August 14, 2018

ER 2.5, And Baby Makes Two: In Which Benton Learns That Caring About Your Patients Is, Like, a Thing

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Okay, this is sweet

Summary: Mark is still staying at Doug’s place, and Doug is still seeing at least one of his girlfriends. At County, everyone’s in a good mood since it’s Weaver’s day off. There’s popcorn and dancing. Carter’s still benefiting from Benton’s finger injury, and is a little too gleeful about it. Benton punishes him by making him deal with a patient who has a flashlight…um…someplace he shouldn’t have a flashlight.

The doctor Susan thought might want to adopt Susie is, indeed, very interested. Susan talks with a social worker who encourages her to set up an arrangement that makes her feel comfortable. She shouldn’t rush into anything. Susan doesn’t think taking her time will make anything easier. The potential parents, Kevin and Lisa, seem great, but Susan may be starting to doubt her decision.

Chia-Chia’s back, very sick with the flu. Benton’s been working with medical patients instead of surgical ones, and he’s not happy about it. Doug tells Mei-Sun that he needs to give Chia-Chia a spinal tap. Carol examines a woman with a migraine, though when she starts making excuses for why she can’t take certain medications, Carol gets suspicious that she’s an addict looking for a painkiller fix. She tells Harper that it won’t be long before she can spot a scammer.

Benton decides to remove his finger splint a day early so he can go back to surgery. It’s bad timing, since his next patient, Vickie, squeezes his hand to try to keep him from touching her. Carol shows Harper the hospital’s Turkey File, which includes the names of drug-seekers. The migraine patient, Lottie, is in it. Harper thinks it’s sad, but Carol says what’s really sad is when a patient cons you out of drugs multiple times before you catch on and realize you were being scammed.

As a nurse trainee named E-Ray Bozman arrives to start work, Mark enlists Harper to help Doug with Chia-Chia’s lumbar puncture. Doug resists getting assistance from a student, but Mark tells him his only other choice is E-Ray, who’s put on Morgenstern’s lab coat over his tie-dyed shirt. Susan takes Susie to the park and tries to convince herself that letting Kevin and Lisa adopt the baby is the right choice. She’d like to keep Susie, but she’s not sure she could be a good mother.

Vickie’s been assaulted, and Haleh sees from her medical records that it’s not the first time, thanks to her abusive husband. Benton passes her off to a social worker, saying it’s not his job to talk to Vickie. Doug does the spinal tap while Harper and Mei-Sun hold him still. Doug has heard that Chia-Chia likes his neighbor’s dog, so he starts talking about the dog he had as a kid. When the boy stops fighting the procedure, Doug tells Harper he surrendered.

Jerry’s so happy with Weaver’s absence that he’s ordered a cake. He and Carter try to keep Mark from seeing it, since it has an anti-Weaver message on it. Carter invites Harper to get lunch with him, then dinner when she declines, but she’s not as enthusiastic about hanging out with him as she’s been in the past. Loretta arrives with back pain as E-Ray tells Carol about his various careers, including UPS delivery man and rodeo clown. He’s also an inspirational speaker, and since he likes to nurture people, he figured nursing was a good career path.

Harper gets Chia-Chia’s test results, though the lab didn’t have enough spinal fluid to run all the tests Doug wanted. Mark prescribes Loretta bed rest, though she was supposed to go to a job interview for a receptionist position. She doesn’t think she’ll get it, though, since most places take one look at her and decline to hire her. Lydia figures it’s because of her clothes and offers her from the hospital’s stash. Their owners may have died, but some of those owners were rich and had nice wardrobes. (It’s much less creepy if you just tell yourself the people weren’t wearing the clothes when they died.)

Doug tells Mei-Sun that they’ll have to do another spinal tap to get more fluid. Susan tells Mark that she wants to go over all her work options before she makes her final decision about Susie. If she keeps the baby, she would have to switch her residency to part-time. Mark isn’t sure, but he’ll try to work something out with Morgenstern. Carol brings Carter to E-Ray’s patient and are stunned to see that E-Ray shaved the man’s entire head, instead of just the small portion where he needed stitches. E-Ray says they talked about transformation in order to make a life change.

Ms. McGillis, the social worker Benton handed Vickie over to, asks him to note in her chart that she didn’t have any injuries to her hands or arms. This indicates that she didn’t fight back against her husband, which means she’s in danger of being killed. Benton admits that he didn’t ask Vickie what happened. He doesn’t think she’ll talk to McGillis, since she didn’t talk to him. (Maybe McGillis will actually ask her, though, since she actually cares about the patient, unlike some people whose names rhyme with Skeeter Fenton.)

Lydia helps Loretta pick out a professional outfit, because she also cares about her patients, Peter. As Doug and Harper return to Chia-Chia for the second lumbar puncture, Benton finally does his job, asking Vickie how she got hurt. She claims she got hurt and doesn’t want any help. Benton tells her he’ll have to report her assault to the police, but she knows from experience that that won’t make a difference.

Doug does Chia-Chia’s next lab test himself, praising Harper for her work with the boy in a tough situation. They determine that Chia-Chia has meningitis and is nearing the end of his life. Benton asks Carol to call the police for Vickie, then detains Carter from performing surgery by assigning him a patient with a minor injury. But both of them get sidetracked by a patient who was hit by a car and lost his arm. Well, not lost, really, since it’s in his backseat. But it’s not attached to him anymore.

Doug and Harper tell Mei-Sun that Chia-Chia needs to receive medication through his spine – basically the reverse of the spinal tap. He’ll need it twice a day for ten days. They’ll at least be able to give him a catheter so they don’t have to keep sticking him with needles. Once Chia-Chia has fought of the meningitis, his body will be able to focus on fighting his AIDS. Mei-Sun reluctantly agrees to the treatment.

Carter treats his patient’s finger while all the other doctors get to have fun with the one-armed man. He notices a strange mole on his patient’s arm and gets permission to examine it more closely. Mark, Benton, Carol, and Haleh work on the one-armed man before sending him to surgery. Susan takes Susie to see her parents, Cookie and Henry. They’re enjoying being grandparents, so when Susan mentions adoption, they object. She suggests that they help with childcare while she’s at work, but that leads to an argument.

Even without being involved in a big trauma or a surgery, Carter has achieved a victory: His patient’s mole is melanoma, and Carter’s going to be allowed to biopsy his possibly cancerous lymph node. He brags to Harper, who points out that his glee over getting to do the procedure is actually glee that a man has cancer. So I don’t think they’ll be having dinner together.

Benton spots a police officer talking to Vickie and says he hopes the officer had some success getting her to talk about her assault. But the officer is the assailant – he’s Vickie’s husband. Suddenly it’s very clear why she said that calling the police wouldn’t make a difference. Benton makes the big mistake of asking the officer, Michael, what goes through his head when he’s beating his wife. Oh, Benton. Don’t tick off a violent guy with a gun.

Carol tells the one-armed man’s wife that the doctors are working on reattaching his arm. She says they only have insurance for a few more days, since her husband, Jason, lost his job a few months ago. Carol is kind to the wife, Carrie, who admits that she’s worried that Jason’s actually dead and they’re keeping it quiet for some reason. E-Ray comes in to help Carter with the biopsy as Carter tells the patient, Mr. Forchet, that he has cancer. Forchet can’t believe that he came in for stitches and now has a potentially fatal illness. He starts crying, as does E-Ray, who encourages him to let it out.

Benton talks to another officer about Vickie, agreeing to testify on her behalf if necessary. The cop says that it doesn’t matter to him that one of his fellow officers was the assailant – he should be punished. Doug tells Mark about his plans for Chia-Chia’s treatment, but Mark thinks it might be too extreme. Not like Doug’s going to listen to him, though. Susan takes Susie to Kevin and Lisa’s house, getting a glimpse of Lisa playing with her son. It looks like an ideal family scene, but Susan obviously still has reservations.

Randi shows Jerry, Lydia, and Haleh some of her fashion designs, hoping to have her own line someday. Carol tells Carrie that Jason’s arm has been reattached, even though the chances were small that the surgery would be successful. Carrie asks for some Valium, then decides to smoke a cigarette to calm herself instead. Carol’s like, “You get that this is good news, right? You can be happy now, if you feel like that’s something you want to do.”

Mark approaches Mei-Sun to make sure she understands the side effects Chia-Chia may have to endure. If she wants, they can give Chia-Chia medicine to make him comfortable, and she can take him home. Even with treatment for meningitis, Chia-Chia doesn’t have much time left. Mei-Sun is confused, since Doug led her to believe differently.

As Carol realizes that she’s missing a syringe of morphine (gee, I wonder who took it?), Michael arrives in the ER. The cop Benton spoke to claims that he fell while chasing a suspect. No dummy, Benton knows exactly what happened, and when he doesn’t comment on the situation, the other cop gets that he won’t be ratted out.

Harper reads Now We Are Six to Chia-Chia as Doug comes in to start his treatment. Mei-Sun announces that she wants to take her son home instead of putting him through more pain. Also no dummy, Doug realizes that Mark is behind this, but he supports Mei-Sun’s decision. Carol and Haleh find Carrie high on the bathroom floor, and the morphine loosens her tongue so that she reveals what really happened to Jason: She chopped off his arm with an axe. The nurses find both Jason and Carrie in the Turkey File.

Doug confronts Mark for telling Mei-Sun that she shouldn’t have Chia-Chia treated for meningitis. Mark knows that miracles are few and far between, but Doug thinks that if Rachel were in Chia-Chia’s position, Mark would bet on a miracle. Loretta returns to tell Lydia that she landed the receptionist job. “Of course, I had to do the guy,” she admits.

Harper has been shaken by Chia-Chia’s case, and Doug finds her crying in an exam room. She thinks he was right to keep fighting for Chia-Chia; it showed that he really cares for his patients. She’s not sure what to do after a day like this one, and when Doug suggests alcohol, she agrees. Mark tracks down Susan and lets her know that Morgenstern is willing to try to get her residency bumped down to part-time. Susan announces that, like Madonna, she’s made up her mind: She’s keeping the baby.

Thoughts: Henry is played by Paul Dooley.

In E-Ray’s defense, Carol told him to shave the patient’s head. She didn’t give him any specifics.

I know drug users don’t usually display the best logic, but…chopping off an arm with an axe? That’s just overkill. A broken bone would do the trick.

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