February 8, 2020

Felicity 1.5, Spooked: War Stories

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How did they pay for this??

Summary: As usual, Felicity is making a tape for Sally. She tells her that something “very New York” happened the other day. Flashback to “the other day.” Felicity and Ben are chatting while walking to his apartment; she’s interviewing for a job at Dean & DeLuca. She tells Sally that she thought things might be getting deeper between them. As they enter the apartment, someone ambushes them with a gun and makes them get on the floor. Other men are robbing the apartment. One takes Felicity’s necklace.

Once the burglars are gone, Ben and Felicity call the police. A detective asks them to come to the station the next day to look through pictures of suspects. He offers Felicity a ride back to her dorm, and Ben tells her she should go. In Felicity’s room, Meghan is telling Julie, Elena, and Noel about the robbery. Someone in the mailroom said shots were fired. He also told her that she now has the largest single room on campus, so that guy’s a jerk.

Edward calls, and Julie passes the phone to Noel to make him come up with an excuse for Felicity’s absence. Elena accuses Meghan of checking out Felicity’s side of the room. Felicity comes in and Edward is forgotten. He calls back and Felicity assures him (and her friends) that everything’s fine.

Ben’s roommates come home and check to see what the burglars stole. One, Sean (yay, Greg Grunberg is here!), is upset that his “idea book” has been taken. It contained all the great business ideas he’s thought up in the past four years. Another roommate says he can just write them all down again. Sean doubts he’ll be able to remember all of them. The ones he does remember: a 900 number for reporting UFO sightings and a quick car wash. He asks if Ben even tried to stop the guys. Then he realizes that was mean.

Felicity tells her friends how scared she was when she saw the burglar’s gun. Noel chimes in with his memory of the closest he ever came to being robbed – a homeless man pushed him and ruined his birthday cake. Thanks for your contribution, Noel. Elena thinks it’s different for women than men when a gun is involved. A couple years ago, she was mugged at gunpoint. Instead of being scared, she was mad. Sounds about right. Zach joins the group (in a pink shirt) and pulls Julie aside as Noel asks Felicity more questions about the experience. Zach awkwardly asks Julie to go see The Exorcist with him the next night.

Ben calls Felicity late that night, unable to sleep. She meets him in the dorm’s lounge, where he says he just wanted to make sure she was okay. Felicity tells Sally that she once read about soldiers bonding after going through battle together. She and Ben stayed up talking, and now Felicity understands what that bond is like.

Felicity is antsy at her Dean & DeLuca interview, and tells the interviewer, Javier, that she had an amazing night. He asks for details. She tells him about the robbery, then her night talking with Ben. Javier can relate to the awesome feeling of spending time with someone you like. He sees on Felicity’s résumé that she worked at a plus-size clothing store in high school. He’s surprised that the women who shopped there didn’t hate her, since she’s thin. Anyway, the Dean & DeLuca job is hers.

Elena corners Noel in a bathroom to complain about a Halloween decoration on her door. She’s offended that he chose a witch for her. She hates the holiday and doesn’t think anyone actually likes it. Noel says he does. She’s skipping a big Halloween party to study, but Noel thinks she should try to have some fun for once. Felicity and Ben look through mugshots at the police station, though Ben isn’t doing much looking. He finds an excuse to leave, though he says he’ll come back tomorrow to do some more looking. The detective tells Felicity that some people have trouble with this process.

Fast-forward to that night. Julie and Zach are leaving the movie, now a little more comfortable talking to each other. He gives her his jacket and asks her to get something to eat. Felicity’s studying in her room when Ben calls; he’s come by again to see her. Felicity walks by Noel’s door on her way to go down and meet him, and he asks if she’s going out. He’s worried she’s going alone, though maybe he’s more worried that she’ll be with Ben.

At Ben’s apartment, he and Felicity carve pumpkins for the Halloween party Sean’s throwing. Ben will be dressing up as Frankenstein’s monster. Felicity offers to dress as the Bride of Frankenstein. He likes that idea and says they’ll hang out. She asks him why he left the police station. He pretends that it had nothing to do with his emotions about the robbery.

Felicity worries about having to tell her mother that her grandmother’s necklace was taken. Ben says he hasn’t felt the way he did during the robbery in a long time. She tries to get him to talk about the times he’s felt like that before, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. They put candles in their pumpkins and admire them together.

Felicity says that she’s heard people say your life flashes before your eyes right before you die. She didn’t see her life during the robbery; she was just thinking about an assignment they were going on together, and her job interview, and a chem lab she hasn’t gotten her grade on yet.

Ben hesitates, then admits that his father had a temper when Ben was younger. Sometimes he would get mad because he’d been drinking, but sometimes there was no trigger. Ben thought he would feel safer when he moved out and came to New York, though he knows that’s kind of a ridiculous thought. Sean comes home and Ben decides to call an end to the evening.

The next day, Ben doesn’t meet Felicity at the police department. She looks through mugshots on her own. Elena apologizes to Noel for her reaction to the witch decoration. Her father never let her trick-or-treat, because he thought it was dangerous, so she’s never celebrated before. Noel has gotten them Subway uniforms (the restaurant, not, like, the actual subway), which doesn’t make her any more excited about the party. He has to go to the meeting, so he’ll meet her at the party.

Felicity and Julie show up together, Felicity as the Bride of Frankenstein and Julie as Catwoman. (Oh, man, Elena should have been Catwoman. That would have been awesome.) Ben has changed his costume idea and is wearing a suit. He blames Sean, who wanted his roommates to go as the Rat Pack. Ben isn’t even sure who he is. Someone else at the party thinks Felicity is Courtney Love. Ha!

Elena calls Noel to yell at him for his stupid costume idea. People keep placing sandwich orders with her and she’s sick of it. A guy named Blair, who’s dressed as the Tin Man, takes the phone when she’s done, and it looks like Elena might have found a love interest. Felicity confronts Ben for bailing on her at the police station, but he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. A guy dressed as Frankenstein’s monster brings her a drink and tries to get her more excited about the party.

Julie and Zach (who’s dressed as an explorer) chat outside about the movie he’s making. When the conversation gets awkward, as it usually does, Zach leans in for a kiss. Julie isn’t ready for that and goes back inside. Frankenstein’s monster only wants to talk about medicine and money, but Felicity isn’t interested. She’s heading for the bathroom when Julie stops her and says that Zach kissed her. Felicity asks for a rain check on the conversation so she can look for the bathroom…and instead catch Ben making out with someone else.

Upset, Felicity goes home and cries on her bed. Noel finds her there, still in her costume, and offers his help. She tells him she feels lost in every aspect of her life. Noel thinks she needs to focus on herself right now, not Ben. She just went through something horrible, and it’s made her feel vulnerable and weak. She needs to remember that she’s strong, beautiful, and independent. Everything will be fine. Great, even. Felicity asks if he really means it, then throws up on him. Noel says that changes his attitude about her.

The next day, Noel goes to Elena’s room to apologize for ditching her at the party. She’s over it – she hooked up with Blair, who’s still in her room. She claims they only hung out and listened to music, but I don’t know. Noel cracks himself up by warning her to be careful, since the Tin Man doesn’t have a heart.

Felicity confronts Ben in class, accusing him of blowing her off because they shared a moment together the other night. She felt stupid in her costume, without a partner. Ben says he only called her late at night because he was worried about her. She thinks he was worried about himself. He was scared, and when he got too close to Felicity, he got scared again. The next time he needs a late-night friend, he should call his make-out buddy.

Ben stops her from leaving and tells her that not everyone is as judgmental as she is. If he wants to make out with someone, he can. Felicity can’t make him feel guilty about it. Not everything has a big meaning, including their time together. Felicity realizes that that Julie’s in the classroom and heard them talking about their late nights together.

Felicity works at her new job while voicing over her letter to Sally. She’s realized that she’s been obsessing over a guy who’s not really that special. She needs to let it go. Ben and Zach hang out and play video games, and Zach asks if Ben and Julie went out. Ben says they just hung out. Zach confides that Julie shut him down after he kissed her. He’s not sure if he should try again with her.

Julie finds Zach while he’s working on his movie and expresses her appreciation for how he treats her like a real person. She got freaked out by their kiss because she’s worried about messing up whatever it is they have. Zach says he wouldn’t have normally acted on impulse, but he doesn’t have a lot of dating experience. If she just wants to be friends, that’s fine. Julie kisses him, so I don’t think friendship is what she wants.

Ben goes for a walk and broods on a park bench. Noel catches him outside Felicity’s room and says she’s not home. Noel is worried that Ben will hurt Felicity, so he doesn’t want to tell Ben where she is. Ben gets it out of him anyway. He goes to Dean & DeLuca, where Javier’s on the phone with his mom, talking about his boyfriend, I guess? Felicity tries to ignore Ben, but she reluctantly sits with him on her break.

Ben apologizes for being a jerk and tells her she was right about why he pushed her away. He has a hard time connecting with people, especially those who make him nervous. Felicity doesn’t think she makes him nervous, but he says she does. He gives her a necklace to replace the one the burglar took. He also offers to go back with her and look at more mugshots. The detective said the odds of catching the burglars are small, but Ben thinks they should give it a shot anyway. He puts the necklace on her.

Sally sends back a tape: Soldiers do bond during battle, but after the battle ends, they go home to try to make sense of things. She wasn’t going to tell her new love interest about her fiancé’s death, but Felicity’s tape made her realize she needs to. We all need to share our war stories because they bring us together and keep us alive.

Thoughts: Ben’s make-out buddy is dressed as the pink Power Ranger, an inside joke since Amy Jo Johnson (Julie) played the Pink Ranger.

Someone once mentioned that TV characters always have super-impressive Halloween costumes, and now it’s all I can think about during a Halloween episode.

Julie, you can wear little butterfly clips or you can put your hair in pigtails, but you can’t do both at the same time. Actually, I would recommend not doing either.

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