January 25, 2020

Felicity 1.3, Hot Objects: Everything’s Fine

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Summary: Felicity is, of course, making another tape for Sally. She’s very excited that she’s going to her first official college party tonight. The whole floor gets to help plan it, with guidance from Noel. One guy, Mitch, is very adamant that they have a band. There will not be a band. Noel wants Mitch to move on. Someone named Sensa, who must be cool because she has a beeper, says she and her large family will organize the whole thing.

On the way to Felicity’s room, Julie says that, according to rumors, three people came to last year’s party naked. Does the dorm only throw one party a year? Felicity mentions that she went by Julie’s room last night but Julie was out. Julie says she went out with someone named Astrid. Felicity asks Julie’s permission to invite Ben to the party. Julie says that’s totally fine. Their relationship, or whatever it was, was “like a 24-hour virus.” The two think their excitement about a big party is justified.

But Felicity asks Sally if it’s really that big a deal. She’s been running through possible scenarios with Ben. Maybe they’ll dance for hours, and then she’ll invite him to her room, and they’ll just talk. Felicity really has some big fantasies, doesn’t she? Unfortunately, Felicity blew her first chance to invite him.

Flashback! She runs into Ben as they’re checking out their schedules, and she nerds out talking about her new chemistry professor, Garibay. He wrote the textbooks she used through high school. Ben tells her she should have gone to the thing Julie and Astrid went to the night before. Next time, she should go.

As Felicity berates herself for not using that “next time” to extend an invitation to the party, Julie and Astrid are hanging out in the cafeteria, discussing whether Q comes at the right time in the alphabet. Ben joins them and asks Julie if she wants to go to a concert on Friday. She tells him she’s going to her dorm’s party. Ben is starting to grasp that Julie’s never going to agree to go on another date with him.

Felicity tells Sally that she’s happy she’s chosen to stay pre-med. By coming to New York instead of going to Stanford, she gets to study under one of her idols. She feels like she already knows Garibay. Felicity starts off on the wrong foot by telling him that she couldn’t find a copy of the required text for the class. He’s not sympathetic.

Ben has landed in an acting class, somehow. The class is told to bring a meaningful object to their next session. After class, Ben tells the professor, Kinney, that he shouldn’t be there; he wanted to take Russian. Apparently someone in admissions just put him in acting to fulfill a communications requirement. Ben will drop acting as soon as there’s a slot in the Russian class. Kinney says he hopes Ben gets all the classes he wants, but while he’s in Kinney’s class, he’ll need to participate. That means bringing a “hot object” and talking about it in front of the class.

Felicity approaches Ben in the cafeteria to tell him about the dorm party (she pretends she’s just spreading the word, not inviting him specifically). Ben says that Julie already told him, but he doesn’t accept or decline the invitation. Sometime later, Felicity tells Julie that she invited Ben to the party (not really), and he said Julie had already asked him (not at all). Felicity’s like, “It’s totally fine! Nothing’s wrong here!” She just doesn’t want to end up fighting with Julie. Julie says there’s nothing to worry about.

She goes to talk to Noel about the situation, making him wonder if everyone likes Ben. Julie thinks Ben likes her, too, which is problem because Felicity wants to spend time with him. Noel simply says that Julie shouldn’t hang out with Ben. Julie decides to tell Felicity that Ben keeps asking her out. Noel objects, thinking that it’ll sound like Julie wants Felicity’s permission to go out with Ben. Julie tells him that, no offense, this conversation wasn’t helpful. She asks Noel to keep this confidential so Felicity doesn’t find out that Julie said she likes Ben. Noel says he already knows.

Ben attends his next acting class, wanting to be anywhere else. A classmate, Alice, gets emotional while talking about the program from a play she was in. Her brother, who never talks about anything deep with her, wrote a lovely note to her inside it. Ben thinks this is ridiculous. No one volunteers to go next, so Kinney picks Ben. His “hot object” is a sandwich. First he describes it objectively, making everyone laugh. He says he brought it because he just loves sandwiches.

Felicity complains to Noel that she can’t find a copy of Garibay’s textbook. Her only request for the party is chocolate. He tells her he knows some people at the college bookstore, in case she wants to special-order the text. Smart college girl didn’t think of that before, did she? Smart college girl thought she might find a copy at Barnes & Noble instead.

After her next chemistry class with Garibay, she tells him her book is coming, and she wants the two of them to be okay. Garibay asks what she thinks. Felicity says she hoped they were fine. Garibay says that, in that case, they must be. Instead of the weekend assignment, she can write an essay about how “okay” they are. Then Felicity can decide if she belongs in his class.

Sensa and a relative named Yuri meet with Noel to go over everything he needs for the party. Money doesn’t seem to be an object, at least for the Russians. Yuri thinks Noel needs a beeper. Noel only has one special request: “Do you have access to, uh…to chocolate?” Noel. Sweetie. It’s called the store. Go to that one place in New York that has M&Ms in every color. Everyone will love it.

Felicity and Ben mope on a bench together about their respective disastrous classes. Ben can’t get out of his, so he’s going to take an incomplete. He finds the “hot object” assignment too difficult. Felicity isn’t sure what she would talk about – maybe her necklace, which belonged to her grandmother. But objects aren’t that important to her. It’s just being there. Ben tells her he’ll see her at the party. Back to Felicity’s tape. She tells Sally that she can picture what it might be like to be with a man for the first time…sexually. Yes, Felicity, I think that was implied.

Ben is given a second shot at the “hot objects” assignment, with the threat of an incomplete hanging over his head. He brings out his keys, and though he struggles to talk about them, Kinney encourages him. Ben says that he and his father don’t get along, which is hard for his mom. She’s beautiful and elegant, but she gets very upset when Ben and his father fight. In pictures from before he was born, his parents always looked happy. The keys mean Ben isn’t home anymore; he lives with three roommates in a place he likes hanging out. That leaves Ben’s parents alone with each other, without the problems he causes. This is better for everyone.

Meghan finally gets more than ten seconds of screentime as she asks if Felicity and Julie are going to the party together. She thinks Julie and Ben are dating. Felicity says that, according to Julie, there’s nothing going on. Meghan thinks she hit a nerve. Felicity should pay more attention to how they act around each other. They’re definitely “couch dancing.”

There’s a huge spread of food at the party, including full-size Russian chocolate bars. The Russians are the first to show up, and Sensa’s the only one actually enjoying herself. Down the hall, Felicity puts on a new dress and tells Sally that on her next tape, she’ll talk about how her first college party turned out. Noel comes to get her, unable to hide how pretty he thinks she looks. Sensa interrupts to check out Felicity’s CDs. No, wait – tapes. Noel awkwardly asks Felicity to dance with him, and is pleased when she says yes.

Once people start arriving at the party, it gets good. Astrid talks to some guys about things they don’t have to think about now that they’re out of high school. Alice hits it off with a guy who isn’t sure if she really likes him or if she’s acting. Felicity and Noel drink something unidentified and unpleasant. Things go slow-motion for Felicity when Ben shows up. She watches him with Julie, seeing what Meghan sees when they’re together.

Julie comes over to talk to Felicity, who confronts her for saying that nothing’s going on with Ben, then acting like something is going on. Julie says that Ben wanted to take her out, but she told him about the party because she knew Felicity would want him to come. She adds that he asks her out a lot. She says no every time, but now she’s sick of protecting Felicity.

Yuri puts on new music as Mitch complains that there’s no band. Mitch, it’s time to move on. Felicity wants to talk to Noel, but he needs to take a student the hospital – he may have gotten sick from the Estonian chocolate. Oh, they’re Estonian? Eh, whatever. Poor widdle Felicity is all alone at the party. Doesn’t she have other friends?

Sometime after the pilot, someone realized that everyone in the cast is white, so they found a token black actress to add in. Felicity meets Elena, who’s annoyed that everyone at the party is insecure and fearful of being judged. As they’re chatting, Yuri changes the music again…but it’s not music. It’s one of Felicity’s tapes to Sally. Specifically, it’s the tape where she said she could picture being with someone sexually.

Felicity yells for someone to turn it off, but no one does, so she has to do it herself. The room is silent as she takes it and leaves. Alice and her new guy are making out on Felicity’s bed, so she has to kick them out so she can cry by herself. Julie comes in to try to apologize for her outburst before, but Felicity wants to be alone.

She goes out to buy ice cream, every sad college student’s favorite comfort food, and runs into Garibay. Instead of just pretending not to see him and letting him leave, she approaches him and asks what she did to make him hate her. He tells her he’s been a professor for twice as long as she’s been alive. He doesn’t want a teacher’s pet. Felicity denies that that’s what she intended. Garibay says she’ll be fine. She doesn’t have to be okay with him, or vice versa, to do well in his class. She should worry about herself, not him.

Back at the dorm, Noel has heard about the tape, but Felicity doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells her he’ll take a rain check on dancing with her. Sometime later, after Felicity has finished her ice cream and fallen asleep, Ben comes by. He says he thinks people enjoyed the party. He downplays the tape, though she knows he heard all of it. She asks how his acting class went. Ben says she helped him a little, and it went well. He still wants to drop the class, though.

The real reason Ben is there is that he left his keys in the classroom, and none of his roommates are home. Can he sleep on Felicity’s floor? She tells him he can sleep in Meghan’s bed, since she’s never there at night. I’m sure she’d be thrilled to learn that a stranger slept in her bed. Now Felicity can’t sleep, knowing Ben is across the room.

Sally sends Felicity a tape: A guy asked her out, but she turned him down, at least for now. She’s not quite ready to move on from her fiancé. When Felicity wakes up in the morning, she watches Ben sleep. Creepy! Sally understands what Felicity said about expectations. Sally hopes that one day, she’ll take a chance again “in the horrible face of expectation.” It might even be worth it.

Thoughts: Where is Greg Grunberg? I was told that there would be Greg Grunberg.

What does Ben want to do with his life that would require him to take Russian? Is he just doing it for fun? Dude, stick with acting. You won’t have to learn a whole new alphabet.

Readers who haven’t gone to college, please know that professors like Garibay don’t actually exist. No one thinks your inability to find a textbook has any connection to whether you should be in the class.

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  1. PaperDoll111 said,

    Jenn, this is so well written and hilarious, I’m trying to understand why someone would try to humiliate a “nobody” like her. Idk

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