January 18, 2020

Felicity 1.2, The Last Stand: I Guess This Is Growing Up

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A great mother-daughter bonding activity: checking out Felicity’s crush together

Summary: Felicity is making another tape for Sally. She loves New York and is glad she decided to stay. She was scared at first, and felt like a snowflake in a blizzard, but she realized everyone’s also a snowflake. Felicity uses a payphone to call her parents, even though she used a phone in her room last time. She leaves them long messages instead of talking to them.

Felicity tells Sally that she felt okay about moving on from Ben, and Julie has said she’s over him, too. Somehow I doubt they’re both telling the truth. Ben is pleased that Felicity’s staying at school and says he can’t figure you out. Felicity tells Sally that that threw her. She adds that someone called the admissions office asking if he could read a student’s application essay. (He can’t.) Felicity was congratulated for having an admirer.

She visits Noel to deliver a floor calendar, whatever that is, and asks if he was the one who called to ask about her essay. He doesn’t know why anyone would do that. Felicity tells him he’s easy to talk to; he says he feels the same about her. But she continues that, after he admitted that he has feelings for her, conversations have been more difficult. Noel says he develops feelings for people all the time, so Felicity shouldn’t make anything out of it. He says it was kind of a power trip, the RA having a crush on a new student. It wasn’t really romantic.

Felicity reminds Noel that she read Ben’s application essay. Noel steels himself for another conversation about Ben. She wonders if Ben wanted to even things out by reading Felicity’s essay, since she read his. She admits that her essay is about him, so she can’t let him read it. Noel agrees. Then Felicity says she’s going to let him read it. She’ll mail it to him. Noel tries to change her mind, but she ignores him. He tells her not to come back unless she’s going to listen to him.

Felicity tells Sally that you can never be ashamed of the truth. Oh, you most certainly can! Girl, what is wrong with you? She mails the essay in a mailbox, because I guess the school mailroom doesn’t allow you to send mail? Then she goes to a session with John, where she’s surprised to find her parents waiting for her. Edward says they want to understand why she’s so adamant about staying in New York. Barbara kind of wonders if she’s on drugs. Felicity’s offended that they would think that.

Edward complains that no one will give them any answers on why Felicity feels the need to be in New York. Felicity correctly guesses that he’s the one who contacted the admissions office to try to get her essay. She realizes she made a huge mistake and runs off to try to fix it. Edward tells John that she was never like this before.

A student named Larry goes to Noel to talk about problems he’s having with his roommate. Lewis talks loudly in his sleep, which is a problem in itself, but what’s worse is that he talks about buying knives and killing Larry. At least Noel finally has a problem to deal with that doesn’t involve Felicity and Ben.

In the mailroom, Felicity asks the mail sorter if her friend Ben has received a certain letter yet. The sorter tells her he can’t give her that information. Felicity lies that she sent him an invitation and wants to see if he got it. Apparently the sorter can’t resist Felicity’s charms, because he goes to Ben’s box and shows her that the envelope is there. He draws the line at giving it back to Felicity, though. He won’t go against federal law or his conscience.

Ben arrives before Felicity can try to pressure the sorter to break the law for her. As they’re chatting, someone bumps into Ben, making him drop his mail. Felicity grabs her letter, but Ben sees and takes it back from her. So close! He tells her he’s glad she’s staying. Obviously Felicity no longer feels the same way.

Noel talks to Lewis to make sure he doesn’t have any plans to buy any knives or, you know, maybe use those knives to kill someone, like his roommate, just for example. Lewis says no, but Noel isn’t convinced. However, Felicity is more of a priority than Larry’s safety, so Noel goes to check in with her. She tells him Ben didn’t ask to read her essay, but she’s already sent it to him. She thinks Ben will only look back on this time as the period in his life when a crazy girl was obsessed with him.

Noel has a theory about how Felicity can handle the situation with her parents: Invite them to see her dorm, and introduce them to him so he can make them feel more secure. Felicity’s just happy that Noel isn’t saying “I told you so.” He admits that that’s all he’s thinking.

She calls her parents and arranges to meet up with them the next afternoon so they can see where she lives. Hey, Noel, Felicity finally listened to you! He tells her he can’t wait to meet the people who made her. And…creepy. Meghan comes home, and Felicity lets her know that her parents are visiting tomorrow, so maybe Meghan could put some of her skulls away. Meghan thinks about it, then says no and leaves. Noel thinks that’s fair.

Felicity brings her parents to her dorm on a particularly loud afternoon. She acknowledges that Meghan is weird but claims they get along great. Meghan overhears and says Felicity’s the weird one, since she wears Hush Puppies. After the Porters talk about how big the room is, Noel sticks his head in and asks Felicity when her “overbearing” parents get there. Oh, good job, Noel. Felicity introduces him to her parents, and Edward confirms that Noel works there, in a tone that says, “Not after today, you won’t.”

Noel apologizes for his error, claiming the word “overbearing” is his, not Felicity’s. Then Larry comes in holding a knife and tells Noel he needs to talk to Lewis again. Way to make the Porters feel more secure about where their daughter’s living, guys. Then the fire alarm goes off. Noel says it goes off all the time but usually doesn’t mean there’s a fire. Though they should probably leave the building anyway.

The Porters meet with John, who wants to mediate a discussion. Edward starts off by saying that Felicity has always wanted to go to Stanford and become a doctor. Then out of the blue, she changed her plans. If she were in her parents’ shoes, would she understand what was happening? Felicity makes a full confession about coming to New York because of Ben. That’s not going to make anything better, Felicity. John points out that Ben isn’t the reason Felicity decided to stay, though.

The Porters want to know if they were too controlling. Felicity says that she loved going out to dinner every Tuesday with her mom, but the other night, she was eating alone in the cafeteria and she felt great being on her own. Edward thinks it’s fine that she wants to be independent, but New York isn’t the only place she can do that.

Barbara says that it seems like the perfect place for it. And if Felicity loves it there so much, she might as well stay there over Thanksgiving instead of coming home. Barbara continues that she didn’t realize Tuesdays were a problem or a waste of time, or that she was overbearing. John tries to step in, but Barbara’s too hurt to listen to him. She leaves the session. Edward tries to make excuses for her, then goes after her.

Ben runs into Julie outside her dorm room and tries to make small talk about her new guitar. He finally asks if she’s avoiding him, which she admits to. Is it because of Felicity or because of him? Julie says it’s about neither of them. Ben wants to have the opportunity to hear Julie play her guitar. She tells him he probably will.

Julie finds Felicity hanging out alone in the cafeteria. Felicity’s sad that she upset her mother, but she’s going to try to talk to her parents again at dinner that night. Julie says that the Porters feel rejected – they never expected their daughter to break off on her own and make her own plans. Julie has the opposite problem. Her parents always expected her to go off on her own, so they work to keep her happy.

Felicity asks what she means, but Julie just says it’s complicated. She clarifies that her parents adopted her, and they’re great, but she found out her birth mother’s name last year and discovered that she lives in New York. Felicity asks if that’s why she came to school there, but Julie doesn’t answer. She knows her parents would be hurt if they found out what she knows. Felicity promises not to say anything. Both of them say they feel grown-up.

Noel tracks Felicity down in the women’s bathroom to apologize for being dumb in front of her parents. Another student in the bathroom leaves and tells him he can go in now that Felicity’s in there alone. Don’t enable him, other student. Noel wants to know if the Porters hate him. Felicity says they see him as “one more piece of straw in this whole miserable haystack.” She’s getting ready for dinner with them and asks if she looks okay. Noel says yes, barely able to keep from gushing over her.

When Edward comes by, Noel apologizes to him for the sixth time. Edward just asks if Felicity is okay. Noel says she’s a chick. Edward almost gets offended before Noel explains that he’s trying to use a metaphor and compare her to a chicken. Edward tells him to drop the metaphor and be straightforward. Noel says yes, she’s fine, and he’s looking out for her. If things get bad, he’ll try to make them better. Edward asks if the “knife thing” worked out, and Noel says it’ll be fine.

Barbara “wasn’t feeling well,” so Felicity and Edward are on their own for dinner. He tells her he really is trying to understand her decisions. He wants her to go to Stanford, but it’s her life, so he’s going to stop fighting her. Well, after one last try to make sure she wants to stay in New York. She says she thinks she does. In that case, Edward wants to go over all the practical matters. He will pay her tuition, but she needs to pay for her own room and board. Felicity thinks that’s more than fair, since she wasn’t expecting it. Edward says it’s important to him to send her to college.

Felicity talks to John about being afraid of thunderstorms as a kid. Her mom, who’s packing to go back to California, would come comfort her and help her fall asleep. Part of Felicity expected her to do that forever. She doesn’t know why Barbara is so hurt by her choice to come to New York. She was always the one who understood Felicity. This is just growing up, Felicity guesses.

Instead of going to the airport, Barbara goes to Felicity’s dorm. She’s not there, so Barbara follows the sound of a guitar down the hall to Julie’s room and asks if Julie knows Felicity. Felicity asks John if he’s ever had a student who felt guilty about growing up. Barbara surprises her outside John’s office and tells her she met Edward when she was very young. When Felicity said she came to New York for a guy, Barbara worried that she was giving up her dreams like Barbara did. But none of that is Felicity’s fault, and Barbara doesn’t want her to feel bad. She loved their Tuesday dinners together.

Barbara doesn’t know what things will be like now that she has an empty nest. She admits to being scared. But she thinks Felicity is brave, and she can’t wait to spend Thanksgiving together. Ben comes by and tells Felicity he got her essay. He doesn’t seem freaked out, so that’s good. Barbara starts to leave, but Felicity tells her to stay, then introduces her to the reason she came to New York. Barbara seems to approve. Felicity sees her parents off, all three of them finally back on good terms.

Thoughts: Larry is played by John Cho. The Noel enabler from the bathroom is played by Constance Zimmer.

I didn’t realize that Ron Howard was one of the show’s executive producers. Now I keep imagining Arrested Development-style narrator voiceovers. Noel: “I don’t have feelings for you.” Narrator: “Noel was lying. And he wasn’t very good at it.”

Did anyone come to this school because they actually want to be there, or do they all have secret ulterior motives?

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