March 7, 2020

Felicity 1.9, Thanksgiving: Outlook Not So Good

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If you squint, it’s just like a Rockwell painting

Summary: At Dean & DeLuca, Javier is telling Felicity that his mother agreed to kick someone named Nono out of the house for Thanksgiving, because otherwise Javier wouldn’t come. Felicity’s confused about who or what Nono is. She voices over a tape to Sally about her original plans for the holiday. She was going to go home and try to put up with her parents. Of course, things changed.

Julie comes in, doing well after everything she went through with Zach. She tells Felicity she’s staying in New York for Thanksgiving. Felicity worries that she’ll get lonely, but Noel’s also going to be in the dorm. Hannah is coming to visit. Felicity is very interested in that development, but Julie says she’s not coming until after Felicity leaves, so Felicity won’t get to meet her.

Lewis says goodbye to Noel before leaving for Thanksgiving break. He is super-creepy. I hope Larry is okay. Felicity has too much stuff for her suitcase, so Noel brings her a bigger bag. He’ll be taking care of her plant while she’s gone. Well, if you call an avocado pit a plant. Felicity tells him she’s been using his Magic 8 Ball to help her decide what to pack. Maybe that’s why she has too many things.

Felicity gets Noel to tell her that Hannah’s coming to visit. He doesn’t want to talk to her about his girlfriend, even though they’re friends. Well, it seems fair, since he doesn’t want to hear her talk about Ben. Speaking of Ben, he’s also packing for home. Sean’s going to a big family gathering on Long Island. Ben is disturbed to learn that Sean has been using his razor and deodorant for months. Boys are gross.

Felicity runs into Elena, who’s hoping to get a lot of studying done over the break. She’s not looking forward to spending all that time with her dad. Felicity finds Julie moping in her bed and dreading having to talk to her parents about Zach. She’s realized that she would get lonely staying in the dorm, even with Noel around. That makes Felicity decide to stay with her. Why doesn’t Felicity just take Julie home with her? Anyway, they plan to throw their own Thanksgiving, and Felicity promises not to keep asking Julie how she’s doing.

Noel shows up with Hannah and immediately gets awkward. The women are all comfortable with each other, or at least pretend to be. Hannah asks Noel if he ate beets, which make him act weird. Felicity’s annoyed that Noel just calls her a girl from his dorm. Hannah’s a pianist and is working on a composition but is having trouble finishing it. Noel freaks out a little when he hears that Felicity and Julie are sticking around over Thanksgiving.

As soon as they’re alone in Noel’s room, he and Hannah start making out, then more. Well, almost more. They both stop and decide to get something to eat. Ben is having trouble getting his plane ticket, so he’s still in the dorm. Felicity and Julie invite him to join them for dinner the next night if he doesn’t get back to California. At home, Elena tries to bond with her father, who doesn’t seem to know how to talk to her about her life. She was hoping to have Thanksgiving just with him, but he’s agreed to a group dinner somewhere.

Noel and Hannah go to a diner, where she announces that she was accepted into a conservatory in New York. She decided to apply after they had a conversation where he said things would be better if they were closer to each other. Noel tries not to panic. Hannah expected him to be happier about the possibility of her transferring to New York next semester. She tells him they don’t have to decide right now. He has RA stuff to deal with back at the dorm anyway.

Felicity angrily goes to Noel’s room, but he’s not there. She leaves a note on his door: “Give me back my pit.” Ben calls home to tell his mom he couldn’t get his plane ticket, but I guess there was some problem on her end and she didn’t do something (I don’t really know). Anyway, looks like he’s not going home. Sean tells him to eat a bunch before Thanksgiving to help his stomach expand so he’ll have more room for turkey. That sounds medically accurate. Ben tells him he heard about fun stuff going on in New York, so he’s staying.

Felicity can’t stop thinking about how weird Noel was acting earlier. Julie thinks he’s overwhelmed and readjusting. Felicity doesn’t like the feeling of not being able to go to his room and have him be there to help her with whatever she needs. Julie’s focused on obtaining a turkey, which must be next to impossible the day before Thanksgiving.

Hannah and Felicity run into each other in the bathroom and Hannah brings up Noel’s behavior. Felicity parrots what Julie said about him readjusting. She tells Hannah he talks about her a lot. That seems to make Hannah feel better, but not Felicity, since she can’t fall asleep. She starts to go to Noel’s room, then remembers it’s not the right time for that. He’s just now getting home anyway and sees her in the hallway. She goes back to her room, then wonders what that’s about and spies while he goes to his room. Noel gets in bed with Hannah and tells her it would be great if she moved to New York.

The next morning, the Thanksgiving preparations begin. Julie finds something she thinks is a turkey in Chinatown, but Felicity believes its “feathers” are really fur. Julie invites Noel and Hannah to dinner, but Hannah says they have surprise plans that Noel won’t tell her about. He got reservations somewhere and would rather have dinner alone with Hannah than with the floormate he kissed weeks ago.

Stuck without a turkey, Felicity and Julie turn to Javier. Nono’s been allowed back in the house, so he’s not going to his mother’s. He tells them how to prepare a turkey, cautioning them not to stuff it – just take out the “little gifts” inside. Of course, Julie and Felicity don’t have an oven, or even a turkey. They were hoping Javier, who’s in the food business, would know where they could get a bird. Javier says he got his months ago. Julie suggests that Javier bring his turkey to them, and they’ll prepare all the other dishes and then eat together. She’s joking, but Javier is open to the idea.

Elena tells her father she’s going back to the dorm. She came home to spend time with him, but he’s been avoiding her. Mr. Tyler points out that they only live half an hour from her school, and this is the first time she’s been home. If she wanted to see him so badly, she could have come at any time. Elena points out that the trains go both ways, so he could have visited her, too.

Noel gets annoyed when he learns that Hannah bought a PC instead of a Mac. How dare she! His father was killed by a PC! She’s looking up places to live if she moves to New York. The Magic 8 Ball says “outlook good” about Tribeca. Sean critiques Ben’s outfit for the dorm Thanksgiving get-together; he needs to wear something “contempo casual.”

Julie has trouble replicating her father’s sweet potato recipe, and when she gets upset over them, she admits to Felicity that she wants to see her parents. However, she knows that if they found out she was raped, they would look at her differently. Maybe she’ll tell them at Christmas. Yeah, Merry Christmas, Emricks. Felicity says she needs to wait until she’s ready to tell them.

Hannah comes through on her way to the store and tells Julie the sweet potatoes look great. Noel comes in next and starts blathering about Magic 8 Ball phrases. Felicity brushes him off and leaves to wash out a bowl. Julie tells her to do it in the men’s room, which has a bigger sink, though she’d rather not explain how she knows that. Julie chastises Noel for not being more friendly while Hannah’s around. Noel doesn’t seem to understand why he’s acting so weird.

Ben arrives as Noel joins Felicity in the men’s room, hoping she won’t be able to ignore him now. She calls him out for not telling Hannah that they’re more than just floormates. She hates not being able to talk to him. He shouldn’t be flattered, though. Felicity denies being jealous, but even if she were, it wouldn’t matter, because he and Hannah are…we’ll never know what she was going to say, because Noel kisses her. Ben walks in as they’re making out, then leaves before they notice him.

When Felicity finally exits the bathroom, her hair a mess, she tries to get right back into Thanksgiving prep. They don’t have enough plates, so Ben offers to get some from his place. Hannah returns and Felicity introduces her to Ben, who’s surprised to learn that Noel has a girlfriend. He leaves awkwardly while Felicity flashes Julie a big fake smile, pretending everything’s normal. Javier and Elena arrive at the same time, he with a turkey big enough to feed everyone. Felicity excuses herself to go hyperventilate. Julie tells Elena there’s plenty of food, so she’s welcome to join them. Javier asks about candles and sends Julie to put on nicer clothes.

Hannah asks Noel if they can skip their nice dinner out, since she’s tired. He suggests that they join the group instead. They talk about computers again. Okay, guys, time to break up. Wait, no, not right this second! Hannah admits that she’s been “spending time with” a guy at her school. Long story short, Hannah has her own Felicity.

She thought that when she saw Noel and they made plans for the future, everything would work itself out, but that’s not happening. Noel admits that he’s been in the same boat. Hannah asks if she’s met his new crush, then decides she doesn’t want to know. They know things are different now, no matter how they feel about each other.

Sean’s still at home when Ben gets there; he says he didn’t feel like going to his big family shindig. Ben thinks he lied about their being a shindig. Sean admits that he just wasn’t invited. Ben checks to make sure he’s okay, then, instead of inviting Sean to the dorm party, asks, “So are you gonna come with me or what?” He doesn’t even have to change into anything contempo casual first.

Felicity finds Hannah crying in the bathroom and they commiserate over things changing. Either Noel told Hannah that Felicity is his crush or she figured it out herself, because the way Hannah says Noel is a great guy sounds like she’s endorsing him for his next girlfriend. Everyone sits down to dinner together, finally happy for the first time in days. Well, maybe not the two people who just broke up.

Mr. Tyler makes a surprise appearance, and Julie tries not to be jealous that her friend gets to see her family when Julie doesn’t. Everyone happily welcomes him to join them. Sally’s tape back to Felicity says she planned to spend Thanksgiving alone, but some work friends brought over a bunch of food. She started out in a new city with just her suitcase, and now she’s surrounded by family.

Thoughts: Hannah is played by Jennifer Garner, the star of J.J. Abrams’ next show and Scott Foley’s future wife.

Where did Felicity and Julie plan to cook even the side dishes without an oven? I don’t think they thought this through.

Guys, Hannah’s new computer is cable modem-ready! She’s already in the 21st century!

I’m so disappointed that Meghan didn’t attend the group dinner. I bet she would have snarked through it until Elena told her to shut up.

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