece of the wall that crumbles and suggests termites. The agents look into Rawls’ past, which details a history of violence and robbery. There’s a picture of him with a woman.

In Meridian, Mississippi, a buttoned-up couple has tea while watching a news story about the tornado. When the woman, June, hears Rawls’ name, she fumbles her teacup. That night, a security guard comes across Rawls in a destroyed general store, where he’s getting some new clothes. The guard handcuffs Rawls to a pole and moves away to call in the situation. Rawls escapes his cuffs, then steals the guard’s car.

The agents meet up with the guard, and Mulder easily breaks the handcuffs. Meanwhile, Rawls goes to his last house and tears the place apart looking for something. A buddy named Bo comes by to tell him that the news is saying he’s dead. Rawls asks about June, and Bo says she took off a long time ago. “I want what’s mine,” Rawls says. Bo says he’ll look up her address, instead going for his gun. Rawls is a step ahead and isn’t concerned about being shot. When Bo fires at him, the bullet does nothing to Rawls’ body.

The agents arrive at the house sometime later and find Bo’s corpse. Whatever happened to Fellowes’ midsection has also happened to Bo’s face. The agents think Rawls came there looking for the $90,000 he once stole. They guess that Rawls will next go looking for the woman in the picture: June. Mulder finds flattened bullets in the wall, but one disintegrates when he breaks it.

Scully finds info on June, though there’s no record over her after 1996. Mulder guesses that she changed her name so she wouldn’t end up like Bo. The state police have put out an APB on Rawls, and Mulder says they shouldn’t shoot to kill, since that won’t do anything. He thinks the bullets went straight through Rawls; he seems to have the ability to pass through solid objects or turn them to dust. Scully asks about the science behind that – it’s basically alchemy. Mulder blames the tornado.

The agents have a phone number for June’s sister, Jackie, who later calls June to warn that the police want to talk to her. June believes the news report that Rawls is dead, but Jackie suggests that she call him just to make sure. Moments after the sisters hang up, Jackie hears an intruder in her house. It’s Rawls, of course. Jackie barricades herself in a bedroom as Rawls strips. He gets into the room and corners Jackie just as the agents are arriving. They find “I want what’s mine” written on a wall. Rawls is gone, but he left Jackie alive.

The agents make arrangements for Jackie and her young son so they’ll be safe. Bo’s car, which Rawls stole to get to Jackie’s, is still on the street, so the agents aren’t sure how he’s moving around now. Scully would also like to know more about Jackie’s claim that Rawls came through her bedroom wall. They head to Meridian to find June, unaware that Rawls is hiding in the trunk of their car.

June’s boyfriend greets the agents when they arrive, unaware that his girlfriend used to use a different last name. She guesses that Rawls is alive and will be coming to visit her. She tells the agents that she and Rawls used to be involved, and he was pretty volatile. He won’t stop until he gets what he wants. June claims that she didn’t know about the $90,000 until Rawls was already in prison. She found it accidentally and used it to buy and furnish her house. Her boyfriend, Robert, isn’t happy about this revelation.

The agents want to put June and Robert in protective custody until Rawls is found. Robert doesn’t think he’s in danger, and I’m guessing he also doesn’t want to have to spend 24 hours a day with June. The agents let him go, then start to head off with June, their car trunk now empty. Mulder sees a crack in it and realizes that Rawls used them as a Trojan horse.

Mulder goes back inside the house, where a naked Rawls is searching for his money. It’s hard to play cat and mouse when the mouse can move through solid objects, so Mulder’s at a disadvantage. Scully comes inside and finds “I want what’s mine” written on a wall. Well, not written – more like burned, the way Fellowes’ midsection and Bo’s face were basically burned away.

Mulder sees that the writing stops at the frame around a mirror and thinks this is significant. Electrostatic repulsion stops one solid object from interacting with another. Could Rawls’ ability have to do with electricity? That would mean he can’t pass through rubber or glass. Scully wonders why Rawls is after $90,000 if he can just pass through the wall of a bank and steal more. The agents realize he’s looking for something else. Some old hospital bills of June’s contain a clue: Seven years ago, just months after Rawls was sent to prison, June had a baby.

June is now in protective custody, and she wants to call Jackie, but the guards assigned to protect her say no. They won’t let her smoke in her non-smoking motel room, either. They’ll probably also have rules about whether or not Rawls can come through the ceiling.

Sometime later, the guards in the room are dead and June is gone. The agents don’t know where Rawls and June’s child is, so they can’t get there before the parents do. Mulder asks for some “special equipment.” Elsewhere, Rawls has pulled over his stolen car and is ignoring June while she tries to apologize for taking the money. He finally asks if she had a boy or a girl. It was a boy, Trevor. Rawls is mad that June never told him about their son.

Someone in the prison camp told Rawls that he had a child, which Rawls thinks is a message from God. God also gave him a way to escape the camp, so whatever happens must be God’s will. He demands that June tell him where to find their child.

As Mulder and Scully make calls to find out where Trevor is, Mulder gets some rubber bullets. There are no adoption records, so they wonder if someone in June’s family took in her child. They quickly realize that Jackie’s son must be June’s. They’re right, and as Mulder calls Jackie to warn her that Trevor could be in danger, June and Rawls arrive at her house.

Rawls thanks Jackie for taking care of his son, then goes in to talk to Trevor, who has no clue who Rawls is. He also thinks June is his aunt. Rawls shoves June in a pantry, then tries to reassure Trevor. As they chat, Jackie eyes the pot of soup she’s been cooking. June listens from the pantry as Rawls tells Trevor they’re going to pack up for a trip. Jackie sends him off to pack, then picks up the pot and throws its contents at Rawls. Unfortunately, they pass right through him.

Jackie yells for Trevor to run as she tries to fight Rawls. He goes after the boy, but the agents arrive and Scully runs off with Trevor. Mulder’s rubber bullets slow Rawls down a little, but he’s still able to pass through the wall of the house and hide inside. (It’s actually a cool special effect – Rawls disappears and we just see his clothes slide down the side of the house.)

Scully and Trevor make it to the car, but Rawls is close behind them. For some reason, there’s a phone booth on the property, and since Rawls can’t pass through glass, Scully hurries Trevor to it and they’re able to hide inside. Rawls uses a rock to break the glass, but when he sees how scared Trevor is, he backs off. He goes out to the road just as June drives by. The car passes right through him until his the windshield reaches him and kills him. Shaken, June says she doesn’t know what Rawls wanted. Mulder thinks he just wanted another chance.

Thoughts: Calling this episode “Trevor” was dumb. They don’t even mention his name until 3/4ths of the way in.

Someone at Fox must be wondering why I downloaded their app and then chose this as the first episode to watch.

A phone booth?? Who has a phone booth on their property??

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