September 29, 2018

The X-Files 8.13, Per Manum: Alien-Baby Baby Mamas

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“Don’t worry, Scully. We’ll get you knocked up. We’ll get you knocked up real good”

Summary: A woman named Kath McCready is in labor and would be totally fine with putting off this whole giving-birth thing until tomorrow. The baby’s heart rate starts going wild, so her obstetrician, Dr. Lev, says it’s time for an emergency C-section. He sends Kath’s husband off to get ready for surgery, then gets to work. Kath thinks something’s wrong, and I’d say it definitely is, since that baby is an alien. (Good luck, friends and family who look at baby pictures and have to pretend that thing is cute.)

Remember how Scully’s pregnant, even though that hasn’t been mentioned for multiple episodes? She’s gotten an ultrasound and is starting to show slightly. When she gets to work, she meets Kath’s husband, Duffy Haskell. He contacted the X-Files eight years ago, before Scully started there, because Kath had been abducted by aliens. Now she’s dead, and Duffy blames “them.”

Doggett explains that Duffy wrote Mulder some letters about the abduction years ago. Now Kath has had an alien baby, and Duffy thinks that’s why she was killed. She was abducted multiple times and underwent procedures. The results were exactly like what Scully’s gone through. And like Scully, Kath was supposedly unable to have a baby, at least until the aliens implanted her with an alien embryo. Duffy thinks all the doctors Kath saw were in on the conspiracy. They killed her and stole her alien child.

Scully accepts Duffy’s supposed proof, an ultrasound, and sends him away. Then she jabs at Doggett for bringing her a case that sounds insane. Doggett knows Scully’s history from the X-Files and says he thought she’d be interested in the case because Kath’s history is just like hers. Well, except for the pregnancy part. Scully coolly tells him to stay out of her personal history, whether or not it’s documented in the X-Files.

Flashback! Some unspecified time ago, Scully and Mulder meet up in an elevator after she has a doctor’s appointment. She admits that the aliens’ tests left her unable to conceive a baby. She’s struggling to accept that she’ll never have a child. Mulder makes his own confession: He knew she couldn’t conceive. Her ova were taken during an experiment, and he had them sent to a lab for testing. They’re not viable, so even if Scully were able to get them back and try in vitro fertilization, she still wouldn’t be able to have a baby.

Back in the present, Doggett catches up to Scully and asks what she wants to do about Duffy. She says there’s no need to do anything. She goes to Zeus Genetics in Germantown, Maryland, and takes a look around when no one greets her in the lobby. She hears a woman named Mary Hendershot crying and yelling as Dr. Lev tries to calm her. Before he can see her, Scully hides…in a storage room full of fetuses. Lev finds her there, and Scully pretends she came to the office with Mary.

Scully heads home without getting busted further and calls her doctor, James Parenti. As she waits for him to come to the phone, she compares her ultrasound to Kath’s. She tells Parenti that she’s scared and wants him to compare them as well. He’s not in his office, but he’ll look at them as soon as he can. And the reason he’s not in his office is because he’s in the fetus storage room at Zeus, looking at Kath’s alien baby.

Flashback! Scully has taken the ova to Parenti, who disagrees with Mulder about their viability and thinks she can get pregnant. In fact, they can start trying right away, as soon as they get a father. Parenti suggests an anonymous donor, but Scully has a much less anonymous man in mind. She’ll just have to figure out how to ask him to make a baby with her.

In the present, Parenti tells Scully that her and Kath’s ultrasounds look fine. He tells her it’s normal to be worried, but right now her only concern needs to be telling the FBI about her pregnancy. At the office, Doggett gets a call from Parenti’s office about the ultrasound, which is a real jerk move, Parenti. Doggett was doing a background check on Kath and Duffy, even though Scully thinks they should drop the case. He thinks she was at Parenti’s to investigate as well, even as she says there’s nothing left to do.

Doggett accuses Scully of keeping secrets and lying, which makes it hard for him to do his job. Scully says Parenti is her doctor; she wasn’t at his office on business. Doggett is satisfied with that and turns his attention back to Kath and Duffy, calling Duffy a piece of work. Turns out he’s the president of Ohio’s MUFON and has written some not-so-nice letters. For example, he wrote Lev to threaten to hurt him if anything happened to Kath. Mulder was so concerned about the letters that he passed them along to Skinner.

Duffy insists again that Lev killed Kath and stole the baby. Doggett says that he can’t find any confirmation that Kath and Duffy were married (not sure what that has to do with anything, but okay), and no history of foul play on Lev’s part. He’s an expert in the field of birth defects, and his peers respect him. Duffy, however, has made threats that have put him in the FBI’s radar. So which of these two men is the one the agents need to be concerned about?

Duffy tells the agents that Lev and his colleagues have taken everything from him. He thinks there are other women out there who have been through the same things as Kath. As soon as he leaves, he calls Lev to tell him that the FBI is trying to poke holes in his story, just as Lev suspected. They’re at risk to lose Mary, so they need to let her go. Ooh, conspirators!

Flashback! Scully has asked Mulder to be her baby daddy, and amazingly, he’s had to take some time to think it over instead of immediately saying yes and/or proposing marriage. He wants to make sure that having a baby together won’t come between them. Scully thinks that means he’s saying no, but he’s saying yes. They’re going to do this in a lab, though, and not the old-fashioned, naked, sexy way. How disappointing. In the present, Mary comes to Scully’s apartment and warns that their unborn babies are both in danger.

Scully, Skinner, and Doggett meet up at a diner so Scully can announce that she needs a leave of absence. She won’t tell Doggett why. He’s thrilled to be woken up in the middle of the night to be told he’s on his own with the X-Files now. After he leaves, Skinner urges Scully to tell Doggett the truth, but she says she can’t. She follows Doggett out and insists she’s not doing anything behind his back. He reminds her that she’s supposed to be watching his back. She promises that if she were putting him at risk, she would let him know. Scully heads off with Mary, which just makes Doggett more suspicious.

The women go to Walden-Freedman Army Research Hospital to tell their stories to a team of doctors headed by a Dr. Miryum. Mary doesn’t have medical records with her since she can’t trust her doctors. She was friends with Kath and thinks the doctors killed her because she saw too much. Since Mary’s 40 weeks along, Miryum thinks they should induce labor and deliver right away so they can get some answers. An agent named Farah brings Doggett some information he found while running Duffy and Kath’s background checks. Duffy’s fingerprints match those of a David Haskell, who supposedly died in 1970 and was buried in an honor-guard cemetery.

At Walden-Freedman, the doctors induce Mary, who confesses to Scully that she’s afraid of what’s inside her. She realized early on that her boyfriend couldn’t have fathered her baby, and it must have been the result of an abduction. She’s unsure of what kind of baby she’ll be having. Miryum gives Scully an ultrasound and pronounces her baby healthy. She offers to do an amniocentesis to find out the baby’s sex.

Doggett meets up with a guy named Knowle Rohrer, who was supposed to find out if Duffy and David are the same person. Knowle says he could have been a CIA agent who had his death faked, but that doesn’t explain why he went to see Scully and Doggett about his wife’s alien abduction. Doggett thinks it’s tied to the alien conspiracy, which Knowle denies exists. (Hmm, sounds like something that someone who’s part of an alien conspiracy would say.)

Left alone in her exam room, Scully finds a VHS tape (kids, ask your parents) labeled “Nancy Boxwell, 11-23-00.” She goes to Mary’s room and tells her they have to leave. Meanwhile, Doggett goes to Skinner and asks how to get in touch with Scully. He thinks Duffy has misled all of them. His plan the whole time was to get Scully to go wherever she is. Skinner says she’s safe, but since Scully’s at a hospital, and doctors have been killing women, and doctors work in hospitals…well, Skinner can connect the dots, right?

Skinner calls the hospital while Mary and Scully sneak out. They run into Knowle, who says he’s a friend of Doggett’s and will take them someplace safe. Scully, like an idiot, doesn’t question it. They’re supposedly going to another hospital so Mary can have her baby in safety. They have to hide from some MPs, and of course Mary’s now in active labor, so this is a bad situation all around. Scully orders Knowle and his colleague to stop the car so Mary can have the baby.

But Knowle keeps Scully away, telling her it’s for her own safety. He sedates her while his colleague delivers the baby as what looks like an MP watches from afar. When Scully wakes up, she’s back at Walden-Freedman with Doggett by her bed. He now knows she’s pregnant and assures her that she and the baby are both fine. So are Mary and her son, who’s human. Scully thinks there was a baby swap as part of a cover-up.

Doggett says that the doctors’ official ruling is that Scully got worked up over her fears for her baby and overreacted to Mary’s situation. Scully says that Miryum lied to her – she showed Scully a tape of another woman’s ultrasound to make her think her baby was normal and human. Doggett says they just taped Scully’s procedure over someone else’s. (Still not a great practice by that hospital, but at least better than what Scully thinks happened.) He sent Knowle and his colleague to help Scully and Mary, so whatever they did was on his orders.

Scully refuses to believe this: The whole thing was a cover-up, and Scully and Mary are pawns. Doggett’s just glad Scully’s okay, though he’s annoyed that she never told him she was pregnant. She admits that she was afraid the FBI would use it against her and take her off the X-Files, which means she wouldn’t be able to keep looking for Mulder. Doggett reminds her that he promised he would help with the search, and he’s still going to.

One last flashback! Scully comes home from her last attempt at in vitro with the news that it didn’t succeed. Mulder gives her a comforting hug and a kiss on the forehead, and tells her to never give up on a miracle. In the present, Scully puts her hand on her stomach. So the mystery remains unsolved: Is the baby Mulder’s or an alien’s? (Or some third option presented in season 11 that I don’t want to even entertain?)

Thoughts: Knowle is played by Adam Baldwin. Kath is played by Megan Follows.

Knowle Rohrer might be the worst name I’ve ever heard. Top five, at least.

Scully’s hair is so big in this episode, I guess because it’s full of secrets.

When Duffy leaves to get scrubbed for the C-section, he tells Kath, “Don’t wait for me.” Yeah, here’s a guy who understands how emergency C-sections work.

The recap title comes from what David Duchovny called Gillian Anderson while presenting her with an award: his “alien-baby baby mama.”

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