May 26, 2018

The X-Files 7.17, All Things: Moving in the Right Direction

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Summary: Scully’s getting dressed in a bathroom, voicing over stuff about time and life. We don’t usually stop to examine why all things happen. If we did, we might see our choices and how they shape us. Scully leaves, while Mulder remains asleep in the bedroom, because THEY’RE DOING IT, YOU GUYS. THEY’RE DOING IT.

63 hours earlier, Mulder’s listening to Moby’s “The Sky Is Broken” and working on a slideshow in his office. Scully brings him food and autopsy results proving that a woman died after drinking, not ingesting ectoplasm. He shows her some computer-generated crop circles and tells her that the circles have become more complex since 1991. Scully’s more interested in her salad than this presentation. She doesn’t even blink when Mulder says he’s not wearing pants.

His point is that crop circles aren’t random, and can now be predicted. He wants them to go to England, where circles are supposed to appear in 48 hours. Scully has work to do on their current case, and since it’s Saturday, she just wants to relax. She has no interest in “tracking down some sneaky farmers who happened to ace geometry in high school.” He doesn’t know what Mulder would learn from this trip anyway. He’s hurt, but will be going off without her. Scully wonders why he never just sits still instead of chasing the next big case. Mulder says he wouldn’t know what he’d be missing.

Scully goes to Washington National Hospital to get more information for her case. A nurse is tapping a pencil, and things suddenly go slow-motion. As Scully’s leaving, she realizes that the test results in the folder she was given are for a different patient. But she recognizes the name of the wrong patient as Daniel Waterston, who’s in the coronary care unit. She goes by Daniel’s room, where his daughter is getting bad news from a doctor.

When she leaves, Scully goes into Daniel’s room and watches him sleep for a minute. The doctor, Kopeikan, comes in and realizes that Scully was once Daniel’s student. Daniel has a serious heart condition, but it’s treatable. Scully doesn’t want to stick around and wait for Daniel to wake up, but she tells Kopeikan that he’s a remarkable man.

Back at home, Scully gets a call from Daniel’s daughter, Maggie, who knows that Scully came by. Kopeikan told Daniel, who asked Maggie to call. Daniel wants to see Scully. Scully says she might not have time, and it sounds like Maggie is fine with that. But if Scully does come, Maggie wants her to know that it doesn’t mean she accepts Scully being in her father’s life.

Scully gets another call, this one from Mulder, who’s packing for England. He’s heard that a group in D.C. has a lead on some other crop circles, and he’d like Scully to go get some information from them. Things go slow motion again as we see something swinging back and forth in Scully’s living room. She’s not interested in helping him with this ridiculous case, but she says she’ll try.

Scully goes back to the hospital, but she accidentally walks into the wrong room, where a family is celebrating some sort of good news. Next door, Daniel’s awake. Maggie walks out without a word, leaving Scully alone with her former teacher. She says he’s lucky that he diagnosed himself, but he says it had nothing to do with luck. She asks why Daniel’s in D.C., which he says is a long story. Scully holds his hand, though she looks a little uncomfortable. Clearly there’s some history here.

Scully thinks Daniel wants to tell her that she made a mistake joining the FBI. There’s some conversation about how she left him to pursue a job that he didn’t think was her passion. Scully regrets the visit, saying she just wanted to make sure Daniel was okay. He appreciates her coming by, knowing how difficult it must have been. She wouldn’t have come if she didn’t want to; that says a lot.

Mulder calls as Scully’s leaving, wanting to give her more information on the person he wants her to meet with. Things go slow motion as Scully sees a blond woman walking in front of her car and almost runs into her. The woman turns back and smiles at Scully as she walks away.

Scully meets with Mulder’s contact, Colleen, recognizing her from the room Scully mistakenly walked into at the hospital. Scully’s mentions that she’s a little shaken from almost hitting the woman with her car. Colleen says that car accidents are usually the result of people not paying attention to something. She gives Scully the paperwork Mulder wanted, recognizing that Scully’s a skeptic. Colleen insists that “there is a greater intelligence in all things,” like accidents or near-accidents. There are lessons to be learned, and Scully should slow down and pay attention.

Slow motion as Scully drops the papers, which include a picture of a crop circle labeled a heart chakra. She gets a call summoning her back to the hospital, as Daniel wants her to convince Kopeikan to give him a treatment that he isn’t comfortable with. Scully agrees with Daniel that prednisone won’t cause more heart damage. Maggie’s annoyed with both of them. Scully wonders how Maggie found out (I assume she means how Maggie found out about Daniel and Scully’s…whatever they had in the past). Daniel says he screwed up and things got bad at home.

He continues that he hasn’t been completely honest with Scully. After she left him, things got difficult, and he and his wife split up. He came to D.C. and has been living there for almost ten years. Scully guesses that he moved there for her. She tells him that the timing now is strange, and she only knew he was there because of the mix-up with the files. Daniel asks what she wants. She says she wants everything she should at this point in her life. “Maybe I want the life I didn’t choose,” she says. They hold hands again, and she cries.

As they’re sitting together, Daniel suddenly flatlines, and Scully starts to give him CPR. With help from some nurses, she shocks his heart, eventually reviving him. Later, she goes back to Colleen’s house, stepping inside for the first time and seeing a bunch of wood carvings and sculptures. Colleen guesses that Scully wants to talk about what Colleen said about how she should slow down.

Scully admits that she had a strange feeling when she was with Daniel and thinks his condition is worse than anyone realizes. Colleen says that holistic practitioners believe in things like energy and auras. When you witness a person’s energy field, you sense things beyond what regular medicine can tell you. It’s more like faith. Colleen thinks that Scully sensed Daniel’s pain and his need for healing. It’s not from his heart condition, but from his guilt or shame or fear. Those things create an imbalance that make us forget who we are.

Colleen asks if Scully ever has moments where “time seems to expand.” Scully may be more open to Colleen’s type of beliefs than she thinks – “it’s just what you do with it.” Colleen reveals that she was once a successful physicist, but she wasn’t happy. She cut herself off from the world, especially with regards to her relationship with her partner, Carol. Two years ago, Colleen was diagnosed with breast cancer, which made her realize she was on a self-destructive path. Now she’s happy.

Colleen continues that she met a healer who helped her see what her cancer was really about – shame. After that, she went into remission. Scully’s still skeptical, of course, and Colleen can see it. She knows Scully came for answers, but Colleen reminds her that everything happens for a reason.

Scully returns to see Daniel, who’s been in a coma since Scully revived him. Maggie’s furious, and she doesn’t accept Scully’s story that she left Daniel so his family wouldn’t fall apart. Scully moved on, but she left destruction behind, and the Waterstons have had to deal with that aftermath.

Slow motion as Scully leaves the hospital. She walks through what I guess is Chinatown, spotting the blond woman she almost hit with her car. She runs after the woman, who goes through a door that leads Scully to a shrine. Scully stops, having some sort of spiritual awakening, and flashbacks of past experiences. She has a vision of Daniel, who’s so translucent that she can see his heart.

Scully asks Colleen’s healer to come see Daniel in an attempt to do something with his chakras that will fix him. Kopeikan says it’s a waste of time and thinks Daniel would agree if he were conscious. Maggie overhears the conversation and allows the healer to continue, since he’s not hurting anyone. But the healer says there’s nothing he can do – Daniel’s ready to move on. There’s something holding him back, keeping him from letting go and moving on to the next plane. He’ll have to release it.

Scully has a dream about visiting herself in the hospital. The same Moby song from earlier is playing, and the Scully in the hospital bed tells the other, “Speak to me.” Scully wakes up to a phone call from Maggie, telling her to come back to the hospital. When Scully arrives, she finds Daniel awake. He says he wasn’t going to give up so easily. Scully thinks the healing ritual worked, but Daniel thinks it was crap. He’s determined to get better, which means he and Scully need to talk about what happens next for them.

There won’t be a “them,” though – Scully wants him to come to terms with the hurt he caused his family. He’s been running from it for 12 years. Maybe he’s still alive so he can make up with Maggie before he dies. Scully isn’t the same person she used to be, and she realizes it now that she’s seen Daniel again. She leaves Daniel alone with his daughter, but takes a few moments to pause outside the hospital. There, she sees the blond woman again.

After another chase, Scully reaches the blond woman…who’s actually Mulder. He admits that there were no crop circles – nothing happened. Scully thinks maybe sometimes nothing happens for a reason. The two of them go to his place and she fills him in on what she’s been going through. He can’t believe she had a spiritual awakening at a Buddhist shrine. She admits that she used to think she would spend the rest of her life with Daniel. What did she miss out on?

Mulder says that people would be leading multiple different lives if they made different choices. Scully asks if there’s only one choice, and the others are all wrong. What if there are signs along the way to pay attention to, leading you in the right direction? Mulder says in that case, one wrong turn would take you off of the path you’re supposed to be on. Scully falls asleep next to him on the couch, and the Moby song starts playing again. Mulder covers her with a blanket, and then at some point, they move to the bedroom, because THEY’RE TOTALLY DOING IT.

Thoughts: Gillian Anderson both wrote and directed this episode.

How many times in a day do you think Mulder calls Scully? I hope they have some sort of family plan.

Enough with the slow motion! This isn’t a music video!

When he gets back from England, Mulder’s wearing a hat that says “Stonehenge Rocks.” Ha!

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