April 27, 2019

The X-Files 10.1, My Struggle: Here We Go Again

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All of their conversations look like this

Summary: Mulder gives a brief recap of the entire series to date, in case people had forgotten about it in the 13 years since the last episode (or the seven years since the second movie). He tells us there are UFO sightings all the time. There’s a huge cover-up, and people think they’re a hoax, but “are we truly alone? Or are we being lied to?”

We go back in time to Roswell in 1947, when a young Army medic is taken to the desert by a man in a black suit. The doctor is stunned when he sees a giant crashed UFO. At Our Lady of Sorrows, where Scully is still working, she gets a phone call from Skinner (who’s still the assistant director – no promotion in 13 years? Ouch).

Mulder’s watching a clip of Jimmy Kimmel telling then-President Obama that if he were elected president, his first priority would be looking through confidential documents to find out if aliens exist. After talking to Skinner, Scully calls Mulder, who complains that his life has become a punchline. Skinner wants to know if Mulder’s been watching an Internet celeb named Tad O’Malley, who’s reached out to the FBI.

Mulder pulls up a clip of Tad saying that the mainstream media is lying about people’s freedoms. He has conspiracy theories that go all the way back to Roswell. Mulder doesn’t know why Scully’s getting involved in this stuff again, but Scully’s just delivering a message from Skinner. Mulder is supposed to meet with Tad, and he wants Scully to tag along.

The two former partners meet up, but Scully’s the only one who bothered to dress professionally. She tells him she worries about him and is glad he’s gotten out of the house. There’s exposition that they no longer live together. Tad arrives and invites the agents to join him for a limo ride, wanting to ensure their conversation is private. He thinks some aircraft can eavesdrop, though he won’t say who’s behind that.

In the limo, Tad tells the ex-agents that he’s not a true believer like Mulder is. Also, he calls Scully “Dana,” and I don’t think Mulder likes that. Mulder corrects that he only wants to believe; he’s never been able to find real proof of aliens. Tad reminds him that he ran the X-Files, but that chapter of the ex-agents’ lives is over. They’ve both moved on (both from the job and from each other).

Mulder thinks Tad just spouts conspiracies for the money and doesn’t actually believe anything he says. He’s “The O’Reilly Factor with a shopworn little gimmick.” Tad says Bill O’Reilly knows very little of the truth. Mulder brings up a woman named Kelly Cahill who claims she and her husband saw a UFO in Australia. They lost an hour of time, and Kelly wound up with a triangular mark on her stomach. Tad wants Mulder and Scully to help him expose the conspiracy about alien abductions. He has something – and someone – to show them.

The limo takes the group to a secluded little cottage where a woman named Sveta lives. She contacted Tad and told him to call Mulder and Scully. Sveta met Mulder as a child, when he interviewed her family after she was abducted for the first time. Over 20 years, she’s been abducted multiple times, and has the little scoop-marked scars to prove it. The aliens replaced her memories, but she still recalls some things.

Like Scully, Sveta got pregnant after a number of her abductions, but the fetuses were taken, leaving the scars. Sveta continues that she has alien DNA. Mulder asks if Scully could test that, since Sveta hasn’t gotten confirmation from a doctor. He calls her “Dana,” which makes me uncomfortable. Back to 1947! The doctor and some other soldiers follow an alien crawling away from the UFO. The Man in Black shoots it, saying it might be dangerous. The doctor is upset.

Scully takes Sveta to a lab to do tests. Sveta knows Scully’s skeptical, since she has some mind-reading abilities. She claims she’s also telekinetic, but she can’t control it, so she can’t give a demonstration. Sveta guesses that Mulder and Scully used to be a couple, and that Mulder’s been depressed. That’s what led to their breakup. Sveta also guesses that they had a child together. Scully tells her to knock it off. Sveta’s mind-reading abilities end there, as she thinks Scully doesn’t know what it’s like to be abducted. Scully gives her a look, and Sveta changes her mind.

Tad retrieves Mulder from his house via helicopter and warns that they’re about to meet with some very paranoid people. They go to what looks like an empty airplane hangar and meet Garner, a scientist, who takes Mulder to an alien aircraft. It’s up and running, and Mulder looks like a kid on Christmas morning. The technology used to make it run has been kept secret for 70 years so oil companies could keep making money. The aircraft turns invisible, thanks to ununpentium.

1947! The doctor takes the alien’s corpse, though the Man in Black says there’s no point, since it’s dead. The doctor asks why he was brought out there in the first place. In the present, Tad catches Scully drawing some of her own blood and asks if she’s testing her own DNA to see if it’s alien. She tells him about her work on children born without ears. Tad notes that the kids look alien-like, which Scully claims is a coincidence. She has no interest in going back to her past chasing aliens.

Tad asks if Scully misses the X-Files. Scully says that it was challenging and made her feel alive; the same goes for her relationship with Mulder. But it ended up being “impossible.” Tad wants to make sure Scully doesn’t feel like Mulder put her on the spot with the Sveta stuff. Also, he wanted to see her again.

Mulder goes back to Sveta’s to ask for some clarification about her pregnancies. She says she doesn’t believe the aliens took the fetuses. Her experiences have affected her whole life, and she hasn’t been able to have a normal existence. She’s afraid it’ll only get worse. She confesses that humans took the babies, though they did take her aboard ships. She was afraid they would kill her if she told the truth.

Mulder promises that Sveta can trust him, even though he used to work for the government. She guesses that he always wondered if the government was lying to him. He calls Scully, who’s in Tad’s limo again, to tell her that they’ve been misled – maybe there’s no alien conspiracy. He thinks Sveta is the key to everything.

Mulder goes to his former X-Files office, accompanied by a bearded Skinner. Even though the office supposedly hasn’t been touched since the X-Files closed, the files are gone. Mulder tells Skinner that this is “about controlling the past to control the future. It’s about fiction masquerading as fact.” He thinks Skinner owes him answers. Skinner says he doesn’t take orders from Mulder, so Mulder asks who he does take orders from.

Skinner promises that he’s looking out for Mulder like he always has. Mulder rips his “I want to believe” poster and blasts himself for chasing nothing for a decade. He guesses Skinner’s been lied to, too. Skinner says he’s thought about Mulder every day since the X-Files closed, wishing Mulder were still there to investigate weird stuff. Mulder says that surveillance and policing post-9/11 were supposed to make us feel safer, but we’re actually in more danger. Skinner tells him to do something about it.

In another clip from his Internet show, Tad complains that the government targets people with registered guns. Then he does a segment on Scully and her work with earless kids. Scully’s watching the clip when she gets the results of her bloodwork. She asks a nurse to retest some of the samples. She adds that she’s expecting – well, hoping for – a call from Mulder.

In downtown D.C., Mulder meets up with an old man who once promised to give a confirmation if Mulder ever put the pieces together. He thinks the technology from the alien aircraft has been used in disappearances that have been misreported as alien abductions. The old man warns that the reason for this is more complicated than Mulder can know.

Mulder takes a stab at it: It’s a “conspiracy of men against humanity.” Ten years ago, the old man came to Mulder, wanting to spill his secrets. The old man – who’s the Army doctor from 1947 – says he didn’t know how his work would be used. He did experiments on the alien corpse that led to lies told to everyone in the world. Mulder wants to expose those lies, but the old man doesn’t think anyone will believe him. Mulder’s willing to be seen as a fool. The old man tells him he’s close to uncovering everything. As he leaves, he says that Roswell was a smokescreen. Mulder figured that out a while ago.

Scully goes to Mulder’s house, where he tries to tell her what he’s uncovered. She’s worried that he’s obsessed again, because he wants to believe so badly. Mulder does believe – he thinks Tad’s conspiracy theory is correct. The truth really is out there, and Tad is going to reveal it. Scully begs him to tread lightly, but Mulder says he knows what he’s doing.

Sveta reveals that she’s in the house, and Mulder again tells Scully that she’s the key to everything. Scully’s heard enough, so she leaves, but before she can drive off, Tad arrives and asks her to stay. She’s annoyed but agrees to hear what Mulder has to say. He tells the group something science-y about UFOs being attracted to America after the H-bomb, and wormholes and transducers and electrogravitic propulsion. Basically, aliens were worried about us self-destructing.

The government used technology from UFOs, then covered it up. The problem is that Mulder isn’t sure what the goal is. Tad blames corporate greed and the takeover of America, then the world. Eventually, we’ll go into a perpetual war, which will just be a distraction. Everything the government is doing right now is preparation for targeting us. Then some elites will take over and “cull, kill, and subjugate” the rest of us.

Tad thinks it’ll start on a Friday. Money will disappear; then bombs will knock out major grids. The government will tell us it’s an attack by Russia, or they’ll simulate an alien attack. Mulder says the Russians tried it in 1947. Scully says Tad can’t broadcast this theory – it’ll be seen as treason. It’s irresponsible to set off the kind of panic that would follow. Mulder and Sveta disagree, saying it’s irresponsible to keep the truth hidden. Scully informs Sveta that her test came back negative – she doesn’t have any alien DNA. Then she leaves.

Back at work the next day, Scully watches Tad’s show, in which Sveta admits that she lied about being abducted by aliens. Tad paid her to lie so he could get ratings. Mulder guesses that someone got to her. Tad says that whoever turned Sveta against him must be afraid about the truth coming close to being revealed.

As Scully gets her second results, Mulder goes to Sveta’s. The government has found Garner’s hangar, and they knock out the scientists and blow it up. After an operation, Scully tries to go back to Tad’s site, but it’s now unavailable. When she leaves work that night, she sees “don’t give up” written in the dirt on the back of her car.

Mulder arrives and tells Scully about Venus Sydrome, a global-warming scenario that will lead the planet to the brink of the Sixth Extinction. The elite will go off into space and fight the poor souls left on Earth. Scully tells Mulder that Tad’s been shut down, so they need to find Sveta and protect her. She sequenced both Sveta’s and her own entire genomes, and she now believes the conspiracy is true. Both ex-agents get messages from Skinner, and Mulder asks if Scully’s ready for whatever comes next. She says she doesn’t think they have a choice.

Sveta’s driving somewhere when her car shuts down. A green light shines through her roof, and she looks up to see a UFO. She tries to get out of the car, but she doesn’t have enough time before the UFO blows up her car. In an unknown location, FREAKING CSM, who is somehow STILL FREAKING ALIVE, FREAKING A, gets a call letting him know the X-Files division has been reopened.

Thoughts: Tad is played by Joel McHale.

Oh, good, another “key to everything.” We can’t have enough of those.

In a way, it makes sense that CSM keeps coming back from the dead. I mean, you can’t kill the Devil, right?

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